0 999 is a natural number

Predecessor and successor for natural numbers

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We had already looked at the natural numbers. Next we get to know the terms "predecessor" and "successor".

Predecessor means the number that is counted before a natural number.

Successor means the number that is counted after a natural number.

Let's take a sequence of numbers as an example:

We now want to know the predecessor and successor of the:

The following applies to the number: the predecessor is and the successor is.

Calculate predecessor and successor

Mathematically, we can do that predecessor using the subtraction of determine.

For example: The predecessor of is calculated with:.

Mathematically, we can do that successor using the addition of.

For example: The successor of is calculated with:.


A special feature is the number ("zero"). She has a successor with her, but she has a Range of natural numbers no predecessor, because. This is not a natural number, but a negative whole number. We will get to know these later.

It should also be mentioned that every natural number has a successor because there are infinitely many natural numbers. To test that, just think of a very large number like. Right, now we can count and receive your successor. This works with any natural number, no matter how large.