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Electrical systems, transformer stations and components for medium and low voltage distribution networks

Power stories about transformer station construction

Each of our projects is unique, challenging, exciting and worthwhile in every respect to report on. Here you will find reports on successfully completed projects.

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Durable and
reliable products

Thanks to the careful selection of components, continuous improvement and ongoing development, we guarantee a long product life.


Professional competence
in distribution networks

We advise you with competent engineers in all specialist areas relating to the construction of transformer stations for your distribution networks.

Transformer stations

Environmentally friendly and
sustainable solutions

The SF6-free compact medium-voltage systems "ECOS-C" enable you to install tomorrow's environmental standards today.

Medium voltage systems

Innovative -
SmartGrid ready

We deal intensively with the integration of solutions for SmartGrid and e-mobility.

Smart grid stations

E-mobility - the right connection is what counts!

BBC Cellpack Power Systems offers individual as well as standardized solutions in the field of e-mobility.


Your power partner for medium and low voltage

Our passion are safe and reliable solutions for your transformer stations. As a system integrator, we are just as committed and competent as we are as the original manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear assemblies and as a service provider for construction accessories or service.

Our solutions are in use around the clock at critical points in the distribution network. From the urban zones of the Central Plateau up to Zermatt. 365 days, 7 days, 24 hours, our systems perform reliably and safely for decades. This means that the electricity arrives at your end consumers with a high level of availability.

Our engineers and technicians work closely with leading national and international manufacturers - together for your success.

Check us out - we look forward to working with you.

Transformer stations for distribution networks on levels 5 to 7

From 2019, we will be offering you complete high-quality building solutions from our supplier, Betonbau from Germany, for internal arc-tested, compact factory-built stations in concrete in accordance with SN EN 62271-202 - in addition to our own product types - at the Villmergen plant.

For all other types of stations, we can provide you with tailor-made or according to your specifications
SN EN 61936-1 built solutions: indoor systems, free-standing building solutions in concrete, underground or underfloor stations, robust standard container solutions.

SF6-free medium voltage systems up to 24 kV

The SF6-free metal-enclosed compact switchgear according to SN EN 62271-200 «ECOS-C» (2 to 7 fields, 630A, up to 24kV) are further developed and manufactured by the Driescher company in Germany. A standardized configuration (630 A) of the individual fields allows maximum flexibility over the entire service life.

Low-voltage SGK in control cabinets

We are the original manufacturer of switchgear combinations according to SN EN 61439-5 (PENDA-I) in control cabinets and for solutions from 630 to 2000 A for use in public energy distributions.

Cable distribution cabins

We are the original manufacturer of switchgear combinations according to SN EN 61439-5 (PENDA-O) for solutions up to 1000 A in our own, steel-reinforced concrete housings.

Continuity in the availability of the same design is important to us. As a manufacturer, we can also supply you with simpler plastic cabins, equipped according to your needs.

Building accessories

Our construction / construction team will advise you competently on our extensive portfolio of construction accessories such as:

  • Concrete cable ducts and covers,
  • Aluminum doors and ventilation grilles
  • Oil pans
  • Safety equipments
  • Manhole covers
  • tailor-made raised / blind floors
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