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Trump calls on postal voters to vote personally

US President Donald Trump has called on postal voters in the state of North Carolina to try to vote in person afterwards. "And if their system is as good as they say, then they will obviously not be able to vote," Trump said yesterday during a visit to the state.

If there were no postal voting notes, they would be able to cast their vote again, the president said. Trump has been warning for months of an allegedly drastically increased risk of forgery when casting votes by letter in the presidential election on November 3rd. "It is, and that is what you should be doing," said Trump at Wilmington Airport, next to his presidential plane.

As legal experts immediately pointed out, it is a criminal offense under federal law in the United States to vote more than once. In North Carolina, it is a crime under the electoral law to both vote and incite more than one vote.

Barr: Warnings are based on "logic"

US Attorney General William Barr was asked a little later in a live interview on the news channel CNN for a comment on Trump's words. “It seems to me that he wants to point out that the ways to monitor the system are not good. And that you would get caught trying to vote a second time if it worked well, ”said Barr.

The White House's warnings about counterfeiting were based on "logic". Barr admitted that he had no evidence to suggest such plans.

"People are concerned about foreign interference - and if we use a system that the states are just putting in place, it allows for the possibility of counterfeiting," Barr said. “Anyone could do it” - both at home and abroad.

According to the US secret services, there are renewed attempts from abroad to influence the election result. Russia is trying to weaken Joe Biden, Trump's democratic challenger, it said. China and Iran worked against Trump. Based on the information he saw, China is particularly active, Barr said.