Are you a tomboy

12 things you will only understand if you've been a true tomboy

I've never been a real girly girl, if anything like that. From an early age, I preferred to build caves with the neighborhood boys than play with a friend and her Barbie house. I did that too, but with less passion. Building mud castles, organizing bicycle races, pranking the doorbell and playing football somehow gave me more pleasure. I would say I was a little tomboy, a rather boyish girl. And that didn't bother me at the time any more than it does today.

Because it finally made me who I am today. With lots of great memories, your own taste in fashion and a speed in the bathroom that is second to none. And if you also describe yourself as a tomboy, then you might recognize yourself in the following 12 things:

1. You have a sneaker tic, not a shoe tic

Sneakers are practical, chic and, above all, comfortable. And their diversity is not to be despised!

2. You know how to prove yourself

Always competing with guys makes you strong. Not just physically, but above all mentally. That's why you don't shy away from confrontation.

3. Pink will never be your color

Perhaps the color may suit other women, or even flatter them, but you will never find them in your wardrobe. (Unless your friend gives you something pink, then you certainly won't throw it away. But you don't know whether you'll ever wear it either)

4. Action films are more fun for you than love puffing

For you, a nice evening at the cinema means, above all, action-packed entertainment.

5. Even today, make-up gives you little panic attacks

Powder, mascara and eyelash curlers have also found their way into your beauty closet. But when it comes to the eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick, your hands get clammy.

6. You'd rather go out into nature than go shopping in the city

You still prefer fresh air to trendy fashion today. Your Saturday afternoon doesn't end exhausted in the café with bags full of clothes. Instead, you power yourself out hiking, cycling or climbing.

7th football instead of 'Germanys Next Top Model'

If you want to relax in front of the TV in the evening, you'd better tune in to a soccer game or watch a DVD. Programs like 'Germanys Next Top Model' give you a headache.

8. You'd rather work in the garden than paint your nails

Gardening makes you feel more happy than perfectly painted nails.

9. Jeans and T-shirt instead of skirt and blouse

Above all else, fashion has to be practical. And jeans go best with the latest sneakers.

10. Practical backpack instead of a chic designer handbag

The wallet and water bottle fit in a handbag, but the backpack is still more comfortable.

11. Beer instead of trendy cocktails

After a hard day at work, you also like to relax with a glass of cold beer. When you go around the houses in the evening, it can also be a delicious cocktail.

12. Crawling animals don't scare you

As a child you played with earthworms, beetles and other crawling animals. So why should they scare you today?