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Re: watering water from the bathtub?

Postby Casarosa »Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:00 am

Hello, if you need a lot of water in the garden and the natural supply (rainwater barrel) is not sufficient, there are possibilities in every municipality / city to obtain 30 to 60 m³ of water without the horrendous waste water costs. This usually only requires an informal application to the competent authority. An existing garden is of course a prerequisite. We have "city water". We have an old water supply that was no longer sufficient for the whole place. We were connected to a larger ring main. However, since the old water cistern is still naturally filled, but the water is no longer subject to food controls, water extraction points have been set up in the area. You can fill up for watering the garden or the paddling pool, spray the farmers or the sewer service fetch water free of charge. I invested around 500 euros for cisterns and pumps, the trailer and a cheap tank were already there, but after three years I am already up on the costs. Instead of 110 m³ of water, only 35 m³ of water and thus wastewater are billed. Only then did I see what is devouring irrigation! The fuel is negligible, because the water point is only 500 m away. For years I've always thought that there's not that much water that goes into the garden. I was completely unaware that it could be the main item on the water bill. A washing machine now only needs approx. 50 liters of water, 1 m³ is only used after 20 washes. A bathtub fits max.200l.
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