What is interprofessional education

Interprofessionalism in Medical Education

At the fourth meeting of the “Future Medical Education” platform on September 14, 2011, the third topic group, “Interprofessionalism”, was mandated. The tasks of this group were to identify fields of action and interfaces between the educational programs of the various health professions and to discuss which content and core competencies could be learned and conveyed together. The working group should then develop specific approaches (e.g. interprofessional modules) and develop quorum proposals for the “Future of Medical Education” platform. The aim is the explicit anchoring of interprofessional cooperation in and better coordination between the educational programs of the health professions.

In its report, the thematic group developed a concept for interprofessional training. This includes six specific modules of different health care situations, on the basis of which interprofessional cooperation can be taught. The concept was announced in relevant committees and is now to be implemented by the medical faculties.

National conference in December 2014

In December 2014, the first step was the national conference “Interprofessional Education of Health Professionals - Continuous Improvement of Patient Care”, at which the topic and its implementation were discussed with educational institutions from all over Switzerland.

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