Stranger Things is a good show

Retro cult series "Stranger Things": Why so nostalgic?

With its eighties charm, the Netflix series "Stranger Things" is right on trend. The need to indulge in the past is greater today than ever. Can that be good?

Do you have plans for the next evenings? How about a nostalgic trip to the eighties: From July 4th, the third season of the cult mystery series "Stranger Things" will be streaming on Netflix - and will lead its viewers back to their youth and pop culture socialization; Horror still felt comfortable and evil was still defeatable.

"Stranger Things": Everything a retro heart desires

The series reveals what the retro heart desires: monster-hunting kids with BMX bikes and walkie-talkies, a girl with telekinetic skills, a creepy parallel world. Plus lots of references to mystery classics, high school slaps and teen slasher of the eighties: "ET", "Stand By Me", "Ghostbusters", "The Goonies", "Carrie", "Poltergeist", "Nightmare" On Elm Street ”... Greetings from Stephen King, John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg. On top of that: an iconic synth soundtrack and Winona Ryder. Ah!

With its eighties charm, “Stranger Things” has meanwhile become part of modern pop culture itself. The luxury brand Louis Vuitton dedicated a T-shirt to the series last year, and the jeans label Levi's and the sportswear manufacturer Nike are currently offering complete “Stranger Things” collections. The series is just one of many testimonies to the nostalgia trend in fashion, film, TV and music. Terms such as vintage, old school or retro ensure extra coolness, feelings of happiness and ringing tills.

The discomfort with the present

Why is nostalgia booming right now? And what makes indulging in transfigured memories so tempting? By definition, nostalgia is triggered by a “discomfort with the present” - and in his book “The Good Old Times: Why Nostalgia Makes Us Happy”, author Daniel Rettig explains: “Nostalgia gives your own life meaning and a feeling of security. ”

In fact, the current discomfort is quite great. We live in a time that is changing at breakneck speed - and that brings with it uncertainty and fears. A series like “Stranger Things”, on the other hand, evokes the “good old days”; a time of innocence, in which artificial intelligence (“Number 5 lives!”) is not a threat, the community more important than the individual, good good and bad bad. To immerse yourself in it for a while, to escape reality, is good and provides support and balance.

"Stranger Things": Nostalgia as an anxiety-reliever

Accordingly, nostalgia has a corrective effect, as a kind of anxiety reliever. Psychological studies even show that a healthy dose can lift the mood and have positive effects on self-esteem and a sense of community. And even on the body: Chinese researchers have found in cold experiments that nostalgic memories increase both the discomfort associated with cold and the tolerance towards it.

In other words: if you are nostalgic, your heart will be warm. In view of so many everyday horrors and our real existing parallel worlds, that can only be good.

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