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Wortwurzel breaks down the word corpus of "NEGLIGATORY" into individual components and searches the reference dictionary for matches. Using a mathematical word extraction algorithm, Wortwurzel tries to derive information about the semantic origin, definition and word meaning of NEGLIGENT.

Word corpus


  • to
  • Oh
  • ess
  • vinegar


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Usually sour-tasting seasoning and preservative that is obtained from alcoholic beverages
short for acetic acid
District of the municipality of Swisttal in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  • Word separation:
    • Vinegar, Plural It · si · ge
    • Vinegar, no plural
  • Word form:


    in the direction (with dative or adverbial definition of the place)
    Highlighting the goal of an activity expressed in the sentence; with dative
    Relation in which the reference object referenced after is temporally or spatially (in direction of movement) lies in front of the subject; with dative
    pick up on someone's quote; with dative


    Abbreviation for acetylcholine, acetylcholine