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What does web hosting cost?

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What does web hosting cost? And how much money should I spend on this? Unfortunately, answering this question is not easy. In my opinion, good web hosting plans should be somewhere in between 5 and 10 euros costs. With increasing requirements, the price you should be willing to invest increases accordingly.

Web hosting is a mass business: several customers share a server. The more customers share the server, the more the price drops. However, this is at your expense: More customers on a server also means more page views that this server has to deal with. And more page views means less performance and more frequent overloads for your website. So it can happen that your page loads very slowly or not at all at times.

Server costs in detail

Web hosting generates costs: You need hardware, space in the data center, electricity for the server and air conditioning, and a fast Internet connection. In addition, there are personnel costs for the technical maintenance of the systems. If you leave out the personnel costs, the costs are as follows:

  • Hardware costs: For a modern web server with up-to-date hardware, sufficient CPU power, enough RAM, large hard drives and a RAID system for data backup, the costs per server are a good 5000 euros.
  • Electricity: A modern server that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, needs a lot of electricity. Servers consume around 100 watts per hour, with electricity prices of 25 cents per kWh, electricity costs of around 18 euros per month result.
  • Air conditioning: In addition to the electricity costs for the server, the server also has to be cooled. This is done using high-performance air conditioning systems that keep the servers at a constant temperature. Often as much energy is required to cool the server as it is to operate it. This increases the energy costs by a further 18 euros per month.
  • Data center: This server must be in a data center, ideally a data center with a good infrastructure, good air conditioning and a fast internet connection. Costs per server can quickly run to around 10 euros per month (excluding air conditioning).
  • Data transfer: Even if most providers advertise a traffic flat rate, the data transfer is not free. For the data center, this incurs considerable monthly costs.

The costs per server can quickly run to 50 euros (with old hardware) to 200 euros (with modern hardware) per month. Of course, these costs have to be reimbursed by the customers, that is, for low-cost providers with web space costs of less than 1 euro / month, hundreds or thousands of customers have to be on a server. The result: frequent server overloads or extremely slow loading times for your website.

How much should I spend on my web space?

This question can only be answered once it is known how important your website is for you or your company. If you build a small hobby website where you occasionally upload pictures of your pet for the relatives back home, an introductory package is often enough. I can recommend netcup for 1.99 euros a month for full web space with all the necessary features for a good website.

If the website becomes central to you and your company, accessibility and loading time play a more important role for you. Every server failure can then cost money. Not only do you not earn any money during the server failure, you also piss off your visitors. After all, who likes to visit an online shop or a website that breaks down frequently? A faster loading time of your website also pays off in hard cash: Amazon, for example, has found that for every 0.1 seconds faster loading time, your sales increase by 1%. Surfing a fast website is just more fun and leaves a much more positive impression on the company.

So if the website is central to your company, I can recommend a managed server from a certain volume. With a managed server, you don't have to share the server with other customers; the performance belongs exclusively to your side. Offers start at mass hosts like Strato from 29 euros / month or 1 & 1 from 49.99 euros / month. This is peculiarly cheap when you consider the above costs. At a managed server starts at 79.96 euros and at DomainFactory from 99.99 euros per month.