Why do people think most of the time at night

Healthy sleep: tips against night brooding

Take a deep breath

Anyone who realizes that pondering at night will not solve any problems anyway, will also behave according to the nocturnal brain power. The brain switches to a night program, so to speak, at night. But it is not passive, as you might think - on the contrary, it is often even more active than during the day. During the night, stimuli and impressions of the day, i.e. the waking phase, are processed, which means that it often has a lot to do. However, this also hampers problem-solving skills. At night, for example, one tends to perceive problems as worse than they actually are and to view them more pessimistically than during the day. So, it's best to take a few deep breaths and realize that very few problems will be solved that night. If, despite all your efforts, you cannot go back to sleep or only late to sleep and wake up exhausted the next day, try not to get angry too much. This only costs additional energy and does not change your tiredness. Do something good for yourself, make your favorite tea or drink an extra coffee, buy a piece of cake on the way to work or go to lunch in your favorite restaurant. Don't put such pressure on yourself, sometimes we just don't work as it should, but that's perfectly fine.