Which Pokemon needs a mega evolution


The mega development for Pokémon GO was announced on June 17, 2020 and officially unlocked on August 27. We collect all information and lists for you on this page.

Available mega-Pokémon

The following Mega Pokémon are currently available in Pokémon GO. More will follow in time. Click on one of the Pokémon to go to its Pokédex page and get more information there!

Mega energy and mega raids

Pokémon that can Mega Evolve can do so by giving them Mega Energy. Similar to Pokémon candy, this is collectable and can be obtained by defeating Mega Pokémon in the associated raid battles. The defeated Pokémon then leaves mega-energy of its own kind for the player (Bisaflor thus only gives energy for the mega-development of a Bisaflor).

Mega raids drop an average of 30 to 45 mega energies per raid battle. You can have a maximum of 2000 mega-energy each. How much mega-energy can be obtained per raid depends on the time in which a raid was completed:

00:00 to 00:29
90 Mega energy
00:30 to 01:14
80 Mega energy
01:15 to 02:29
70 Mega energy
02:30 to 03:44
60 Mega energy
03:45 to 05:00
50 Mega energy

In addition, Mega Energy can be obtained from a buddy Pokémon that is capable of Mega Evolving if it also hands out a candy. 5 energies can be obtained per kilometer run, but a maximum of 15 at one time.

Crypto and Clone Pokémon cannot Mega Evolve.

If a Pokémon has already developed into a Mega Pokémon, the costs are reduced for the following times. The following table shows the cost of each Mega Pokémon:

Limited time and Mega Pokémon

A mega development always lasts for 8 hours; when the time runs out, the Pokémon returns to its normal shape. Additionally, only one Pokémon can perform a Mega Evolution at a time - if a second Pokémon performs an evolution, the first Pokémon is reset to its normal form.

Use of Mega Pokémon and bonuses

Mega Pokémon can be used almost anywhere that normal Pokémon can be used:

Use possible:

  • Arena fights
  • Raid battles
  • Buddy Pokémon
  • Snapshots
  • Fight against Team GO Rocket
  • Fight against other coaches

If a Mega Pokémon is used in a raid battle, it increases the attacks of other Pokémon by 10%. If Pokémon have the same type as the Mega Pokémon used, they receive an additional 33% attack damage. The Mega Pokémon also always receives 33% bonus damage.

Use not possible:

  • Defending arenas
  • Pokémon GO Battle League

More mega-Pokémon

Below is a list of all Pokémon that have a Mega Shape but are not yet available. It is not yet known when these will be made available.