What is Judas Priest's most successful song

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29.06.2007 21:21

when the time is up you know, not just one power runs the show

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29.06.2007 21:24
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29.06.2007 21:26
Teutonic Slaughter (guest)

29.06.2007 21:32

so once took the painkiller .. simply a masterpiece 1st class hammer! every song awesome! but there are many awesome priest albums

who makes the next voting threat?

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29.06.2007 21:34
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29.06.2007 21:40

Painkiller, what a board

Painkiller !!! ALL songs blow you away!


We are prisoners of our time
But we are still alive
Fight for the freedom, fight for the right
We are running wild

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29.06.2007 21:53

pain pain pain painKILLLLLLLLLER .........

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29.06.2007 23:57

Difficult to say as almost every album represents a different Priest era. The 70s albums were progressive, rocky and melodic. The 80s albums were hard rock in the beginning and then became great metal. Then there was the poser phase and in the 90s the brilliant power phase!

I have a hard time voting for Painkiller, because every song here is a grenade!
Many of the 80s albums are also awesome (Defenders of the Faith, Screaming for Vengance) but there are still some fillers here!

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Maidenhead (deleted)

30.06.2007 11:01

Clearly Painkiller. Here are some of the best songs the metal world has ever seen on it.

Oh they say that it's over
And it just had to be
Ooh they say that it's over
We're lost children of the sea ...

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30.06.2007 13:26

I can't choose between British Steel and Defenders of the Faith.
My absolute favorite Priest albums

I've got to keep running the course
I've got to keep running an win all costs
I've got to keep going be strong
Must be so determined and push myself on

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30.06.2007 17:30



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30.06.2007 17:32


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30.06.2007 17:53

Painkiller and then British Steel!

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30.06.2007 20:17
ClauD (deleted)

30.06.2007 22:11

Yes, I totally and completely agree ... Painkiller !! =)
(Even if I'm not really a Judas Priest fan * I quickly crawl *)

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30.06.2007 22:24

Um, I only know one thing: Angel of Retribution.

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30.06.2007 23:44

..that a survey has to be done at all ... * Shake your head *

The best Judas Priest album (and the 2 best heavy metal reference album in the world) is clearly Painkiller!

Metal anthem follows anthem ... whether it's "Leather Rebell", "Between the Hammer and the Anvil" or "Painkiller", every song is just right! Very fast disc!

Rob can simply sing high up ... he didn't do it with the older albums ... and they were all a bit slack (by today's standards). ^^ "

In response to:
Um, I only know one thing: Angel of Retribution.

..if you like this then you will love Painkiller. ; D


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01.07.2007 00:02
In response to:
he didn't do it with the older albums ... and they were all a bit slack (by today's standards). ^^ "

looool then listen to the discs again intensely .. vice versa! Almost never has he sung so high as on Sad Wings Of Destiny or Stained Class! he would probably not be able to do it today either .. and besides, the 70s records were the real milestones for metal! 'Dissident Aggressor' was one of the first Thrash numbers (later covered by Slayer) and 'Exciter' one of the very first Speed ​​Metal numbers. How important these albums were can also be seen from the fact that bands named themselves after songs, e.g. Sinner or Exciter. And by "lax" you mean the thin production, but that was normal in the 70s ... they just couldn't create a painkiller sound.

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01.07.2007 00:54

Painkiller ....

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01.07.2007 01:57
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01.07.2007 12:55
Teddy (guest)

02.07.2007 05:37

British Steel and then Painkiller

ManiacDom (guest)

02.07.2007 18:05

Painkiller is the NO. 1. It makes you crazy.

Therion (guest)

10.07.2007 16:02

The old discs from the 70s are still the best.