Lil Wayne writes his own lyrics

Eminem & Lil Wayne forget their own lyrics and have to google their lyrics

In Wayne's own radio show on Beats 1, the rapper confessed that when writing new bars he always has to enter his lines in the network and then google it ...

Rappers forget their lyrics
There are countless superstars who woke up every day in a different city before the Corona crisis and had promised themselves on stage at the end or even forgot their lyrics to the biggest hits. In order not to look like a failure in front of all fans, artists such as Justin Bieber and Harry Styles use projectors that feature their own lyrics.

But such a faux pas can not only occur with live shows. As Eminem and Lil Wayne admitted, they too have to googling their own songs from time to time in order not to utter the same lines in new tracks. The rappers talked about the troubles of a long rap career during the final episode of Wayne's Beats 1 radio show, Young Money Radio, while Em acknowledged that he was “starting to get to the point where you can go crazy Has. You have rhymed every word there is ”.

Lil Wayne added to this statement that his musical catalog was also jam-packed and that he had to double-check his own lyrics. "I sort of have to google my lyrics to make sure I haven't rapped about that before ... If you look at my browser history, all you'll see is 'Lil Wayne Lyrics,'" the tattooed artist said while being Colleague added: “Oh my god! I swear to God, I'll do that too. "

You can watch the complete interview - and the topic of your own texts from minute 9:30 - again here: