How does a vertical milling machine work

Vertical milling machine type VFM

11/11/2009 - Milling and groove milling of prepress pipes up to DN 3500 mm on the face.

With almost 50 years of experience in the concrete pipe industry, MBK has created a position of trust among its customers that prompts pipe manufacturers to tackle new and very demanding projects with this partner.

With more than 650 cage welding machines in the concrete pipe and construction industry, MBK is generally regarded as the market leader. Tube processing and testing are less well-known topics, but they still reflect the experience of over 20 systems.

What was new, however, was the task that the Abulyadayel company in Jeddah presented to the MBK company, namely the milling of pre-compression pipes from DN 800 to DN 3500. Pipes with a maximum diameter of 4,200 mm and a weight of up to 36,000 KG must be milled parallel on the front while the spigot itself and a groove for the seal are to be milled in the spigot. Handling and processing pipes of such dimensions only makes sense when standing.

The design of the vertical milling machine is based on this. A stable frame made of RHS profiles serves as the basic structure for the mounting of the guide systems of the X, Y and Z axes with which both the exact working height and the circular path of the milling body can be moved. Precision spindles and servomotors provide the drive and the dimensional accuracy and are not only steered but also monitored by the Siemens PLC control and the MP terminal.

Not only whole pipes, but also sawn fitting pieces are reworked. This means that the pipe is first milled parallel, after which a completely new spigot end including the groove must be formed. With these fitting pieces, the milling cutters not only have to deal with the concrete, but also with a large amount of reinforcing steel. This in turn results in a constantly changing resistance for the milling cutter, which is corrected via the feed control of the milling head so that it is not damaged.

The system was installed and put into operation in May / June. Since then, VFM has been working according to expectations.