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As always with Fil: the program has nothing to do with its title. He did not manage to change that with the new show "Chapeau Maman" any more than with the previous one "Tauben - Dolphins der Lüfte". Only in his Sharkey show, which runs for the last two days at the end of the year at Babylon Mitte, Fils, the shark hand puppet that gives the title, is actually the main character. But otherwise - nothing. No pigeons before, this time no mothers or French. "That is the sad truth," sighs Fil, "the title is a glitch". Months earlier, “Chapeau Maman” had appeared to him as a source of ideas, because after all, everyone could think of something about mothers. Everyone except Fil. But the announcements for the show were already out.

Philip Tägert, known as Fil, is a comedian, comic artist and Berliner - formerly Märkisches Viertel, now Prenzlauer Berg - and at 45 years of age has long since become more than a local celebrity. As a draftsman of the cult trip “Didi & Stulle” in the city magazine “Zitty”, he is anyway (see adjacent photo gallery). Fil doesn't care that outside the city he is perceived as their strange voice. "When I play in Switzerland, I don't talk about Berlin, that doesn't interest them at all." Shortly before the show, he prefers to google what's going on in the respective city in his hotel room and muddle it in his own professional way. amateurish manner.

"Money kills humor"

Fortunately, the ex-punk, who says he does not use the Internet optimally, does not have to google what is going on in his new show, which premiered in November at the Mehringhof Theater. At least not the first half. "I can barely remember the second one, there is actually only one extremely weak song." The artist expresses this sympathetic self-assessment more often.

So let's talk about the first half of "Chapeau Maman". It consists of only three songs, but it would take more than an hour, says Fil. The “Alphabet Novella” he wrote is a story that the bald head with the guitar tells strictly according to the alphabet. “A trick,” says Fil, you just have to assign proper names to all tricky letters. The audience, on the other hand, is regularly flat.

Also about the steep political thesis that Fil sets up in the “Ampelmännchenlied”. Because he found out that the guy is an ultra-rightist. Why that? “Well, because he wants to regulate the whole world.” That means in the song: “Ampelmännchen, you fascist clown / red and green make brown. / Ampelmännchen, you real pig / why are you not a woman? “Yes, why? Comedians have the job of asking uncomfortable questions.

Another new pearl in his art of song is "Mozart Rap". Fil was inspired for this by an appearance at the Marzahn record festival. This is where “Marzart”, as the composer is called, comes from, namely in reality.

Although he's even on stage at Babylon on New Year's Eve, Fil, who played 135 shows this year, has no New Year's resolutions. He shrugs his shoulders. “With me everything stays as it is.” That means standing on cabaret and not going to Stefan Raab or any TV comedy shows. Fil finds it all about making money. "And money kills humor."

He continues to draw “Didi & Stulle”, just like the past 31 years since he was 14. “For the fans,” he says, even if the whole scene is no longer as trashy, wild and free as it used to be. His dream is to bring out a novel, and he's already working on it. An adult fairy tale "with lots of sex and violence". Without any pictures, that's clear.

Babylon Mitte, Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, Berlin-Mitte, December 26th to 31st, 8 p.m., tickets: 23-26 euros

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