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Land Rover Discovery (2021): smarter and more economical

The fifth generation of the Land Rover Discovery has been on the market since 2017. Now the 5.00 meter long SUV is undergoing an extensive facelift, after the group has already revised many of its model series in recent months, including the Range Rover Velar.

But back to the Discovery. Land Rover is giving the new generation of the all-rounder, for example, new drives: powerful and efficient inline six-cylinder petrol and diesel from the company's own Ingenium engine family. There is also the Jaguar Land Rover infotainment system called "Pivi Pro".

With numerous detail optimizations in the design, the latest generation of the Brit creates even more self-confidence and presence on the road. The Discovery received new LED headlights in which the daytime running lights are arranged further down.

In addition, there are 4 sequential indicators at the front and rear, while the side air inlets now painted in the vehicle color additionally emphasize the belt line. The modified front bumper received a larger graphic in the body color and redrawn air inlets on the sides. At the rear, in addition to the new LED taillights, a new "Gloss Black" strip catches the eye.

According to Land Rover, the new Discovery R-Dynamic makes a particularly confident and determined impression. This is ensured by various exclusive design features, such as body accents in Gloss Black and Shadow Atlas or two-tone leather seats with contrasting stitching on the inside.

Speaking of the interior: the state-of-the-art Pivi Pro infotainment system developed by Jaguar Land Rover, whose 11.4-inch full HD touchscreen is housed in the fundamentally redesigned center console, is among the features. The system has, among other things, a built-in buffer battery, which means that the initialization of the navigation system takes just seconds, even when the Discovery is completely restarted.

A particularly clear menu structure ensures that users can find the most frequently used functions directly on the start screen. Last but not least, this reduces the driver's distraction.

The smartphone integration is also promoted in the Discovery through the option of inductive charging including signal amplification and the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In addition, two smartphones can be connected to the infotainment system of the new Discovery at the same time via Bluetooth.

Equipping the Discovery with dual eSIM technology guarantees optimal connectivity: two LTE modems make it possible for the vehicle to process several functions at the same time, for example streaming media files and downloading software updates Air “(SOTA) - and this without any loss of performance. With the help of SOTA technology from Land Rover, no fewer than 44 individual electronic modules can obtain updates while on the move and without visiting the workshop.

The navigation system not only transmits its image in the Discovery to the central touchscreen, but optionally also to the interactive 12.3-inch instrument display. Here, high-resolution 3-D maps can be displayed directly behind the steering wheel - the touchscreen is then available for other tasks or applications.

The large HD display can either show two conventional instrument dials or 3D navigation in full-screen mode - or a combination of both. For full concentration on what is happening on the road, the "Disco" also has a head-up display on board that has been further developed by Land Rover.

Another comfort feature in the Discovery of the 2021 year is the system for ionizing the indoor air, which now works together with a filter system for particles up to size PM2.5. The incoming air is automatically monitored and continuously checked for quality. Sophisticated filters prevent allergens, pollutants or other dangerous particles from getting into the passenger cabin.

The new activity key of the Discovery has a touchscreen control and an integrated LCD clock. With the activity key on the wrist, the vehicle can be opened or closed remotely and also started without having to carry the conventional key with you.

Land Rover is offering the Discovery in the new model year in the equipment versions Discovery, S, SE and HSE - also as a new sporty R-Dynamic and as a commercial model for commercial use, with 2024 liters of cargo space plus additional storage compartments under the vehicle floor and the the same drawbar pull of 3.5 tons as the other Discovery variants.

A trio of new drive alternatives cavort in the engine compartments of the 2021 Discovery: in-line six-cylinder petrol and diesel from the Ingenium engine family with 48-volt mild hybrid technology (MHEV). The engines are developed and produced by Jaguar Land Rover itself. The new in-line six-cylinders are available with the equally new Intelligent All-Wheel Drive system, while the P300 rounds off the engine range, an Ingenium four-cylinder petrol engine.

The new engine range at a glance:

Land Rover Discovery (2021)cylinderDisplacementpowerMax. Torquetransmissiondrive
D25063.0 liters183 kW (249 hp)570 Nm at 1,250-2,250 rpm8-speed automaticAll-wheel drive
D30063.0 liters221 kW (300 hp)650 Nm at 1,500-2,500 rpm8-speed automaticAll-wheel drive
P30042.0 liters221 kW (300 hp)400 Nm at 1,500-4,500 rpm8-speed automaticAll-wheel drive
P36063.0 liters265 kW (360 hp)500 Nm at 1,750-5,000 rpm8-speed automaticAll-wheel drive

The two new Ingenium diesels in the Discovery replace the SD4 and SDV6; they have a particularly light aluminum construction and a low-friction design.

Air suspension is always standard on board. At higher speeds, it lowers the body height, thereby improving aerodynamics and efficiency. The adaptive chassis is part of the equipment of the Discovery versions D300, P300 and P360. It monitors vehicle movements up to 500 times a second and reacts immediately to road conditions or actions by the driver.

The patented Terrain Response 2 system in the latest Discovery automatically adapts all important vehicle systems to the ground and surroundings. The new wading mode allows the vehicle to cross deep water passages with ease. If the wading mode is deactivated, the controller automatically applies the brakes to dry them out and immediately restore full braking power.

Finally, the Discovery from the 2021 year shines with another innovative technology: the bonnet with ClearSight Ground View. The system developed by Land Rover makes the bonnet practically transparent, as cameras transmit images from the ground immediately in front of the front wheels to the touchscreen in the dashboard.

Other Land Rover facelifts:

The configuration and ordering of the Land Rover Discovery model year 2021 is now possible. The new Discovery will hit the market in spring 2021 and will start at 59,506.05 euros (including 16 percent VAT).

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