Everyone is rich in Switzerland

Rich : There are currently 810,000 millionaires living in Switzerland

There are more millionaires around the world. In Switzerland, too, the number of the rich has continued to rise, as the Global Wealth Report 2019 from Credit Suisse (CS) shows. The big bank has examined the wealth (see box) of the world's population. These are the most important results:

These are the wealthiest countries

In no other country is the wealth of adults as great as in Switzerland. In terms of wealth per adult, according to CS, Switzerland ranks first worldwide. The USA, then Japan and the Netherlands (see video above) are right behind.

That much has more than a million dollars

It is estimated that there were 46.8 million millionaires worldwide in mid-2019. This corresponds to an increase of 1.1 million compared to 2018. More than half of this increase goes to the USA

back - here the number of millionaires increased by a further 675,000 people in just one year.

And in this country? According to Credit Suisse, there are currently 810,000 millionaires living in Switzerland - all of them own at least one million US dollars. The number of millionaires in Germany has also increased compared to the previous year: In 2018 there were 791,000 who hoarded more than one million US dollars in their accounts.

This is how millennials make money

According to the report, the millennial generation is in a rather difficult financial position. Their younger years were shaped by the global financial crisis. Today they are faced with poor job prospects. High real estate prices and low interest rates don't make things any easier either. Fortunately, there are still caring parents: "Although millennials suffer some disadvantages, in many cases they benefit from financial support from their parents and inheritance," the report says.

Where do the super rich live?

Super rich is someone who has a net worth of at least

Has $ 100 million in his account. The CS report currently assumes 55,920 super-rich worldwide. Of these, 4830 people are said to have a capital of more than 500 million. But where do these super-rich live? In the regions, North America is ahead with 84,050 people (50 percent), in Europe it should be 33,550 people (20 percent) and in the Asia / Pacific region 22,660 people (14 percent).

That is how unevenly the money is distributed

Global wealth is not evenly distributed: the bottom 90 percent of the world's population now own 18 percent of global wealth. This inequality has decreased somewhat in most countries since the turn of the millennium. "It would be too early to say that wealth inequality is in a downward phase," says the CS. At least the available facts indicated that 2016 marked the preliminary climax of inequality.

The difference in wealth

There is a gender-specific race to catch up with women: In most countries, the wealth of women has increased compared to that of men. This has a social background. The greater participation of women in the labor force, but also a more balanced distribution of wealth between spouses, influence this increase.

Inheritances are also important when it comes to women's wealth: "Inheritance is traditionally a more important source of wealth for women than for men," says the report. This is partly explained by the fact that women were only able to accumulate wealth to a limited extent due to their lower incomes - an inheritance is therefore particularly important. Since women also have a longer life expectancy than men, they can hold onto their inheritance longer than the male heirs.

Global wealth is estimated to grow 27 percent over the next five years, reaching $ 459 trillion in 2024. Low- to middle-income countries account for 38 percent of this increase.

That is part of the fortune

In its report, the CS defines wealth as the sum of various assets such as stocks and property, plant and equipment (such as real estate or cars) within a household minus debts. The assets also include pension funds.