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Brazil climate

Brazil is a country in South America with an enormous expansion from north to south and from east to west. The country lies between eighth degree north latitude and 33rd degree south latitude. Large parts of Brazil are located in the tropics, and that shows accordingly Climate for the most part as tropical and subtropical.

in the North and east Brazil is the climate tropical with seasonal differences in temperature that are barely noticeable.

To the south becomes the climate subtropical moderate, there are significant temperature differences in the course of the year. Here, the maximum daily temperatures in the months between May and September can reach a maximum of twenty degrees, while it even cools down to ten degrees Celsius at night in July and August. From November to March, on the other hand, temperatures reach around thirty degrees during the day and drop to around twenty degrees at night.

At the Coast in the northeast on the other hand, maximum temperatures of over thirty degrees are always reached all year round, but there is a steady wind. The lowest rainfall falls here from July to December.

in the Amazon basin Rain falls all year round, although it is limited to one or two hours per day during the dry season.

The one bordering Paraguay and Bolivia Pantanal has a lot of rainfall during the rainy season from October to April.

Here you will find detailed climate information on the largest Brazilian cities: Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro


Weather Brazil

Weather in Rio de Janeiro

Weather in Brazil: The temperatures and precipitation for Rio de Janeiro in Brazil come from the website yr.no and are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecast is updated several times a day.


Brazil climates

Marking of the climatic zones in Brazil

  • Tropical rainforest climate: year-round high temperatures and rainfall
  • Tropical monsoon climate: short dry season, heavy monsoon rains outside the dry season
  • Tropical savannah climate: alternately humid, a longer dry season
  • Hot desert climate: hot and very dry all year round
  • Hot steppe climate: dry climate, hot summer, mild to warm winter
  • Winter-dry subtropical climate: mild with dry winters and hot, humid summers
  • Winter dry oceanic climate: dry winters and warm, humid summers
  • Humid subtropical climate: mild, no dry season, hot summers
  • Oceanic climate: mild, no dry season, warm summers



Brazil Best travel time

Brazil is a year-round travel destination. However, it depends on the region of Brazil.

That's how they are northern coastal areas especially from July until December recommended, then less rain falls.

Who in the Amazon region want, should for months June to October to plan. Especially in the rainy season from November to May, there can be enormous rainfall here, which makes it impossible to advance.

Same goes for tours through that Pantanal. One should come here between late April and September to travel.

Brazil's south coast and Rio de Janeiro: From December to February there are numerous local vacationers in the region (Brazilian school holidays, carnival). The Carnival (starts between mid-February and early March) is of course a famous attraction that also attracts numerous international visitors. During this time, hotel rooms are scarce and expensive. The southern winter (May - September) is drier and less crowded here (exception July, when there are school holidays in Brazil). The water temperatures allow bathing in the sea all year round.

in the South of brazil On the other hand, it gets rather cool from June to September, only a few hours of sunshine are to be expected.

Here you will find more detailed information on weather, climate and travel time in Brazil.


Monthly overview

For a detailed monthly overview with numerous maps of maximum temperatures, average temperatures, night temperatures and rain in Brazil, simply click on the desired month:

Warmest month in Brazil: November (25.3 ° C average temperature)

Coolest month: June (22.8 ° C average temperature)

Moistest month: January (231 mm average rainfall)

Driest month: August (57mm average rainfall)


Rain in brazil

Animation of the monthly rains in Brazil

If you would like to include this rain map for Brazil on your website, just have a look here.


Brazil climate table

Climate in Brazil (northern coast): Belem

Climate Brazil (southern coast): Rio de Janeiro

Climate in Brazil (southern interior): Brasilia

Brazil climate (northern interior, Amazon): Manaus

Brazil climate (south): Curitiba

Here you can find more climate tables for Brazil.


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