Technicians can be artists

Can I insure myself through the artists' social insurance fund?

In general, you can only take out insurance through the KSK if you are a self-employed artist or publicist who are obliged to take out insurance. You will be liable for insurance if you

  • are mainly active in Germany,
  • are permanently employed as an artist or journalist and thus make a living and
  • employ a maximum of one employee in connection with this artistic or journalistic activity. Unless the employment is for vocational training or is marginal.

Not subject to compulsory insurance

If you already have other social insurance, you cannot insure yourself through the artists' social insurance fund. Because then you are not considered to be subject to compulsory insurance for the artists' social insurance fund. This can happen, for example, if you have social security

  • as an employee subject to compulsory insurance, also as a trainee,
  • as a voluntarily insured employee,
  • because you receive unemployment benefit I or II or
  • because in addition to your artistic or journalistic activities, you are also otherwise self-employed and have taken out insurance as a self-employed person.

Even if you work as a civil servant on the side, for example, and are therefore entitled to continued payment, allowance or medical care in the event of illness, you cannot be insured through the artists' social insurance fund.