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Apple failed: Caltech patent remains valid

Peter Müller

Apple failed to challenge a 2006 patent. The Caltech is said to get over a billion US dollars - from Apple and Broadcom.

EnlargeCaltech patent
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Apple has failed in an attempt to have a California Institute of Technology (Caltech) patent invalidated in court. The court of appeal confirms an earlier decision to uphold the patent granted in 2006 on encoding and decoding of WLAN radio. Cupertino had argued that the invention was "obvious" and therefore not worth protecting. This will be expensive for Apple and its supplier Broadcom, and the courts will follow the arguments of Caltech lawyers that a hypothetical license agreement in 2010 would have brought in $ 1.40 per iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch from Apple Come 26 cents from Broadcom. Overall, Apple owes the university $ 838 million, Broadcom has to contribute another $ 270 million. Apple's argument that it only relied on the chips from Broadcom and was therefore not guilty of patent infringement did not work.