How do I analyze Facebook page insights

The best Facebook analytics tools

A large part of a successful social media strategy is concerned with monitoring metrics and analyzing the success of your own posts. With 1.55 billion users, Facebook is the largest network and often the first page brands turn to.

Fortunately, there are some Facebook Analytics tools out there that can help you get the most out of your network. Some of these tools offer analytics for multiple social media sites, which makes perfect sense given that 91 percent of brands have multiple social media accounts.

Many of the tools on this list cover more than just Facebook, so they may also be helpful to you along with analyzing your Facebook Page.

Free Facebook Analytics Tools

Facebook Insights

Of course, the first place is Facebook itself, which offers analytics via the Insights platform.

The tool is available to every admin of your company page as soon as you have more than 30 fans.

It has detailed metrics about your posts and the engagement you get from them. Audience analysis, including a breakdown by demographic and local characteristics, can help you better understand your fans.

Engagement metrics can be viewed in an overview or for a specific post. This is how you can see which type of content works best.

The Likes page is broken down into organic and paid and shows the value of your sponsored posts. Other metrics show how many people have viewed your videos, what activity has been done on your page and the reach of your posts.

The level of detail is impressive. Even if you use another Facebook analytics tool, you will likely use it in conjunction with Facebook Insights.

After authentication, you can analyze any Facebook fan page for free.

It shows the total number of posts, authors, commenters, and likers. It also shows the average number of likes, shares and comments per post, the different post types and the most popular posts within a given timeframe.

You can go back to when the page was created. does not contain a huge amount of data, but it is presented in a very visually appealing way.

costs: free


Agorapulse offers two free Facebook tools. One allows you to compare your page and see if your content is doing above average and which metrics you should keep an eye on. The second allows you to host contests, quizzes, and sweepstakes on your timeline.

The main package is a management and engagement tool for multiple social media accounts, including Facebook.

By engaging through Agorapulse, your response rate and response times will be tracked. The tool shows the most influential users and which users talk about you most often.

Reports can be created in detail for different pages and time periods.

You can break the reach down to paid, organic and viral. You can see what type of content works best and it has a calculator that can help you determine the ROI of your Facebook marketing. Reports can be individually adapted and can be downloaded as a 20-page Powerpoint presentation.

costs: Agorapulse has two free Facebook tools. The main package costs $ 39 per month and can be canceled at any time.


Strictly speaking, Cyfe is not a Facebook analytics tool.

It's an online business dashboard that integrates a wide range of widgets to look at different aspects of your business - the right choice of widgets can cover marketing, customer data, finance, web analytics, sales data and of course social media.

In fact, there isn't just one Facebook widget, there are 50+. You can customize this in your dashboard to look at data that matters to you with an impressive level of segmentation.

You can start with an overview of your page metrics and then use widgets to display stories, posts, views, likes, impressions, check-ins, users per country, ads and more. You can download the reports of your data in various formats.

costs: Cyfe is free with a limited number of dashboards, a premium account costs 29 dollars a month.

Paid Facebook Analytics Tools

Sometimes the best things in life aren't for free. Unsurprisingly, paid tools have more features and bandwidth compared to free tools. In the following we list a number of paid Facebook Analytics tools that are better suited for larger companies and agencies.

Almost all of them offer free trial access. Test these out extensively to see which one best fits your needs and expectations.


Quintly covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, but it has a free Facebook Analytics tool. The main offering is another dashboard tool, the standard dashboard of which can be adapted to your own needs.

You can set up multiple dashboards to track different clients or customers.

It covers your social profiles as well as those of your competitors. With the visualized data, you can understand which content works best and compare metrics with one another. The data covers influencers, customer care, tracked sponsored posts, content and more. The analysis contains over 250 metrics and reports can be easily created and adapted.

costs: Packages start at $ 100 a month, with the option of testing for 14 days for free.

Brandwatch Consumer Research

Brandwatch offers social media analytics from over 90 million sites.

With our channel feature you can track your own Facebook page and find out what works for you. You can track this continuously to see your progress.

The feature has a variety of metrics including data on your fans, reach, likes, and “People talking about this” (a Facebook metric that shows you how many people created a “story” based on your post) .

It also includes our topic clouds and sentiment analysis, and posts contain the Impact Score, which you can use to see which individuals and posts are leading the conversations.

We also offer many of Brandwatch's capabilities for Facebook Analytics. With tags, categories, rules, alerts and signals, you can segment the data and automate processes. In this way, you can get valuable insights from the amount of social media data and react quickly to emerging crises or trends.

If you are looking for a social intelligence platform that covers millions of other sites besides Facebook, contact us for pricing information and a free demo.


Get insights into your audience, their demographics and activity. SoTrender tracks your reach, engagement (paid and organic), (including behavior types) and content (various post types). It creates reports and makes recommendations based on the data.

You can schedule and publish posts, and if you work as part of a team, manage the workflow.

You can receive alerts that help you to be informed about negative comments in good time and to avoid crises.

You can track any brand with the tool. The tool is therefore well suited for competitive analysis and industry comparison.

costs: From $ 40 / month with a 14-day trial account.


The web-based dashboard gives real-time insights and provides detailed statistics about your content and audience.

It contains a sentiment analysis and an influencer evaluation and you can work together on projects as a team.

Alerts keep you informed about problems. This is another app that covers multiple social networks including Facebook. Brand24 is a mobile app that keeps you up to date with your social media analysis even when you are on the move.

costs: Testable for 14 days free of charge, an account for small businesses or private use costs 49 dollars a month.

Social Bakers

SocialBakers researches Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, both for your pages and those of your competitors.

You can only focus the reports on your own page or compare your Facebook metrics with those of your competitors. You can choose a template or build your own report and download it as a PDF. This contains, among other things, the number of fans, fan growth and location data.

The post-engagement is broken down into times and engagement types as well as reaction rates. It provides an overview of your top 5 most popular posts (depending on the time frame you choose).

costs: Prices start at $ 150 a month for a profile and can be tested for free for 14 days.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ provides analyzes for a variety of channels.

That includes a variety of social media channels (including Facebook), SEO, SEM, and website analytics. In addition to analyzing your own data, you can create an overview of your industry to keep an eye on your competitors.

The platform contains a number of metrics, including audience, influencers, mentions, engagement, and sentiment. It has an unusual feature that examines all of your competitors' social media bios and lets you know when they change.

Various reports are available or you can create your own. The platform has alerts that keep you informed about popular posts from your competitors.

costs: Packages start at $ 199. It can be tested free of charge for 14 days.


Unmetric is another tool that does more than just analyze Facebook, including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Track your own pages and those of your competitors and compare them with the industry average. The analyzes go in depth and are diverse, including all of the metrics mentioned in the tools mentioned above.

The charts contain a simple overview, which shows “highlights” and “insights”. You can break down into the different stories posted on your pages or those of the competitors (event, content, advertising, employee stories, etc.). Campaign categorization is a great strength. Various campaigns are listed and broken down into post types, engagement and top posts.

Another strong feature is idea generation and content discovery. They provide ideas based on topics, competitors or industry, you can also search for keywords.

costs: Prices start at $ 1,000 a month.