You can retrieve accidentally deleted voicemails

Recover Deleted Voicemail on iPhone

If you accidentally deleted a voicemail on an iPhone, you can usually get those messages by looking through a somewhat unknown "Deleted Messages" list that is part of the Phone app in iOS. Although this feature is little known, it is quite easy to use. If you want to find old or deleted voicemails on iPhone, the first thing to do is to look it up.

Recover Deleted Voicemail Messages from iPhone

You can often access deleted voicemail messages directly on iPhone so noisy voicemail messages can be found on any iPhone:

  1. As usual, tap Phone and Voicemail
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the voicemail list and find "Deleted Messages" and tap on it.
  3. Find and select the voicemail you want to listen to or restore:
    • Reproduction: Tap the voicemail message, then tap the play button to listen to it, or
    • Restore: Tap the message, then select Restore to move the voicemail back to the Saved List and from Deleted Messages

It doesn't matter what version of iOS the iPhone is running, as long as the iPhone supports visual voicemail, they may be found here.

The iPhone saves all deleted voicemails in this list as long as you are not here and select "Delete all". This will permanently delete all deleted messages. So, this is how you can easily restore voicemails deleted from the Internet Main Message List.

Find voicemail files on the iPhone file system

Users who can access physical files on the iPhone file system can also restore the actual '.amr' voicemail files either from backups or from the phone itself with more technical measures (through third party apps, SFTP, jailbreak, etc.). . For the technical solution, these iPhone voicemails are saved as numerous .amr files on the phone itself in the following directory path:

Again, it's important to mention that the directory won't be available to users without using a third-party tool or without using FTP on a jailbroken iPhone. The messages are also included in the standard iPhone backup saved locally on the synced computer, but they cannot be easily read or listened to as they are contained in database files similar to the SMS files. However, advanced users can still extract the files.

I've had an iPhone since they came out, but I wasn't aware of this feature until @atiniara mentioned it in a tweet. Great tip!