Hillary Clinton is hiding a terrible disease

How "Pizzagate" suddenly became real in Washington

"Facts matter!" Someone wrote on white paper and stapled the sheet of paper under a bamboo hedge to one of the planters in front of the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria. In addition to slips of paper that say that you are now eating pizza at the Comet, if only to show solidarity. It's a kind of makeshift shrine that was created in the residential neighborhood on Connecticut Avenue at a noisy intersection in northwest Washington.

"Facts matter": The saying has a reason, because it was fake news, fictional news that turned the Comet into the scene of a drama - a modern, simply furnished restaurant, in the back room of which you can play table tennis.

It happened on Sunday when a young man armed with an AR-15 assault rifle stormed into the Comet. While the few guests who sat at the long tables that afternoon fled outside, the intruder went in search of a dungeon. So it is in the police protocol, in which Edgar Maddison W. also mentioned the reason for his attack. He had read on the Internet that the Comet was used as a camouflaged headquarters for a pedophile ring, and that children were being abused as sex slaves in the basement of the pub. Whereupon W. drove six hours from a small town in North Carolina to Washington to rescue the tortured children from their misery. On his way he shot a lock on a door and a computer. People were not harmed.

From election campaign to reality

The prehistory is bizarre. It started with James Alefantis, the owner of the pizzeria, corresponding with John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, who loved coming to the Comet. After hackers captured Podesta's emails, Wikileaks made the fund public, which resulted in Alefantis' undoing.

One of the conspiracy theories of the US election battle was the story that Hillary Clinton is said to be the spider in the web of a child sex ring. And Podesta your henchman. And Alefantis, a villain who guarded the dungeon. In the basement of the Comet. There is no evidence for any of this.

Nonetheless, the rumor spread like wildfire on social media until the day before the presidential vote was first heard of "Pizzagate". And even now, when W. could not find a dungeon, the matter was not over yet. A certain Michael Flynn Jr. tweeted hours after the arrest: "Until #Pizzagate is proven wrong, it will be a story." Flynn Jr. is now the son of an ex-general Donald Trump wants to promote to security adviser. On top of that, he was on the transition team of the next US president before he had to leave on Tuesday.

Then there is Abdel Hamad, owner of a small pizza bakery right next to the Comet. It advertises what is obvious with a slice of pizza. Except that conspiracy theorists reinterpreted the logo as a symbol of child pornography, whereupon Hamad removed it from his website. What conspiracy theorists now saw as an admission of guilt. Hamad has been threatened with death ever since.

Or Sabrina Ousmaal, who runs a nearby bistro called Terasol. Hillary Clinton ate at Terasol years ago, which is why Ousmaal was targeted by conspiracy theorists. By the way, they don't want to believe that W. couldn't find a children's prison in the Comet. According to the latest version, he is just a Clinton Clan puppet sent to cover up the truth. (Frank Herrmann from Washington, December 9, 2016)