Can you decipher the word Ymeno?

* Love me even when I least deserve it *

* You and I we are one. I can't hurt you without hurting myself! * (Mahatma Gandhi)

"Mamoru! I advise you to take good care of Bunny, otherwise I'll come back and then I'll take over the job. See you soon honey! "

Of course I knew how he felt about me. I just didn't want to make it harder for him. It broke my heart that I couldn't reciprocate his feelings, but my heart belongs to someone else and whether in this life or in the next hundred, it will always beat for him.

So I played the clueless one again, which of course made everyone laugh and I have to admit I couldn't help but laugh. It was nice to finally laugh together again. It was not particularly difficult to convince my friends that Bunny was on the long line, as is so often the case. I winced involuntarily at the thought. Suddenly I don't find it funny anymore to let my friends believe that once again I don't understand anything. It hurt a little this time. Of course, I never bothered to make her believe anything else. It was easier for me that way.

Galaxia was gone, the chaos was gone and everyone just picked up where they left off. Somehow I envy her for it. Every fight has left its mark on me, invisible wounds and scratches that have covered my soul. I also pretend to be able to continue. How many times had Saya seen through me. Why couldn't Mamoru? Shouldn't it be the other way around?

"Bunny? BUNNNYYY !!!!! What the … "

With a jerk, his voice travels me into the here and now.

I finally got him back. My heart contracts with joy at the thought. I have never given up hope and now he stands before me.

"Say how long do you want to stand here?" Mamoru asked worried.

I looked around confused. Huh? How did it get dark so quickly? They all left without saying goodbye. Ts Ts Strange otherwise I feel his presence with every fiber of my body, only now it seemed to me as if he was not present at all. Hopefully I'm not dreaming any of this and if it should be a dream please please I never want to wake up again. Not without my Mamoru.

"Usaki what about you, are you okay?"

Pah what about me. After almost a year he sees me again and actually thinks that everything has passed me by without a trace.

Yet! I can't help but smile as I stand in front of me. His eyes, as blue as the sea of ​​this beautiful planet, so honest, loving. I know this ocean, despite its unsuccessful attempts to hide its feelings, I have always been able to see through them.

“Well, you know me Mamoru, as always in my own little dream world. "

Mamoru thoughts

How I just missed her. My bunny. No matter what happens, she never loses her cheerfulness. In all evil she is able to see something good. But this time her smile did not reach her eyes. I often had the feeling that after all our struggles, it took her a while to recover mentally. Nevertheless, it always caught up relatively quickly. I never wanted to ask her about it. As Usaki is, she would get it the wrong way, as always, thinking that I think she is weak. I would love to take her in my arms and never let go. Oh bunny I would, if I could absorb all your fears and your pain in me. My god, if you only knew how much I love you.

(Mamoru) A strong blow on my shoulder blade makes me hit the ground of reality.

“Tell me, will you kiss me today, or do you want to wait until I'm old and shriveled up and finally stop trying to analyze me all the time. As far as I know you don't study psychology and besides, I don't feel good when you look at me like that! "

I nervously tip on the floor with my shoes and cross my arms in front of me. Well what is he waiting for? Without giving him a chance to answer, I press my lips to his. I'm sick of waiting How long I had to wait for this moment, always just waiting for everything. I kiss him with all my despair, my pain, my longing, all the love that I carry within me. I give him everything! I try to ignore the tremor that is slowly spreading through my body and hold onto his shirt. He also feels it and gives me hold with his hug. If I could, I would hide in it and never get out.

(Mamoru) I feel everything, I feel the same. She breaks every barrier in me, she knows it. She knows very well that I belong to her. But there's more to their kiss, something that wasn't there before. It was demanding, she wanted more. I can feel it and as much as I could kiss her here for the next eternity, I let go of her with a heavy heart.

Why is he moving away from me, has something changed? Why does he stop. Otherwise has he never done that? What is wrong with me? The fight with Galaxia was only a few hours ago and I need it. Now more than ever. But maybe, maybe he doesn't need me as much as I do him, after all, he decided to leave me behind for a year. Of course I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for him and I didn't want to get in the way of his dream. Still, it wasn't a month or two. One year, one bloody year !!! I become painfully aware of my addiction. In my mind's eye I look back over the years. How many times have I thrown myself into his arms when I even saw him walking by in the street. I was jealous of everything and everyone. Even Chibiusa, my own daughter. How absurd, how childish I acted. It's actually a miracle that someone like Mamoru is with someone like me. My eyes fill with tears. Those lousy traitors! I can't even not cry.

“Oh, Usaki, I'm so sorry, I'm sorry for what I did to you. I'm sorry that I got on that plane that I left you alone even though I promised I would never do it. Never let you down and yet I was so selfish and let you down. You are my life bunny! "

I sob for a long time in his arms until I have the feeling that there are no more tears left. More than a sniff came no more. Timidly I lift my gaze and look for his own, but what I get to see tears the ground away from under my feet. Mamoru is crying, he is crying for me. I made this strong man cry. I carefully wiped the tears from his beautiful face.

"There is nothing to feel sorry for Mamoru!" I said more to myself than to him. Hoping to somehow convince myself of it.

“And besides, only I have the privilege to cry, so please pull yourself together, you are not a Baku girl! Come on or do you want to put down roots here and freeze to death ?! "

Laughing, I grabbed his hand and pulled him after me, as so often. He shouldn't worry about me too. I've got him back and right now it's the only thing that counts and woe betide him think about disappearing somewhere again for a second, then he will really get to know Sailor Moon. I have to laugh again at the thought.

Mamoru thoughts:

No, it hasn't changed. She's still my bunny and, as so often, I just let her drag me along. His bunny as she is alive and well. For a moment I really thought that maybe something might have happened between her and Saya, but I pushed that thought aside as quickly as it came. I will never doubt her! How many times has she shown me that I can trust her. I trust her, I always have and she knows that I love her more than anything.

(When Bunny arrived in front of his apartment, it seemed so unreal. She would like to tweak herself just to make sure she wasn't dreaming either & after a moment's thought ...)

"Auuuuuu, what's the point?", Mamoru cried out in surprise and rubbed his aching upper arm. Bunny, eyes down, played with her fingers and blushed like a tomato.

"I i …. (Pause, long pause) I just wanted to see if it's really real. ", She muttered and turned even redder, if that's still possible.

"Oh, and you have to pinch me?" He asked, amused. “Actually you do that with yourself Odango! And yes, I am real, as you have just heard and my arm is the proof! "

"Heeey, you haven't been here long enough to allow yourself Baka!", She remarked with a mischievous grin and pushed her way past him into the kitchen.

Ojeeeeeeee leeeeer, the refrigerator is empty.

"Oh God, oh God then I have to starve to death !!!!", she screamed in panic with a squeaky voice, while her stomach growled in agreement.

Grinning, Mamoru leaned against the wall and watched the hustle and bustle in his kitchen.

“There has to be at least one cookie! A tiny biscuit or at least a crumb !! "

One drawer after the other was searched and inspected down to the last detail. Closets opened and closed. Suddenly she paused, and Mamoru could swear her eyes popped out with joy. She actually found a tin of biscuits. How long have they been there?

"Bunny, please don't say that you want to eat them, they must be 100 years old.", Or even older, he said with a frown.

In love, Bunny looked into the cookie jar and took a hearty and passionate bite into a large chocolate cookie.

"Auaaaaaa, Au, Au, Auuuuu, they're hard as stone!" She moaned and grimaced in pain.

For a brief moment she wondered if it would be possible to swallow it whole. But since they were a certain size and they weren't an elephant, she quickly dismissed the thought before she did something rash. While she was turning on the petrified delicacies, they were rudely torn from her hands. She glared at Mamoru and was about to explode. She hopped around him like a kangaroo and tried to regain her treasure. Mamoru laughed and lifted the can in the air.

"Heeeey, that's not fair, you're much bigger !!!" she laughed and he wrapped his arms around his little wolverine.

"Say are you still okay?" He laughed.

"You still ask! Of course not, I'm starving. Give me my cookies or ... "

"Or what my darling?"

He had called her sweetheart, he had never called her that before. How happy she was.

Mamoru's thoughts:

Yes, she was still his bunny, his Odango that he left all alone at the airport.

“Are you staying with me tonight? Call Ikuku and tell her that you are staying at Minako's. ", He whispered in her ear.

She wished nothing more, but she was tired, battered, saying goodbye to the Three Lights, to Saya.

“I advise you to take very good care of Bunny, otherwise I'll come back and then I'll take over the job! See you soon honey "

The memory of his words made her wince.

"Ma .... Mamoru, would you be very angry with me if I went home? "

As she said it, she still held him tightly. She was afraid, afraid that any second he might vanish into thin air.

Mamoru thoughts:

She wants to go now, now that they finally had each other again. Otherwise she took every opportunity to outsmart Ikuku to stay with him. He was filled with disappointment and pain. Why doesn't she want to stay?

Timidly she dared to look him in the eye. What she saw was pain and disappointment.

“No Mamoru, please don't think anything wrong. Everything I dreamed and hoped for has now come true, but I'm so tired and I don't want to be a burden to you on the first evening. "

She couldn't keep talking because sleep was gaining the upper hand.

Mamoru's thoughts:

What is she talking about? Since when does she see herself as a burden. Have I ever made her feel like she's a burden on me? She has become more open, much more adult. Oh bunny, I must have done a few things wrong to make you feel this way.

He looked lovingly at his sleeping angel as he put her to bed. He could watch her sleep for hours. She looked so peaceful when she slept (except when she started snoring) he thought and had to grin.

The moon lit up the whole bedroom. His light seemed to envelop her and it seemed to him as if he were only shining for her. As if he wanted to give her consolation. She lay beside him so peacefully. Her features were delicate, her delicate lips slightly parted. Only now did he notice that she had lost weight. A small worry line was showing on her forehead. You could tell how much she must have suffered.

“Oh Usaki, I'm so sorry if I had never got on that damn plane. I should never have left you alone. What a selfish idiot I was. You cried when you said goodbye to me !! At the latest when you started crying, I should have stayed! "

“Mamoru, Mamoru where are you, why did you leave me here alone? Why did you go you idiot. You knew how much I need you! ”She sobbed in her sleep.

It tore his heart. She pushed her own feelings aside and encouraged him to leave. But he knew better only he was too selfish to admit it back then. He was the source of her pain, how could she ever forgive him.

Mamoru thoughts:

Everyone comes first with you. You always took care of everyone else first. Have you ever thought of yourself O Bunny, at least I should have thought of you. I was a burden to you !! Do you actually know that when I saw you for the first time, I couldn't get you out of my head again. I've been looking forward to our little quarrels all day. For hours I sat in the Crown and waited for you just to see you. Bunny you had my heart long before I knew who you were.

Tenderly he stroked her blond, long hair and pulled her gently to him, careful not to wake her up. Suddenly a foot flew through the air and hit his hip roughly. He had to resist laughing.

"I love you Bunny Tsukino even if you try to kill me in my sleep!": D

* You often see something a hundred times, a thousand times before you really see it for the very first time! * (Christian Morgenstern)

The first rays of the morning sun tickled her nose. Bunny blinked hard. In a matter of seconds, she was sitting bolt upright on the bed. The seat next to her was empty. No Please not! Had she just dreamed it all? She felt a sheer fear that it would constrict her throat. She held on to the door frame with trembling fingers. He wasn't there, he wasn't there anymore !!! The pain that ran through her hand was nothing compared to the one that threatened to overwhelm her from within. Everything seemed to disappear before her eyes, a gray veil fell over everything when someone grabbed her wrist.

“Bunny, what about you? Usagi please talk to me !! ", she heard a fearful voice. She heard them as though through a tunnel, his words penetrated to her very muffled. Something crashed to the ground, which finally pulled her out of the trance.

“You were gone, just gone, gone, gone! Mamoru you weren't there! ", She screamed in pain as she hit his chest with her fists with all her strength.

He didn't know what to say or do. The shock at the sight of her was icy cold in his bones. He tried to hold her close to calm her down. Bunny's body shook under his hands. Blood came out from under her fingernails. Unknowingly, she had drilled her nails into the wood of the frame in a panic. She screamed and sobbed and he let her go. He gave her the time she needed to calm down.

"Usa, I'm there, look, there I am. Usagi now look at me i'm not going anywhere !!!! Do you understand me! Hey now listen to me! ”Mamoru shouted desperately.

Her breathing slowly calmed down, but Bunny wouldn't let go of him.

Sobbing, she brought out in a fragile voice what had actually been on her mind for a long time.

“You know Mamoru, in the last few years we've had to fight so often. I was always very scared and how scared I was! Over time and with each fight, the fear subsided and I became stronger and more focused. As our opponents grew more powerful, so did I. I grew up with them.But I can still feel it with you! I didn't worry anymore if and how something could happen to me. Every time you came to my aid I was afraid of losing you. I didn't feel it, why didn't I feel that something happened to you.!? When you were gone and didn't get in touch, I thought your studies didn't give you the time to get in touch. Even after five months, I still wrote to you regularly. You know, I called several times a day just to hear your voice on the answering machine. Do you know how often I fell asleep and woke up with it ?! I'm sorry, but sometimes I hated you for flying. I hated you for forgetting me so easily that you could. I just didn't feel it !! Do you understand? WHY DID I NOT FEEL something happened to you? Since the first time I saw you, I've felt your closeness. Do you actually know how I felt when you were with me Rei? Do you know how difficult it was for me to see you guys together and still be happy for you guys? You only knew when the memories of a previous life came back, only then did you have feelings for me. Before I was just the soft pear, the clumsy! Just Odango, who had no further meaning to you. Mamoru, you would not have flown if you had felt the same for me as I did for you. Please don't hate me for this but I can't shake this feeling. It's just there, it gnaws at me, it eats me up !!! And in spite of everything, I can't let go. No matter what was and what was to come, I could not let go of you, although it might have been best for you. I too was selfish baka! You'd have better looked for someone more like you. I don't suit you at all. I never understood what you actually find in me! Saori would have suited you. Do you know that she still loves you ?! "

Meanwhile her tone became cool and every word she threw at him felt like a knife stab. He froze to a pillar of salt, unable to reply. How could she think such a thing! Anger rose in him! When she finished and he looked down into her tear-streaked face, his hands clenched into fists. He just couldn't take it anymore.

Seriously and without batting an eyelid, he looked into her beautiful eyes. Bunny, who only now really realized what she had done, prepared to flee. She wanted to get away from what he could say. And again, again she was afraid.

“You haven't said a word to me in all these years, Usagi, not a single word !!! You lied to me!!!! Do you know what you've done ?! Bunny I thought that I know what you think what you feel. What do you want now? What do you want to hear from me?"

His tone was harsh, angry and desperate all at the same time.

“And Bunny don't you dare run away now. You're not going anywhere until this is resolved! No matter what you think or pretend to know about yourself is wrong. Usa I would give my life for you always and at any time. What else should I do. Tell me, because I'm at a loss! "

"Please let me go now, Mamoru!" She only managed to say.

“Well that would suit you now. Whenever Tsukini's head doesn't go well, she runs away. If you were like that as Sailor Monn too, then good night! "

Stunned, her gaze shot to him and before he knew it, her hand hissed past him. The slap echoed across the room.

Furious, Bunny tried to push past Mamoru. But he stopped like a rock in front of her.

"Hit it one more time if you feel better then !!!", he asked her.

The anger in his voice was now completely gone and a deep sadness settled over the two lovers.

"I would like to go to the bathroom now, if Mr. Chiba agrees!" She hissed.

Speechless, he stepped aside. She stumbled past him. What the heck just happened. In all that time she hasn't said a single word. Mamoru went to pick up the purchases from the floor that were scattered all over the place. He heard water patter from the bathroom. Should he follow her to see if it's okay too? No, he would give her the necessary distance until she has composed herself. When he reached for the chocolate cookie, he couldn't help but smile. He started early. He had invited Motoki and the girls to breakfast. If he had known that she was so fragile, he would have let her know. Otherwise he would never have known what was really going on inside her. It had all been in her stomach for a long time, so she didn't want to stay. She had not yet composed herself enough to hide it again. What a stupid question, why hadn't she felt something had happened to him? How could she have known such a thing? Why was she torturing herself so much ?!

As he was about to place the plates on the table, he felt that she was there. He didn't have to turn around. Her presence filled the whole room and he realized what she meant. Asking why she didn't feel it? They felt when one of them was bad or when they were in danger. It has always been like that. Before she could say anything, he could feel her presence. Even if the Crown was full, he knew when she was there.

Her gaze appraised him, but he made no move to turn. Bunny knew he could feel her. While she was in the bathroom, she realized that it was good to have said everything. She felt lighter, almost free. All the load she had dragged with her fell off her in one fell swoop.

"Are you coming now or have you just acted out your eating habits!" He asked her when he turned to her.

What? What should I have played for? Huh? So if she wasn't really hungry, she wouldn't even have breakfast. Out of spite simply. Wrapped in a towel, Usagi stood rooted to the spot and couldn't believe what she was hearing. The two were so busy with themselves that they didn't even notice the Motoki. Bunny, who wanted to change quickly, slammed into Motoki with full force.

"Auuuuuaaa," she quiked and rubbed her fiery red forehead. The handkerchief slipped a little and before she knew it she felt Mamoru's hands that helped her not to make herself a complete idiot.

"Um um hello Mo Mo Motoki!" She stuttered while Mamoru grinned like a schoolboy. A quick glance at Motoki told her that he too had turned red and no longer knew where to look.

"So my sweetie now put your pretty bum in motion or do you want Motoki to suffer a cardiac arrest?", Mamoru whispered in her ear.

Ojee Ojeee! As if struck by lightning, she disappeared into the bedroom. She heard the two friends laughing. Well wait, Mamoru! She thought grimly, but then had to snort right away. Motoki's expression was too funny too. Hmmm what should she wear? As far as she knew, she also took her things home with her before Mamoru flew. Well a T shirt from Mamoru had to serve now. Grinning, she went to the closet to look for something to wear when she noticed the picture on the dresser. Then you and Mamoru were under a cherry tree, laughing and shaking hands.

Huh? She frowned at the photo and wondered feverishly when it might have been taken. Carefully she took it in her hand and sat down with it on the bed to take a closer look at it. Why hadn't she noticed the photo earlier? She couldn't figure out when that might have been when it suddenly dawned on her. At that time they, Motoki, were at the Spring Festival with Naru and Omino. She didn't even know that Motoki had also invited Mamoru. Smiling, she remembered how angry she was with that villain Motoki. Back then, she had only just met Luna and had not been a sailor warrior for long.

She closed her eyes and recalled the memories of that day.


The first days of spring passed over Japan and everyone was happy about the great weather. Couples walked all over the park, children played in the meadow and picnic blankets were scattered all over Juban Park. She was inspired and stretched out towards the warm spring sun.

The holidays had just started when she happily stormed into the Crown, where she had an appointment with Omino and Naru. Naru wanted to surprise Omino with a picnic and was already busy planning. But since she was too embarrassed to just ask him alone, Motoki and I let themselves go with them.

On the way to Juba Park, Motoki still blamed me for maneuvering him into this mess.

"How did you manage to convince me ?!" he repeated grimly.

I laughed and offered to him. He should still call someone if he wants to.

"The more we are, the funnier it gets," I said at the time, not knowing that Motoki would call his best friend. Naru didn't just prepare a picnic, no it was a royal feast. My heart was beating double somersaults with happiness.

I didn't know where to start or where to stop when a familiar voice rang out behind me. “Heeee Odango don't stuff so much into yourself, otherwise you will burst at some point! No boy likes fat girls! You'll never find a friend like that. Soft pear! ”In a rage, I wanted to chase him to the devil when he sat next to me and took my food away.

"Heeeee what is the Baka, what do you want here and paws off my food !!"

"How about your food? I can't let you, Wolverine, eat us all away and Motoki invited me too. ”Motoki, who tried to gain a safe distance, earned Bunnys angry looks and had to swallow hard.

"Don't look so angry at him, Bunny, can't you see that the poor man is afraid of you!", She rebuked Naru and waved her finger in front of her nose.

"Look soft pear, I'm very good today and won't annoy you and for that you leave Motoki alive?" He tells me and held out his arm as an offer of peace.

At first I didn't know whether to shake hands with him. He just wanted to kid me but for the sake of peace I got up and his dark blue eyes bored deep into mine. He smiled at me like he rarely did and I couldn't help but smile back and at that moment it clicked. Naru took a picture of us as a souvenir. I remember asking for the photo for weeks and she said stiffly that it hadn't turned out. I was sad then. I would have loved to have it. Wait a minute, Mamoru gave the picture and not me. Well wait Naru when I get my hands on you! But why did Mamoru want the photo? He couldn't stand her then ?! Hmm. Funny! He made the peace offer to me only to spare Motoki from my moral sermon, which, by the way, did not last five minutes after this photo. That evening he also drove me home and although I assured him that I could master the driveway on my own without tripping over my own feet, he absolutely wanted to accompany me to the front door. "Thank you very much for your escort service Baka, from here I can make it on my own, unless you still want to go to my parents," I asked boldly. I don't know what got into me at the time, but I tried to hold him off for a few more minutes so that he wouldn't leave yet.

He eagerly grasped his thick black hair that the wind had blown him, and I think I remember that he blushed slightly. He looked cute, I thought, and my train of thought made my cheeks turn red.

“Tell me, are you crazy Odango. I accompanied you here because of Motoki, because it was on my way, not because I want to marry you or something. "

"Hmmm, what a shame!" I said and gave him my best smile.

"What is a shame?", He asked me, visibly confused, and cleared his throat.

He was so cute. He stood in front of me like a little schoolboy, unsure of what to say. Not at all the serious, self-confident Mamoru I knew. Of course, I took my chance and digged a little further. I won't have this opportunity again anytime soon.

"Well, it's a shame that you don't want to marry me Mamoru !!" I still remember how his eyes widened when I told him and before he could answer me I heard Papa coming down the stairs. I wasn't sure if I should ask him any more and grinned to myself.

"Well, if you haven't disappeared in a minute, you'll either cut your head or you really have to marry me Baka!" I laughed and saw him laughing with a laugh as he ran off in a hurry. To be honest, I meant what I said to him back then. Yes, I was sad that he didn't want anything from me. We never said a word about our conversation afterwards.

Review end

The nice thing was that he hadn't even stood up to me. Once I was able to undercut him. He just looked at me. At that time I didn't know how to read his gaze, but today. He looked at me that day just as he did today. Like he's been doing every day since we've been together. Loving !! I had to smile as the mattress next to me gave way and his arm wrapped around me. "You see, Usaki, from the first day I loved you, only you with your thick head always pushed me away from you!"

"Heee, I don't have a thick head and if that was your best pick-up, then you can be glad you ever got one!" She muttered and crossed her arms demonstratively.

I was about to puff myself up and read him the riot act, but I couldn't because he silenced me with a kiss. Smiling, he brushed a strand behind my ear. “So my stubborn little head, now put some clothes on and come! The girls will be there soon too. Not that you think wrong! ”He laughed and opened a drawer. Inside was my old pink t-shirt with a moon bunny on it and my shorts. Hmm, I thought I packed it all up. “I didn't want your things to disappear from here all of a sudden, Bunny. It's now just as much your home as mine. ”Before walking out the door, he turned around and looked at me. "If you don't show up in the kitchen in a minute, I'll send you all home and I'll take the towel away from you, too! Soft pear!" I blushed and quickly got ready to get ready. I actually thought he was gone when I see him grinning behind me. "But now you spanner out, or you really have to marry me!", She said and had to grin to herself.

"And who says that I won't do that too, because now you won't get rid of me at all, Bunny!"

"Pffff and who says that after everything you've seen, I'll let you out of the loop. Whether you like it or not, you belong to me, Mamoru Chiba! ”I fluttered my eyelashes innocently and Mamoru left the room laughing.

It was a fine morning. The girls were already making plans for what we would do together for the next few days.

"Say you forgot that the final exams are coming up next week, or do you want to repeat the class again!", She said in a serious tone and we were offended.

"Do you actually know what you want to do after graduation?", Motoki asked.

Ojeee, Bunny hadn't thought of that yet. Actually, she had planned a lot and because Mamoru wasn't there, she had surprisingly invested a lot of time in learning. Her grade point average brought her from 3.5 to 1.8. Ami was a huge help to her and only she actually knew what Usaki was up to. In any case, she was learning far beyond her usual level and wanted to surprise Mamoru so that he could be proud of you. She had secretly enrolled at university, but she hadn't told anyone about it yet. Now everything depended on the final exams.

Rej said she wanted to go to the police. Minako, had enrolled in drama school. Makoto really wanted to become a kindergarten teacher and of course Ami had a scholarship and will study medicine. Everyone was babbling when all eyes were on Bunny. She turned fiery red and suddenly the floor seemed to be very interesting, because she wished it would open and she wouldn't have to face the interrogation when Ami spoke up.

"Bunny enrolled at university two weeks ago!" Ami announced proudly.

A dead silence fell over the table until Rei snorted.

"Heeeey what's so funny about that, Rej !!!?", Bunny called across the table and a bread roll landed in the middle of Rej's face.

"Are you serious, now you have an average of 3.5 and you find it difficult to concentrate on learning, why do you want to make it even more difficult?", Rej asked.

"1.8 !!!!!" screamed Bunny! Rej's jaw dropped, as did the others.

"Tell me, Bunny, how did you do that ??", Minako asked with wide eyes.

"Well, I have a lot of time and since you were all busy, I well, I learned with Ami and Saya!", She replied a bit ashamed and cleared her throat in embarrassment.

“Bunny has signed up for an astronomy degree. The main area is the exploration of the temporal and spatial structures of the universe !! ”, she reported, almost bursting with pride that it was largely thanks to her.

“After the exams, Saya got her an internship at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. So the summer holidays are canceled for Bunny! ", Laughed Ami.

Thoughts Mamoru

She must have spent a lot of time with this Saya. I tried so often to learn with her but in vain. Either Bunny was hungry or tired or persuaded me to do everything else just not to study.

"Heeey Ami that wasn't the case! Seven hours and not a second longer and the weekends are mine! ", Quelled Bunny and her cheeks turned slightly pink as she looked furtively at Mamoru.

“Well, we might have recognized a lot of things that happened earlier. I mean, before all events, something has changed in the temporal / spatial structure of the universe. ", She tried to explain stuttering and she felt super smart. : D

Motoki only understood the station, but raised the glass of orange juice and toasted the future with the others, laughing.

"Bunny, Ikuku called this morning and asked when you were coming?" Asked Minako.

Oh dear, she'd forgotten all about it. She had to go home.

"I'll go with you in a minute, but we'll go to Crown first!" She exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Actually we both wanted to discuss something, as far as I remember?", Mamoru interrupted her and Bunny blushed again. At some point they had to talk about it, and better now than later.

They said goodbye and agreed to meet later at the Crown. Makoto grabbed the surprised Motoki and pulled him with him. Smiling, she waved to her friends afterwards.

They silently cleared the remains of breakfast from the table and put the kitchen back in order.

"Do you like some tea?" Asked Mamoru as she made herself comfortable on the couch.

She smiled and nodded to him, hoping to buy some more time.

He sat across from her and examined her. Bunny, who was feeling a bit uncomfortable, shifted nervously on the couch, causing Mamoru to grin before he got serious again and took up the conversation.

"Well, that could be something!", She thought and scratched the back of her head nervously.

The winner is always the one who can love, tolerate and forgive! ( Hermann Hesse)

"Please tell me if you meant everything you just said ?!" he asked even if he already knew the answer. Bunny talked first before she thought.

Her gaze went insecure and wistful to the window. She avoided making eye contact because if she did, she'd just start crying.

“You know, Mamoru, I meant every word I said, but I didn't express myself correctly. Please let me try to explain it to you. Sometimes I am ashamed of what I feel but I still can't turn it off. Do you remember when I threw my scraped exam on your head? "

Of course he could remember it, even today he often thought back to it and had to laugh again and again about what he was doing now.

Bunny shook her head in disbelief! Out of the corner of her eye she could see how amused he was. Memories of their first meeting flared up in front of her and she couldn't help but grin stupidly to herself.

"Well, I really thought you were the biggest villain on the planet. I didn't stick my tongue out at you for the next five slots. Of course I had to give my words a little more meaning so that you would understand it too! "

"Well, you did a great job, because I was worried about your state of mind for the next few days!" He laughed.

It didn't escape Bunny when he said he was thinking about her. Not in a positive way, but he thought of her and she was astonishingly satisfied with that.

“When you were about to leave, I looked after you. (He could remember that he felt her gaze on his back, but thought that it was just imagination) I don't know why but somehow you burned yourself into my head with your nasty saying immediately and just so you know I didn't have a crush or something, but you've been haunted my head all day. Um and…. (short pause) well, after that I saw you almost every day. No matter if on the way to school or I was on the way to just meet the girls, or wanted to go to the Crown. In all my ways you just appeared out of nowhere and if I think about it now it's no wonder that I kept falling into you. Most of the time you had your nose in a book instead of being careful not to trample anyone down. At first I found our exchange of blows pretty funny, I was actually looking forward to it. When and how it changed I don't know either, but at some point it just started to get on my nerves. I just didn't know how to start a conversation with you normally. You always had something to complain about about me. This didn't fit, I did it wrong, I should learn more, behave, eat less…. ojeeee I would list everything if we were to sit here tomorrow. How stupid it had to be to take someone to your heart who had nothing better to do than annoy me. Well, after a certain point it just hurt! ", She confessed with a sad smile. “But I continued to play, simply because I had the chance to exchange a few words with you. Stupid, isn't it? "

A veil of tears fell over her eyes, and Mamoru couldn't help but sit down and pull his bunny close to her. She put her head in his lap and they looked deep into each other's eyes. How much she loved those eyes.

Mamoru gently stroked her long blond hair. His stomach contracted painfully at what he was hearing now.

Mamoru thoughts:

Could he really have been that blind? He'd never realized he was hurting her by doing this. Rather, it seemed to him that she enjoyed rubbing small nasties under his nose. Even if he tried to talk to her normally, it always ended in a little slaughter. Bunny was just sweet as sugar when she was angry. Already after waking up he was happy to meet her and when he was in the second semester, he even skipped the first lecture just to see her briefly. It was Bunny who made his day complete. Laughing with her and teasing her had become a dear habit. If he didn't see her for a few days, he tried to get information about her whereabouts from Motoki in a roundabout way. Since then, Motoki has made it his life's task to couple us together. He knew me better than anyone. He was my best friend and, ironically, Bunnys too. Motoki immediately saw through what they did not want to admit. He clearly remembered the conversation four years ago.


Bunny and the girls sat at the table next to me. Just as I tried again to ignore the cackling from next door and immerse myself in my housework, Bunny and Minako shrieked excitedly, so that all my documents flew through the air in shock. Furious, I braced myself to break out and jumped up when I got caught on the edge of the table. I tried to hold on, but failed miserably. In a high arc, I threatened to fall on my nose for the first time in my life. But it shouldn't come to that, because I fell right into someone's arms. In her arms, I could feel that. Embarrassed, I hardly dared to open my eyes that I had closed in shock.

"Say, don't we want to take it a little slower ?! People are already looking stupid Baka! You're welcome to throw yourself into my arms, but not in front of half of Tokyo, or do you like me so much that you couldn't take it anymore? ”She chuckled, visibly amused.

It must have looked pretty funny, because everyone laughed, except for Motoki who turned fiery red but couldn't hold back any longer.

Her scent rose to my nostrils, my mouth was buried in her soft long hair and clouded my mind. Unable to move, I couldn't help but kiss her temple. I felt her flinch. I don't know if anyone else except Motoki had seen it, but I didn't care anyway. In the meantime I had straightened up, but still held her in my arms. She wouldn't let go of my hands while my head signaled the opposite. Slowly she raised her pretty head and smiled into my eyes. Her lips were parted, her cheeks reddened, her beautiful, benevolent blue eyes literally pierced mine and at that moment I felt defenseless. I have always been at the mercy of these eyes without protection. I seemed like an open book to them. Instead of feeling uncomfortable, I felt saved. Like a seafarer who sees the longed-for sun rise in a storm and knows that rescue is near. To my surprise, she moved a little closer until I could feel her sweet breath on my ear. “Thousands of lightning bolts flashed through my body. It felt infinitely familiar, as if it wasn't the first time, although I was sure I would remember something like that.

“You see, not only can I be clumsy Mamoru but don't worry, I'm there to protect you! And just so you know I knew you liked me too, at least a little bit! ”Her voice was like balm for my soul and everything, heart, body and mind reacted to her in a way that I never would would have held. It may have seemed crazy to me then. But what I felt was real. At that moment we were ONE! ONE UNITY!

Sobering I realized it, it fell like scales from my eyes! In her arms I felt safe, understood and loved. I didn't like her, no not at all. I loved her. This realization hit me like a slap in the face, which made me hit back on the ground of reality much too roughly.

Slowly and reluctantly she too detached herself from me, which triggered a feeling of deep loneliness in me. I would have loved to pull her to me, kiss her and never let go. Grinning, she gave me a pat on the shoulder and just couldn't help it.

“Mamoru Chiba you owe me something! After all, I saved your pretty nose from cleaning the floor from the Crown! ”Before I could answer, Bunny turned on his heel and winked at me. Her voice was confident, clear and now brooked no argument. To be honest, I didn't know what to say to that either. I was perplexed.

I looked around expectantly. No stupid comments, no hysterical fits of laughter. Incredible the girls pretended they hadn't seen anything that struck me as a little creepy. For a moment I thought about asking if everything was okay with them, but quickly dismissed the idea. Motoki helped me collect my papers and dragged me to the counter. Happy too early.

"When will you two stubborn heads finally admit what you feel for each other ?! Motoki gestured wildly with his hands in the air to give his words more meaning. Unobtrusively, I let my gaze wander through the Crown, which Motoki noticed immediately.

"She's gone!!?"

I looked at him questioningly, whereupon he just threw his hands in the air and groaned in exhaustion: “Do what you want, you madmen! But Mamoru don't cry at me when someone else snaps her from under your nose, because she won't wait forever for you my friend! "

Review end

Now, looking back, he could openly admit that he missed her and that he always missed his little annoyance painfully. She had eyes as blue and kind as the sky, and such a hearty, warm smile that kept carrying him away and making his heart beat faster. He had often found himself staring at her across the screen of his laptop or a book, but he couldn't allow the thoughts that haunted his head. She was still half a child. Then how could she cast a spell over him so much? At that time he decided that he had to get her out of his head and made an appointment with Rej, which had brought precious little. He remembered Bunny looking at him when they told them they were a couple. She looked him in the eye for a moment. He could almost feel her disappointment with his hands. Usa quickly gathered himself and clicked his tongue in disapproval and said if it makes us happy, then I am happy with you from the bottom of my heart. At that moment he was almost angry with her. How could she say that she was happy for her when her eyes clearly told him otherwise. Rej was a great woman. Serious and down to earth He could talk to her about a lot, but Rei didn't make him feel like it made him. Could any woman in this world do that? !! No one will ever be like her, no one in this world is like his bunny.

Mamoru Thoughts - End -

Grateful that he understood, she took a deep breath and continued undeterred.

“Aside from your teasing, I was only 14 years old, had a talking cat at home who wanted to make me some crazy warrior and these creatures never looked cute. I was scared when I saw these monsters before they did anything. (a cold chill ran down her spine) While you were teasing me I had a hundred other things to struggle with. In the first few months I howled snot and water, it was already a struggle to leave the house normally. I kept thinking that something like that was jumping out around every street corner! I felt persecuted 24 hours a day. After all, I was still half a child who wanted to play video games and would much rather spend the afternoons and evenings with friends. Worst of all, however, was having no one to talk to. How should I process the events there ?! I thank all the gods of this world that it did not last long. Rei, Minako, Makoto, Ami are one of the best things that happened to me in life. I was finally no longer alone. "

“We were lucky that you were met by such a great man as me! Hey Bunny, but now you are forgetting something very important. Where's Tuxedo Mask? ", He grinned at her and didn't stop caressing her hair. As she continued to tell, he carefully and without her noticing, loosened her odangos.

“I think he was full of pants, like you, I suppose! Tell me, were you two, you and Tuxedo Mask, scared of me back then ?!

Mamoru laughed out loud but when Bunnsy's face remained serious, he didn't know his way around anymore.

"How did you come up with this nonsense?" He wanted to know now. She seemed to mean it very seriously.

Slowly she turned to me. Her pretty head was still on my lap, but now she lifted it and propped herself up on her left arm to look better into my eyes and before I knew it I had fallen for her skin and hair.

"No seriously! (You couldn't possibly be serious, he thought puzzled.) One of them saves me from all emergencies and when it gets serious he is as if swallowed by the earth and the other takes almost 3 years until he gets his butt up and approaches me. What did you guys actually think? I would like to know. I've never been really unfriendly and I don't think I look dangerous either, nor have I ever bitten off someone's head. So why was it so hard to just walk up to me? You were much less afraid of our enemies, so why then of me !? "

Your question isn't that unjustified after all, except for the story of fear, he thought, and cleared his throat, very embarrassed.His head rattled and growled, but no satisfactory answer came to mind except ...

"Bunny you already know that Tuxedo Mask and I are one and the same person?" I tried to cheer her up. But she stood firm again and cornered him. Of course he was scared. He was afraid of being rejected. Having their friendship was better than not having them at all.

"Stop the nonsense, you know exactly what I mean. Do you see Mamoru, you don't know the answer yourself. I served you my heart on a tablet and gave you countless opportunities to open yourself up. The first possibility was almost at the very beginning in the Crown when I accidentally caught you, I told you at the time that I know that you like me too, just as I like you, so my explanation is obvious that you only approached me when I transformed into Serenity for the first time. "

He quickly intervened before she could utter more nonsense. Was she actually aware of what she was saying. Bunny braced herself to continue speaking when I put a finger to her lips and asked her to be silent.

“Now do Odango slowly. You ask if I was scared? No, of course, I didn't have that, at least not in front of your external appearance, that really triggered completely different things in me, but certainly not afraid, but I was afraid that if I confess everything, you would chase me to the devil. And it was better to have a friendship with you than not to have you at all. Be honest, Usagi, what did you feel when we were at the Crown back then? ”To underline my words and to give them more expression, I lowered my head very close to hers and breathed gently into her ear, as she did back then with me had made. The plan worked and I saw how the fine hairs on the neck stood up. I repeated the process again and it did not miss its effect. She winced slightly and our bodies, as well as our souls became ONE, we were one! "

“Don't forget that I know exactly what you feel and what it triggers in you, because I feel the same, then as now. If you are so brave why weren't you the first to break the ice, you brave sailor warrior? Otherwise you won't be scared so easily! ”I whispered with a grin and moved away from her again. I wanted to watch their reaction closely.

Bunny felt taken by surprise and sank back into Mamoru's lap in frustration!

"Yes, maybe I would have done it too, if you hadn't stood in front of me petrified. You didn't even notice what was happening around you. And besides, Sailormoon or not, I'm a girl and a girl is allowed to be scared! Suddenly the situation was way too embarrassing for me and I'm up and away! And just stop, since that day Motoki has confronted me with it every time! "

"So now satisfied?", She asked excited and demonstratively crossed her hands in front of her chest before she started to sulk.

Mamoru's thoughts:

So now it's enough with the question and answer game. We can continue with that later and I think we've come a long way.

Bunny saw how he seemed to be thinking hard about something, and before she knew it she was picked up by two strong hands. She squealed in shock, which only spurred Mamoru on.

"Where are we going?" She squeaked happily as I carried her through the apartment and struggled to free herself from my grip.

"I have to say princess you have powers like a bear and now we'll see who is afraid of whom?" He laughed and closed the bedroom door behind them ... ;O)

Juban Park is always good for a surprise

It was late afternoon when they set off.


I love this park. Here I and Mamoru kissed for the first time as a couple, Chibiusa fell on my head out of the blue and turned my whole world upside down. What is she doing? Does she think of me as often as I think of her? Since the fight with Galaxia, I've thought of the little annoyance almost every day. How I would love to take her in my arms now. The day would come when she would never leave her again.

Longingly, she lifted her head to the sky ...

*** CRASH ***

She didn't even get to finish the thought when she knocked something heavy to the ground. With a muffled scream, Bunny turned the back of her face. Something was on her chest and moving. She opened her eyes in panic and two large children's eyes blinked at her.

"Tell me, do you always have to jump on me, you little tramp?" She teased the little girl lovingly and instantly had tears in her eyes.

"And do you always have to cry?" Came the return coach promptly. One surprised at the other, they laughed out loud when they realized how similar they are.

The two brawlers fell happily into each other's arms. Mamoru, who at first didn't even know what was happening to him, watched his two wives with amusement.

It was only with difficulty that she managed to free herself from Bunny's grip. She didn't want to let go of this until Chibiusa could hardly breathe.

"Mamoru, Mamoru, I missed you so much !!", Chibiusa shouted and threw herself on the neck of her future father beaming with joy.

The three of them strolled through Juban Park, towards Crown. Bunny, who was still very excited, couldn't wait to see the faces of the others! The two girls already forged a plan how and who goes to the coffee shop first.

"Tell me, Chibiusa, is there a special occasion for your visit?", Mamoru then asked the question that Bunny did not dare to ask.

"Yeah, sure!" She grinned cheekily. “Mom and Dad said that I should visit this emotional fool before she howls her eyes about me. I didn't know that I was so cute that Bunny missed me so much !! "

"Don't imagine anything on it, because I definitely didn't miss your little, cheeky mouth!", Bunny hissed in amusement and raised her index finger. The attempt to remain serious failed miserably, which degenerated into another laugh.

Bunny stormed excitedly into the Crown first and casually ran down Motoki, who looked after her in astonishment.

Just before she hit the table at 180, she put on the brakes in a way that no one else could do. Ami had partly hidden behind Rej for security reasons. "Now guess what's new?" She called and was out of breath.

"Are you pregnant?" Minako and Makoto squeaked out of one mouth.

Bunny looked at them both in amazement before she blushed from her toes to her hairline.

It took her a minute to collect what the girls immediately interpreted as a YES and screeched wildly.

"Huh? How, where who, waaaaas? Have you been abandoned by all good spirits? ”Since no one seemed to be listening to her any more, she took a deep breath.

"Heeeeey, stop the nonsense! I'm not pregnant so you can calm down again. But I have a great surprise for you! ”She chuckled happily.

The tone did not lose its effect and all the guests in the restaurant eyed Bunny with interest. She cleared her throat very embarrassed and was about to apologize, when Chibiusa pushed past her and was greeted warmly by the girls. Shrugging, she looked at Mamoru, who was standing next to her, red as a tomato.


What does he have? The word pregnant must have scared him a lot. Amused by his embarrassment, I nudged him lightly and said: "Well, you just got away with a black eye." Conspiratorially I winked at him, which only upset him even more.

Grinning, I called to Motoki: "Give your friend something to calm down before he kicks us out of the sand!" Motoki, who had observed everything down to the finest, held his stomach laughing and clapped Bunny.

"You are a nice friend to me!", Mamoru grumbled and now everyone had to laugh. But he just shrugged his shoulders and said: “After all, I'm Usagi's friend and I wouldn't have anything against a little bunny. On the contrary, that would be fantastic! ”Bunny and Motoki grinned conspiratorially at each other.

“I don't think it's funny at all! What would be so bad about it if it were her, ha? "

Chibiusa crossed her arms demonstratively and glared at Bunny.


"Nothing would be bad, just a tad early and the snot spoon that I now have on my cheek is enough for me!"

Satisfied with the answer, Chibiusa smiled.

The afternoon was relaxed. We tasted it to the full, because tomorrow the normal madness continued and Ami was only too happy to remind us of that.

“Speaking of school, I have to go home someday. Dad called me three times today and asked if I had forgotten where I live. This time it didn't work out so well in terms of memory. He said it felt like I wasn't home for a month. And if I mess up the exams now, the whole effort was wasted! Do you want to go with me right now Chibiusa? Mama has baked lemon cake and Luna is waiting for me too. "

Chibiusa decided to stay. Mamoru would bring her home that evening.


I am sooooo happy! Somehow I'm almost afraid of going to sleep. Tomorrow another enemy might be waiting for us. Already at the introduction I feel sick in my stomach. Anyway, right now I feel so strong, like I could uproot trees and hungry. Oh well, I just ate. If things continue like this, I would still have to do sports. Hmmmm sport or food? Sport, food, sport, food? Neither nor !!!! Stop thinking about food, Bunny. To destroy the newly won figure now would be a shame.

Mama made the best lemon cake in the whole galaxy. But now I have a guilty conscience and looked grimly at my stomach, which seemed to be happy. Those stupid exams!

She sat down next to a pile of books, shaking her head. She had to smile when she opened the teaching material. Actually, she did quite well and was really interested in this course. What is more beautiful than space? The peace she felt there was unique. Briefly she closed her eyes and sank into this calm.

"Sailor Galaxia, how are you doing and the Three Lights, Saya ?!"

The thought of Saya made her smile sadly. She had found a unique friend in him. Will they ever meet again?

Chibiusa and Mamoru arrived at the house of the Chiba family quite late. The only light they saw was from Bunny's room.

“As afraid as she is of spiders and leaves the balcony wide open. She's not afraid of devilish demons, but mostly anything that crawls and crawls, ”Chibiusa laughed.

"Mamoru, would you please put me to bed. Everyone is asleep and I'm afraid of myself."

"Of course, come on. But we have to be very quiet otherwise Kenji will tear my head off. ”Chibiusa laughed.

They heard muffled music on the stairs.

“That comes from Bunny's room. Maybe she doesn't sleep after all. ", She said.

Chibiusa opened the door a crack and the voice of the Three Lights filled the house.

Like a bright star shining in the dark of the night

Are your eyes awakened in the glow of joy

so i think of you every day.

(and roam the streets)

The day of parting broke our hearts

and yet our hope remains

that we meet again

maybe in this star system.

(how long was our trip)

Search for your love

I will never be silent

Search for your love

until we find you

Search for your love

every day i sing this song for you

Tell me where should I look (where do I find you)

Tell me where the way will lead us

I will always love (adore) you

where are you ... princess ..

I love you Moonlight Princess….

"Ooo how beautiful!" Enthused Chibiusa.

Bunny was sitting next to the cupboard on the floor in the corner and had surely scraped around a ton of pillows, books and chocolates. Her long blond hair, still damp from the shower, fell from her shoulders. With the reading glasses on, she stuck into algebra. She kept staring doggedly at a paragraph. She chewed furiously on her lower lip, which had already got small cracks.

"Grrrr Saya you idiot, you promised me to study with me for the exams and then you go away and leave me all the work alone!" Depressed about it, she took the remote control and switched the song to the beginning. Exhausted, Bunny took off her glasses and got up. The book flew through the air and missed Luna, who was sleeping peacefully in the armchair.

She babbled something about stupid algebra, punishment of numbers and pressed her throbbing forehead against the wall and said to herself but loud enough for Mamoru to hear: “Just one more month, then it's done and if you don't come to the graduation ceremony, you will I'll make you hell hot Saya Kou. "

"Hallooooo we're home!", Chibiusa shouted and ran to Bunny.


"Hi, I've been waiting for you. You're pretty late Chibiusa! Go brush your teeth and I'll put some pajamas on the bed for you. Would you like to sleep with me today or should I prepare your room for you? "

As she said this, she yawned towards the door as she winced. As if moved by thunder, she stumbled back a few steps.

“Did you scare me? Since when have you been standing there? ", She asked puzzled and tried to bring about a smile, knowing full well what she had recently said out loud.

"It's been a long time, you've been absorbed in your, how do you always say so beautifully, SMALL WORLD OF THOUGHTS, I thought to myself that I wouldn't bother you."

Mamoru's voice was oozing with sarcasm and at the moment he didn't recognize himself.

Chibiusa, who just danced out of the bathroom and still noticed everything, had her hair on end. She had to find out who this Saya was. When Mamoru heard from him, he had glared at Bunny. Hmm ... what did Bunny up to? Mamoru is never mad at Usa, except when he saw her with Haruka in the park. No, she didn't believe for a second that her mom cheated on her dad.

The tone of voice had not remained hidden from Bunny, either, who stared at him in shock.

"What louse got down your liver?", She asked with a smile and pulled him into her room with a little effort. Chibiusa, ran to Bunny's bed and snuggled under the covers.

Very slowly, careful not to make any noise, Bunny closed the door behind them.

"I think she would like to sleep with me!" Usagi smiled and pointed to her bed with a slight movement of her head. Where Chibiusa was apparently already in a deep sleep.

"What do you think of staying with us tonight and tomorrow we'll somehow smuggle you out."

Grinning, she looked at Mamoru, who didn't change his face.

“Chibiusa was scared and I wanted her to be safe in her bed. I have to be at university tomorrow morning and what if Kenji or Ikuku from any

Reasons come in. ", He answered seriously.

Bunny felt the tension and didn't want to break an argument now that everything was perfect. At some point she will ask him about it, but not today.

She hugged her sullen boyfriend lovingly and pressed a sugar-sweet kiss on the eyelid.

"So where do we want to let you pile up? The stairs creak and the balcony is quite high. So make up your mind, Chiba-san. Well or you just stay with us. “, She said affectionately and waited in vain for an answer.


Why is he so mad at me now? Yeah, what if she mentioned Saya. He's one of her best friends, after all, who helped her while he was away. After all, he doesn't complain about Motoki either.

If he really wants to, he can stand there in the middle of the room until tomorrow. I didn't do anything to him after all. Tired, I lay down next to Chibiusa and pull her tight to me. How nice that she is with us again.

Mamoru watched Bunny closely and immediately felt guilty.

He leaned quietly on the bed to join them.

"Good night my two pretty ones!" He said with a somewhat forgiving tone and kissed both of them goodnight on the forehead before disappearing into the darkness on the balcony.

Usagi smiled and looked at the little whirlwind that was in her arms.


I'm not worried, after all, he knows very well that I love him more than anything else in this world. Him and this little annoyance.

She fell into a peaceful sleep.

Chibiusa blinked at the moon as she feverishly thought about the conversation between Bunny and Mamoru. He seemed to have been pretty angry and Luna was just thinking about that.

The earth

* Kindness of heart often defeats barely defeatable enemies. Be good from the heart and never fear evil then! * (Johann Kaspar Lavater)

"Bunny get up, or you will be late!"


Like a raging tornado, Ikuko stormed into the room angrily.

"Bunny, I swear to you, if you don't get up now I'll use this!" Ikuko snorted loaded, while she waved the spatula threateningly.

"BUUUUNYYY, I want you to be out of the house in a minute, otherwise I'll get physical!"

Usaki blinked, startled. When she saw her mother's angry look, she rolled backwards from the bed, screaming, where she rudely greeted first the dresser and then the desk painfully.

"Usaki Tsukino will you never grow up !!!!? Tschingo and Chibiusa set off fifteen minutes ago. Shaking her head, she left the room.

“Incredible, unbelievable this child! Just to tear your hair! ", Came the stairs.

"Lunaaa why didn't you wake me up, don't you see what time it is !?"


“Your mother is right, Bunny! The cat snorted desperately.

"And she wants to go to UNI!"

“Heeeeee Luna, that wasn't nice of you. I'm trying, but my bed is sooooo cozy!

Bunny looked dreamily at her bunny blanket for a few seconds when she ran off to get dressed by a tarantula. There was no time for her hairstyle. So she took a hair tie and tied her thick blonde hair in a ponytail. She left the Tsukinos' house like a hurricane while it rattled in her head. Today the first exams started and if she was late she was not allowed to take part. Bathed in sweat, she reached her classroom and prayed to be admitted.

She carefully stuck her nose through the crack in the door first.

"The air is clean!" Hissed Minako.

Relieved, she let the pent-up air desecrate from her lungs and staggered into place.

"Miss Tsukino, you were more than lucky today. When will you finally grow up ?! ”the teacher pushed hard.

Her hair stood in disarray on all sides when she looked at Mr. Yuitschiro, slightly flushed, and gave him a sugar-sweet smile.

"Miss Tsukino you will probably never change?", He stated soberly and handed out the tests.

Minako grinned at Bunny and held two thumbs up in the air with a wink, whereupon Usagi gave her an enthusiastic thumb.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, does this day never end ?!"

An exhausted Usaki left a sickly dejected hanging over the bench in the school garden. Minako and Makoto did the same. Ami, who just turned the corner and looked at her friends like that, had to giggle.

"Well, you genius, are you all right?", Minako croaked while she sank down on the grass.

"Sure, everything is clear with our Einstein!", Makoto grumbled, who lay down next to Minako in frustration.

"Oh Ami, I envy you! I would love to be as smart as you! ”Croaked Bunny.

With a thump, Bunny dropped carelessly on the grass. She gently stroked the green stalk with her fingertips, felt the warm, soft earth beneath her and directed her gaze to the bright blue sky. She heard the chatter of her friends only marginally until their voices disappeared completely. Her breathing calmed down. All the effort of the morning gradually subsided on her. In the tree above her two birds built their nests, twittering. The lukewarm summer wind rocked the lush green leaves. It almost felt like the wind was playing a tune. Only a few rays of sunlight penetrated the dense treetop and tickled her nose. This is how it must feel in paradise, Bunny thought with a smile and closed her eyelids. Warm and familiar, a comforting warmth drew through her body, so that every hair on her fair skin stood up. She has never felt so connected to this beautiful planet. In her mind's eye she saw the deep blue sea. The beauty of this world cast a spell over her. Her limbs felt so wonderfully light. Slowly a slight tingling sensation ran through her veins, a wonderful power permeated her delicate body until she was completely in harmony with this planet.


What's this? I feel a warmth that seems to be out of this world. At breakneck speed it envelops the whole planet as if it were hugging it. An indescribable power pierces the core, layer by layer. The surface trembles briefly. Radiant white light floods the atmosphere and breaks through space. This light, this warm light that gives security and love. That's ... USAKI !!!! What's going on, what's going on right now?

Mamoru looked at the desk, on which an old, dried-up plant was slowly moving. The leaves rose proudly. What once seemed dead now blossomed in full splendor.

"Bunny, Bunny do you hear us? Quickly, put up a protective shield around us so that no one sees them! ”Rej yelled.

"No, leave her!" The voice of Sailor Galaxia reached the warriors.

“Sailor Moon .. Princess Serenity! the queen has now developed all her strength. This planet has united with her. You are now one! Look. ", Galaxia smiled and pointed to the nature.

"It's beautiful!" Ami whispered.

The cherry trees were in full bloom, where there was dry earth, the first blades of grass protruded.


“She heals the wounds after the fight. The souls of people and those of nature! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you, but I saw the light and I just wanted to experience it for myself. This beauty, I just had to see. Thank you all for what you did for me and please protect your queen, never show weakness. That power, unbelievable! Since the beginning of time nobody has managed to fully develop it. It is a birth. A new era begins. Sailor Cosmos has awakened! You have to protect them no matter what the price! "

“We will, we have always done. It's not just our destiny, we love Bunny! ”Rej sniffed.

"Haruka, Setsuna, Mitchiro, Hutaro, Sailor Galaxia!" Said a familiar voice behind them.

Serenity stood proudly in front of her companions. A woman full of love and kindness, a heart that unites the galaxies.

When Mamoru and Chibiusa arrived, they saw the protectors of the solar system kneeling before their queen.

“My dear friends, you have always stood by my side. Only together were we able to win wars, drive out evil and defeat our own demons. Without you I am not complete, you are all part of me. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Galaxia, Chibiusa, Mamoru.

As Usagi spoke the planets of her warriors, they transformed. The sailor's clothes shone in a bright white. Only a ribbon that circled her hips symbolized the colors that once wore her skirts. The tiaras dissolved and in their place came the symbol of their protective planets. As the transformation progressed, each of them spread mighty white wings. Finally, the silver crystal rose, glowing in the shape of a flower. Smiling, she looked into the eyes of the love of her life and a small part of the silver crystal sank into his body. He had had her heart since she first saw him, so she gave him some of it as a gift.

“Mamoru, there is a reason why nobody but me can activate the syllable crystal. Because my heart belongs to me. Ripping it out of me is of no use to anyone, because as soon as I die, its light goes out with me. However, I can give you a part of it, because it has always been yours. In past lives, in this and in every future. You are the one who takes me out of the darkness when I threaten to sink, who gives me your hand when I fall. In every way! You are my protective planet. The earth, your home has received me. For that I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Usaki's voice trembled as she confessed to him a love that was worth living and dying for.

With eyes full of tears he stood before her and slowly and humbly went down on his knees to bow.

"Usa you had me since I saw you for the first time!"

Touched by his gesture, Usaki wiped the tears from his eyes. She looked at Sailor Chibimoon and in her eyes there was a kind of love like no other. It was a mother's love for her child.

“Little lady… Chibiusa you are very special. When we first met at Juban Park, I thought this kid meant trouble! But even then I reacted to you. You triggered feelings in me that I would never have thought possible. You know, Chibiusa, you scared me the hell out of it. You didn't have to take you to the heart because you were already inside. My little princess you are my everything. You are my heart, my mind, my greatest love Chibiusa. You are the most beautiful thing I have in my heart! If I'm to be completely honest with you, I wouldn't send you back to the future for any price, but the time is near. Soon you will have to return home for good and the gate to space and time will never open again! Neither in the future nor in the past. The angels sent you to me and I thank you for this wonderful time that I was allowed to spend with you. It was a very special gift. "

"I love you too!" Sobbed the little lady and fell into Bunny arms.

Usaki turned to her friends again.

“You all made me who I am today. If I hadn't gotten to know you, I would have broken down on this task long ago. Thanks! I thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for entrusting me with your life and for allowing me to be your friend! "

She wanted to show them how much they all meant to her and went on her knees in front of her friends with bowed head.

"I am honored to have you as friends."

"Power of the cosmos waaaach auuuf!"

The last transformation of Sailor Moon began. The sailor's dress was clear and bright white. The only colors were elongated stripes in the middle of the skirt that symbolized the colors of the sailor warriors of the solar system. The crescent moon shone in its most beautiful splendor and Sailor Kosmos stood in front of them. More beautiful than ever. The brooch dissolved and the silver crystal took its rightful place. He lowered himself and plunged into the queen's chest.

The tidal wave slowly retreated and disappeared back into Bunny's body. The girls turned back. There was not enough time to realize what had just happened because the school bell ripped her out of her thoughts.

"Let's go on with the exams, let's hurry, otherwise this curmudgeon Yuitschiro will tear my head off!" Bunny grumbled and couldn't help but grin.

As if out of nowhere, a male, angry voice rose from behind Usagi.

"Miss Tsukinoooooo !!!!"

Bunny flinched back and scratched the back of his head nervously.

"Um, Professor, I ... I ...!"

"Into the class before I change my mind and send you straight to the management!"

“But Professor, you don't really want me to have another year in your class, do you? Usagi giggled.


Professor Yuitschiro angrily pointed his finger at the entrance hall.

Bunny thoughts: Ojeeee he looks terrible! Hurry up now!!

Bunny took her legs in her hand and disappeared into the school building at the speed of light.