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Phasmophobia: Talk to the Spirit and list the questions

Bu-hu horror game Phasmophobia will teach you what fear really means - especially when you talk to the ghosts that haunt you. In this guide to speech recognition, we explain how your microphone works together with your Spirit Box and what questions you should ask.

The new Co-op horror hit Phasmophobia has it all, which is also proven by the great reviews on Steam. In a team of up to four players you will go on the hunt for ghosts who - as we all know - can sometimes speak. With you, and even by Audio or using a Ouija boardthat you find by chance. Ready, Ghostbusters? The following steps will let you talk to spirits.

1. Set and test the microphone - speech recognition

As nice as it would be, the ghosts don't take possession of your laptop and unfortunately need one microphoneto be able to understand you. If this is available and switched on, you are only missing one English language packthat you should install. However, the ghosts should too react to German sentences - try it out! If it works, you can of course do without the language package.

In our Beginners guide we explain step by step how you do that Micro adjusts, it tests and the correspondingSelect language!

2. Talk to ghosts about the Spirit Box

The easiest way to take over them is with ghosts Spirit Box Contact on. It is part of the standard equipment; that is, you don't have to buy anything to use it. in the Tutorial it also explains how it works - but here's a quick refresher:

  1. Use your equipment to find the room in which you suspect the ghost
  2. Take the Spirit Box in your hand (it is initially in the van)
  3. Turn them on
  4. Turns off the light in the room (important!)
  5. Speak loudly and clearly into the microphone, in English
  6. Nothing happens? It may be because of:
    1. The spirit does not speak, because not everyone does that (read in the journal (J) more about that)
    2. The ghost is shy - then it only speaks when you are alone in the house
    3. Your microphone is not set correctly

By the way: If a ghost answers you through a spirit box, then you can Proof spirit box in your journal.

3. Talk to ghosts about the Ouija board

In contrast to the Spirit Box, this is Ouija board nothing you own or buy - and it's significantly more dangerous. Ouija boards spawn randomly in the levels, which is why you should always search the houses. By the way, there are also other findable objects like bones.

If you find an Ouija board, you should carry it directly into the room where the greatest ghost activity to date has taken place. Then you just speak your question into microphone, of course in English again. However, you can try your hand at speaking German sentences here. Ouija boards also mostly reveal details about the mind that will be useful - if the mind responds at all. Incidentally, a working ouija board is not proof of a speaking mind.

4. List of questions to ask of ghosts

As already indicated, you can best deal with all spirits English talk. There is no official German voice output, but some players seem to be lucky with German sentences as well.

If you are halfway used to English, however, you can let off steam - what kind of questions would you ask a ghost? Be creative and try everything you can think of. If nothing works, the unofficial wiki on Phasmophobia provides some ask ready, which should lead to success with a speaking mind:

  • Open a door.
  • Open this door.
  • Turn on the light.
  • Turn off the light.
  • Are there any ghosts?
  • Give us a sign.
  • Show us.
  • Let us know you are here.
  • Do something.
  • Is there anyone with me?
  • Scream.
  • Can you speak?
  • Can you speak to us?
  • Make a noise.
  • Can we speak?
  • Would like to speak to you.
  • Is there anyone here?
  • May I ask you?
  • Would you like to talk?
  • Are you the only one here?
  • Are you waiting?
  • Is there anything I can do?
  • Do you know who we are?
  • Are you happy?
  • Are you here all the time?
  • Are you male or female?
  • Do you want us to leave?
  • Can I ask you?
  • Can you make a sound?
  • Show us your presence.
  • Knock something.
  • Make a sound.
  • Open the door.
  • Throw something.
  • Talk to me.
  • Talk to us.
  • We mean you no harm.
  • We are friends.
  • Is this your home?
  • Can you speak to us?

These shockers shaped the genre:

All By the way, ghosts in Phasmophobia can always hear you, your microphone should work. So if you speak to them without a Spirit Box or Ouija Board, they can still react - only they won't speak, because they can only do that via the Spirit Box. However, it also works if you put it on the floor when switched on and then speak. To ask? Let us know in the comments!