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Metro 2033 Redux

Release DATE: March 16, 2010

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver, THQ

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Linux, Max OS

Based on the book Metro 2033 from 2005 by Dmitri Alexejewitsch Gluchowski

Is a remake of the game "Metro 2033"

Explanation of the situation:

Moscow, 2033, humanity has been largely wiped out by the nuclear war. The story of Metro tells the adventures of Artyom, who lives with his stepfather Alex in one of Moscow's many subway stations. The tunnel system under Moscow is the only known escape location in the game for people to protect themselves from the radiation. The radiation is also the reason for various mutations in rats and other living things, also known as nosalises (tied to the ground) or demons (flying). Some mutations also led to the appearance of the so-called "blacks", they are masculine, tall, black-skinned beings who are only known to be evil and to attack the people in their heads. Psychic powers, to be precise. The people who live in the Moscow Metro grow mushrooms and use them as general food, as fodder for pigs, for tea or for trade. The mushroom trade also led to the formation of a trading community, the so-called Hanseatic League. The Hanseatic League is not the only community that has formed. In addition to the Hanseatic League, three ideologies have developed in the Metro: Communists, Democrats and Nazis. The game implies that the Nazis are not from Moscow, but from somewhere else. In the game, the player accompanies Artjom out of Artjom's eyes and has to fight his way through the horror of the dark underground of Moscow. It all starts with the arrival of Hunter and the promise Artyom made him ...

1 intro: (

Welcomes the player, ends in the main menu and offers the possibility to start a new game, to play a certain level, to continue his game or to make settings in the game.

2 Start a new game: (

Here the player has the choice whether he wants to play the game "realistically" or normally, there is also the option of choosing a level of difficulty.

3 prologue: (

The game starts in a later part of the story, Artjom is already on the way to the tower with Miller. This level is used to show the player the basics of the game

4. Introduction:

4.1 Loading screen: (

8 days in advance

“Life in the tunnels was never easy. Still, it was our home. There was something reassuring about it, every day you do the same thing and see the same people. But since the mutants attacked, fear reigned in the station. I'm twenty now and I would never have dreamed of what would happen the morning Hunter came to see us. "

Artyom admires part of his postcard collection and his stepfather asks Artyom to come with him to greet Hunter.

4.2 Way to Hunter: (

Artyom is shown the misery in the ward, the hospital is overcrowded and the circumstances are dire.

4.3 Hunter, conversation with Homo Novus: (

One meets Hunter, he hands Artyom a postcard. Shortly afterwards, the station is attacked. After Alex, Hunter and Artyom fend off the attack from one side of the station, Alex and Hunter have a conversation about the dangers of the blacks. Alex refers to the blacks here as Homo Novus. Hunter is not enthusiastic about it. They then receive the information that the station on the other side has suffered considerable damage. Once there, Hunter gives Artyom a badge and tells him if he doesn't come back, Artyom should go to the polis and give Miller the badge and let him know what happened here.

5.1 Chapter 1:

5.1.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 1 Let the Adventure Begin

“Hunter didn't come back. It's not easy to find an excuse to leave the station, but I promised him. I learned that a caravan to Riga could use a helping hand. Of course I volunteered. "

5.1.2 Awakening: (

Artyom wakes up in his room and takes his basic equipment.

5.1.3 Artjom's room: (

A brief glimpse into Artjom's room.

5.1.4 Life in the ward: (

On the way to the caravan, he experiences the everyday situation in the station.

5.1.5 Equipment: (

In this section the player is given the basic equipment by a ranger. This includes a so-called "bastard gun", some ammunition, a mobile dynamo, a gas mask and a few first aid kits.

5.1.6 Workshop dealers: (

You can edit your weapons at this dealer, for example the player can attach various visors to the weapons.

5.1.7 Ammunition dealer: (

This dealer exchanges the expensive military ammunition, which is the common currency in the tunnels, for cheaper ammunition. This is useful because you have so much more firepower, and the military ammunition cannot be used with pistols.

5.2 Chase:

5.2.1 Loading screen: (


“It was the first time that I left the security of my home station. It bothered me that I wasn't being honest with my stepfather, I won't be coming home as soon as I get to Riga. But Hunter was counting on me. "

5.2.2 First contact: (

You get into the car to Riga. An unknown person joins them at the last second. It'll talk. Since the main tunnel has collapsed, one is forced to switch to a side tunnel. Shortly after entering the tunnel, an anomaly emerges that stuns everyone on the car. Artjom has a vision of a black man, in this vision Hunter can be seen killing the black man. After a while Artyom wakes up, he hears Nosalises (mutated tunnel creatures) running onto the car. Artyom manages to wake Eugene, who is sitting next to him. They then have to defend the other two. The stranger is torn from the car. After a bitter struggle, Artyom falls from the car. Nevertheless, he barely makes it to the station before the tunnel is cleared with a flame.

6.1 Chapter 2 Bourbon:

6.1.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 2 Bourbon

“The Riga station was only the first step on my journey, and the caravan stopped going. So before we parted, we drank to our luck. The vodka didn't inhibit my fear of going on alone, but I was also about to meet a mysterious new partner. "

6.1.2 Survival drinking: (

Not much happens here, Boris and Eugene drink with Artyom on their luck that they have survived the anomaly and Artyom is paid for his escort.

6.1.3 The boy: (

A little boy offers the player to lead him to someone who is looking for Artyom, he demands a bullet as payment.

6.1.4 Conversation with Bourbon: (

After being led by the boy, a man introduces himself as a bourbon. Bourbon wants to leave the station and go to the dry station, but because of the attack on the station, nobody comes in or out. Bourbon knows a way out, but doesn't want to risk his life alone. Since word got around that Artyom does not react to the anomalies in the tunnel like the others, Bourbon wants to hire Artyom for his protection.

6.1.5 The Riga station: (

A short tour of the small Riga station.

6.1.6 The dangers of the stations: (

Even if the plight of people has brought everyone together to survive, there are still criminals in the wards.

6.2 Lost Tunnels:

6.2.1 Loading screen: (

Lost tunnels

“When I went into the deserted tunnels with bourbon, I wondered if I was wrong about trusting him. Still, the gates of the station were closed one way or the other, and who knows when I would get another chance to leave the station. "

6.2.2: Tunnel adventure with bourbon: (

As soon as you leave the station with bourbon you will find signs of bandits. You have to surprise them with bourbon. After you have defeated this, you stand in front of a bridge, this should then be an adventure in itself, regular attacks by Nosalises and an old brittle bridge make the march difficult.

6.2.3 Second contact: (

After the bridge you come across a “cemetery” with bourbon, a gas mask is necessary. While Bourbon tries to open the door, Artyom is supposed to search the corpses for useful items. Meanwhile, they both begin to hallucinate and have difficulty getting through the door. The hallucination itself shows up as a narrow corridor that pulls the player away from the door, the player must run against this force in order to survive. At the end of the hallucination, a black man grabs Artjom's hand and pulls the two rangers through the gate.

6.2.4 Arrival at the market: (

The market is a stop on the way to the Dry Station, the station guards hesitate, but then decide to save Artyom and Bourbon from the Nosalises. After all of the Nosalises have been killed, a guard realizes Bourbon that he does not seem to have parted well with these people. Nevertheless, the two are granted entry.

6.3 Market:

6.3.1 Loading screen: (


“I've never seen a market like this, you could buy almost anything. But, Bourbon owed the guards money and was afraid to leave the station. "

6.3.2 Bourbons Plan: (

After entering the station, Bourbon is first interrogated alone. When one is allowed to enter the entire station, Bourbon explains the problem, he also says he has a plan how he can leave the station without having to pay the guards in full, but he does not say any more details.

6.3.3 The Market station: (

Tour of the station.

6.3.4 Shooting Range Challenge: (

In the station "Market" there is the possibility for the player to take on a challenge at a shooting range, that costs some money. If you pass the challenge, the player will receive a generous reward.

6.4 Dead City:

6.4.1 Loading screen: (

Dead city

“As we went up to the ruins of Moscow, I felt fear and sadness. But, after living underground, I also saw an unfamiliar beauty in the dark sky and the frozen world. "Well, that's the dead city," grumbled Bourbon. "Welcome home, Artyom."

6.4.2 Promotion and first steps: (

After buying new equipment, Bourbon is already waiting for Artyom to leave the station. He's made a deal with another guard so he can go. Once on the surface, Bourbon explains to Artyom that this is all about survival. Many so-called "stalkers" are constantly walking through the city in search of spare parts, ammunition, pretty much anything that can be useful. As soon as you leave the building you meet a so-called demon, flying creatures from which you should always take cover.

6.4.3 Without bourbon and renewed contact: (

Separated from bourbon, the player has to fight his way through the cold city of Moscow alone, surrounded and permanently pursued by monsters, you find your way. Here on the surface Artjom has another vision, the blacks talk about him "... he can stop death ...", then the blacks, who have psychic powers, show Artjom the playground, only animated and green with plants. They show him what this place looked like before the nuclear war ... before people destroyed everything. On the way to Bourbon, you can also find a hiding place where Hunter once left a message for another ranger.

6.4.4 Reunification: (

After a while you find bourbon on the surface, he is frightened by the sudden appearance of Artyom. On the way, both are attacked by mutants and demons, and can only barely escape into a ventilation shaft.

7.1 Chapter 3 Khan:

7.1.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 3 Khan

“As we went underground, I was shocked to see how alien and hostile the city has become. I felt safer in the darkness of the metro, especially when Bourbon said he had friends in the Dry Station. "

7.1.2 Liberation of Bourbons: (

Creeping through the ventilation shafts, Bourbon explains to the player that this station is occupied by bandits, that he has to see if his friends are also here, if not, we have to leave. As expected, the bandits were less than happy to see anyone sneaking up on them. They're arresting him for questioning. Artjom, the player, now has to fight his way through the bandits to free Bourbon. When Artyom arrives at the room where Bourbon is being interrogated, Bourbon tries to take the bandit by surprise, and it comes down to Bourbon and the leader of the bandits killing each other. Then, out of nowhere, an unknown person appears from the ventilation shaft in the ceiling, introduces himself as Khan and regrets the death of Bourbon. Nevertheless, he offers the player to accompany him immediately, as the remaining bandits are not long in coming. So begins the journey with Khan.

7.2 Ghosts:

7.2.1 Loading screen: (


"Khan’s demeanor came as a surprise, although during the fight with the bandits I felt someone out of the shadows was helping me. Khan assured me that Bourbon’s fate has nothing to do with mine. Still, I regret Bourbon's death. "

7.2.2 The true essence of tunnels: (

Khan leads Artyom through the tunnels, showing him that anomalies are seen as bad, but in reality they are neither good nor bad, they are neutral, like fire, it can be devastating, but it is neither good nor bad. Khan explains that the annihilation of the world also annihilated heaven and hell. The dead no longer have a place to go, they are trapped in the here and now. Khan is there in the game to make one thing clear to the player, the world has changed, it is no longer the one we once knew, yet it is necessarily not a bad world. He speaks of harmony and peaceful coexistence in the new world, you don't have to fight everything just because it is no longer like it used to be.

7.3 Cursed Station:

7.3.1 Loading screen: (


“Khan led me to the cursed station. The name was not chosen improperly - the residents of this station always had to fight for their survival. "

7.3.2 Destruction of the tunnel: (

At the Cursed Station, Artyom and Khan have to help the residents, Artyom is sent to retrieve the lost bomb and to close open spaces in the tunnel.

7.3.3 The shrine: (

Khan now brings Artyom to the shrine, it is a place of mourning and helps people to cope with the situation and circumstances. Artyom goes through a tunnel under the shrine to continue towards the Polis.

7.4 Armory:

7.4.1 Loading screen: (


“The Armory Station was where most of the Metro's weapons were made. There was an arms factory one way or another near this station, and when the atomic bombs fell, most of the workers went to this station. I looked around for Andrew the blacksmith, but he found me first. "

7.4.2 The armory: (

Arriving at the armory, Artyom is told that it is a "free station". A man at the gate adds, however, that it is a "free" communist station and one should be careful. Ignoring the warning, Artyom bursts into the middle of an arrest and is arrested right away, but the actual suspect is not particularly enthusiastic about the arrest and tries to escape with Artyom. Both get pretty far, but in the end he is shot and his last gesture was to show Artyom where to go. But Artjom is also surrounded and is pulled to safety by Andrew at the last second. After a short conversation, a plan was determined how Artjom can safely leave the station, he is hidden in an intermediate area for luggage and driven to the front with recruits. During the journey Artjom overhears a conversation between the soldiers and learns that each soldier receives a hydrogen cyanide capsule in case one is captured by the Nazis.

8.1 Chapter 4 War:

8.1.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 4 war

“Even the apocalypse didn't stop people from killing each other because of different ideologies. I was just about to go through the front between the communists and the Nazis. I once heard that these two had been to war before, and that the Nazis had lost this war. "

8.1.2 The front and the Reich: (

Artjom has to fight his way through the fronts, both are hostile to him, but you still have the opportunity to save some communists from execution, they are grateful to you. As expected, flags to symbolize the swastika are hung in the bases of the empire. Fleeing from the front, Artyom is nevertheless taken by surprise by the Nazis.

8.2 Trolley Combat:

8.2.1 Loading screen: (

Car fights

“When I came to, I lost all hope. Nazi prisoners were used either for forced labor or for the shooting range. "

8.2.2 Car battles: (

Captured by two Nazis, Artyom has to accept his fate, but two unexpected figures came to the rescue. Thanks to the sadistic traits of the Nazis, Artyom survived long enough to be saved. Later in the game it turns out that it is Ulman and Pavel. Furthermore, Pavel and Artyom beat their way through the rest of the Nazi stations in an armored rail car.

8.3 Depot:

8.3.1 Loading screen: (


“After the firefight with the Nazis, the rest of the way to the polis looked easy. And once again I was wrong. "

8.3.2 Depot trip: (

Artjom and Pavel have to fight their way through a Nazi base again, but when they arrive at the depot they have to defend themselves against Nosalises. Pavel dies in the process, and Artyom rolls uncontrollably down an old tunnel and barely survives the accident.

8.4 Defense:

8.4.1 Loading screen: (


"After Pavel's death, I was alone. But somehow I have to get to the black station. Ulman would wait for me there to take me to the polis. "

8.4.2 Battle for the stations: (

Artyom meets a station that is fighting for their survival, the children of the underground, as they call themselves. Artyom helps them, of course. The men at the front have to survive several deafening waves of shock, causing the nosalises to break through the front and Artyom is the only survivor of the defenders.

8.4.3 The lost station: (

The boss of the station lived long enough to give Artyom the task of warning the others and the polis. He fights his way through the burning station and only hears a crying child.

8.4.4 Sasha: (

Artyom meets a little boy, his name is Sasha, he seems to be the only survivor of the station residents. So Sasha gets on Artyom's back and both fight their way through the rest of the station. Shortly before the two meet people, both can look at the sky, the boy is overwhelmed by it, he almost did not recognize the sky. But you meet your mother, who was very worried about her son. The tunnel is crowded with people.

8.5 Outpost:

8.5.1 Loading screen: (


“Once again I'm going upstairs to the charm of post-war Moscow. The people at the station warned that Nazis would be stationed here on the surface. "


8.5.2 Outpost: (

Artyom is fighting his way through hordes of Nazis on the surface.

8.6 Black Station:

8.6.1 Loading screen: (

Black station

“It was clear that the black station was occupied by fascists, but Ulman said he would wait for me there. I had to risk it. "

8.6.2 Black Station and Contact: (

When you arrive at the black station, you meet Ulman, he learns that Pavel has died and gives Artyom a weapon to sneak through the fascists. One of the fascists tells the legend of Metro 2, which exists next to the actual Metro. When he arrives at Ulman's, they both drive off. Artyom has another vision at this point. The blacks talk to him, they want to understand him, they want to know why they are hated. Artyom hears Khan speaking of the anomalies and how these are not evil, but neutral.

9.1 Chapter 5 Hope:

9.1.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 5 Hope

“It's hard to put my feelings into words. Exhausted, yes, but happy too. - I did it! As soon as I passed Hunter’s message on, a decision would be made to save my station. And my task would be completed. "

9.1.2 Polis: (

Artyom has arrived in the polis, a huge huge station that defies only so with people. When Miller learns that Artyom has a message from Hunter, he arrives without delay. Artyom tells him everything, and shortly afterwards Miller orders a council meeting. You should decide what will happen to Artyom's station. They refuse to help. But Miller doesn't just want to let Artyom go, he's organizing a secret mission. Miller knows that there are still several rockets, he wants to use them to free the botanical garden from the blacks, but he does not know where the control center for the rockets is, so Artyom has to go to the large library with Miller and Danilla look for military files.

9.2 Library:

9.2.1 Loading screen: (


"I am shocked by the Council's decision, but Miller’s plan gives me hope, and again I climb into the skeleton of Moscow to search for the secret of D6 and wake up a horde of missiles."

9.2.2 Way there and entry: (

Artyom makes his way to the library by himself, where he waits for Miller and Danila, when they both arrive, they enter the library and have to defend themselves against demons. Artyom always clears the way for them. Arriving in the main hall, Miller tells Artyom about the librarians, they are gorilla-like creatures, defeating them is next to impossible, and even running away is not an option. You can only survive by looking them in the eye, staring at them. You should never let her out of your sight. After this sermon the three are attacked again by a demon, Danila is seriously injured. Miller has to bring Danila back and Artyom has to find the files on his own.

9.2.3 Loading screen 2: (


"I was alone, once again ... and soon I would look the danger in the eye myself - literally."

9.2.4 Librarians: (

Artjom has to fear the library filled with librarians, with no prospect of help he faces the fear and walks through the library, but never alone ... always with a librarian by his side. And then Artyom makes the mistake of turning his back on a librarian who does not hesitate to attack Artyom. But as fate would have it, a demon attacks and fights with the librarian, so Artyom just manages to survive.

9.2.5 Loading screen 3: (


“The underground warehouses were an eerie place, I didn't know what, how and where to look, but I refused to accept that everything I have achieved so far has been in vain.“

9.2.6 The nest: (

Artyom crawls in the basement, in the midst of sleeping librarians, looking for the military files.

9.2.7 The document: (

He did it, despite doubts and fear he found it ... The documents for D6. With this information Miller and the other rangers will surely be able to find the control center and destroy the black nest.

9.3 Sparta:

9.3.1 Loading screen: (

Drive to Sparta

“I found the D6 file, but Miller hasn't returned yet. Without his help, I wasn't sure if I would get away from the library with my life. But everything depended on me. "

9.3.2 Sparta Outpost: (

Sparta, the only permanent human outpost. Only a few people are stationed there. Khan was there too, he talks again about harmony and the consequences that Artjom's path can have, he warns against mistakes. After Miller has studied the documents, the rangers involved go into the tunnels and make their way to D6.

9.4 Chapter 6 D6:

9.4.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 6 D6

“Dark tunnels, rattling wheels and the smell of death. That's how we started our way to D6. But our goal now seemed a lot closer. "

9.4.2 Drive to D6: (

The blacks contact Artyom again. You show him nature and are by no means hostile. Miller and the others bring Artyom back before he could talk to the blacks. A blocked door held the rangers open and, as expected, they were attacked by Nosalises. But when an anomaly emerged and threatened everyone's life, things got tricky, but the rangers just barely made it.

9.4.3 Loading screen 2: (


“The chaos of the tunnels was locked behind airlocks. The gates seemed indestructible, just like my comrades. "

9.4.4 Joint fights: (

The rangers fight their way through multiple waves of nosalis attacks. Again and again they are held up by locked gates. It comes as it had to come, Boris, he died in the heat of the moment. It seemed as if the rangers had reached the last gate.

9.4.5 short solo effort: (

This gate was only partially opened, Artyom should climb through to spy on the situation. But the gate closed irrevocably behind him and almost crushed Artyom. This part of the tunnel is filled with scorpion-like vermin, but Artyom made it. He soon found the other rangers, she had suffered losses again, Stephan died. The rangers gathered at a kind of small subway station and as luck would have it an automated locomotive is still in operation. You use this to get to D6.

9.4.6 Loading screen 3: (


“We were almost in D6, it was hard to believe, but we found the Legendary Control Center. Yet was it worth so many lives? We would soon find out. "

9.4.7 D6: (

The rangers have finally found D6, after a few repairs, they were able to reactivate part of the control center. It didn't take them too long to get to the missile control station. There was only one problem, the reactor was offline, it had to be restarted manually. Miller and Artyom went down the gullet to the reactor. The reactor was littered with some sort of biomass. They soon had to learn that this mass is conscious and defends itself against reactivating the reactor. As expected, Artyom saves the day and starts the reactor. On the way back up you can see the enormous amount of weapons, tanks, a lot of fighting power, everything hidden in D6. Artjom and Miller now set out to position the laser aiming device for the missiles.

9.5 Chapter 7 Tower:

9.5.1 Loading screen: (

Chapter 7 The Tower

“Miller and I climbed out of the tunnel into the Korolev performance hall. We were close to the Ostankino tower. On the frozen roads we join other rangers in the fight that started my incredible story. "

9.5.2 Final: (

Artyom and a couple of rangers are stuck in a horde of mutants, they are overwhelmed by them, but suddenly the opportunity for Artyom and Miller to go to the tower. They use the elevator in an unusual way to get to the top of the tower. When they found each other upstairs, Miller was badly injured by a demon. Miller now delegates the task to all of Artyom. Artyom bravely climbs on. On the way to the top, the blacks talk to Artyom again, they have no idea that Artyom is planning to destroy them. But when he has set up the laser, they realize what he wants to do. They influence Artyom, ask him why he is doing this, they thought he would understand them, they thought he understood that blacks don't want war, they want peace. Artjom now has to move through the psychological labyrinths of black people to survive. They want to stop Artyom at all costs. You keep offering Artjom to give up in order to prevent mass murder. But then he meets Hunter, Hunter tells him if it's hostile, kill it. This is how the blacks are ultimately destroyed.

9.5.3 Credits: (


Personal comment:

The game tells a unique story. So much depth, so many feelings, so many questions. Personally, I regret the death of black people. They were never hostile to me, they always helped me, only the statement that the blacks attacked the station at the beginning of the game is something negative, and nobody even knew for sure that it was really the blacks. I should also note that it is possible to save the blacks in the game, but in order to stay as close as possible to the book I chose the "normal" ending, for the good ending many things have to be taken into account in order to achieve this.

I had a lot of fun playing and dealing with the game, even if it really took up a lot of time. I also think that the moral criticism, which is always a point of conflict in the game, makes you very thoughtful, you question so many things and you are never sure whether you did the right thing. The greatest lesson you can take from this game is that ignorance always leads to violence, the blacks were annihilated because no one understood that they were peaceful and wanted to help people, the blacks had mastered living on the surface, they were alive at peace with the new figures of the new world, they understood the beauty behind this world.

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