Why is my steak tough and tough

Frying steak: these 7 mistakes should be avoided

You bought a good steak from the butcher and it got too dry for you while roasting it? Much too good - this won't happen to you again!

From the wrong pan to slicing without a resting phase - you should definitely avoid these 7 mistakes to keep your steak tender and juicy while roasting.

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Mistake 1: the wrong pan

A well-fried steak has a really crispy crust - everyone agrees on that. To create that you need intense heat. So use it for your steak no non-stick pans. These are more suitable for lower temperatures, such as for cooking salmon.

So to give your meat a decent crust and toasted aromas, fry it in one uncoated cast iron or stainless steel pan.

Mistake 2: the wrong fat

It is best to roast steak at high temperatures. Use therefore no fats with a very low smoke point like olive oil or butter - these start to burn at 170 ° C.

In order for the frying fat to withstand the necessary heat, it has to be high smoke point to have. Are well suited Canola, peanut and sunflower oilsthat can be heated up to 230 ° C.

Tip: Instead of putting the fat directly into the pan, Rub your steak all over with 1 tablespoon of oil before frying it a. So the fat ends up exactly where you need it for frying.

Mistake 3: incorrectly seasoning the steak

Pepper your steak before frying it? Better not! The ground spices cannot withstand the intense heat in the pan and burn long before your meat is done. The result: your steak tastes bitter and burnt. So always pepper only after frying.

However, salting the meat beforehand is not a problem. You can read about how this works best in our large steak guide.

Mistake 4: Not preheating the pan sufficiently

You will need a little patience when heating the pan. So don't put your steak in too early. Then you can forget about the crust ...

The trick: Heat the pan without oil until it starts to smoke. Then squirt in a few drops of water. When these no longer evaporate directly, but dance back and forth on the bottom, the pan is hot enough (approx. 200 ° C) and ready for your steak. Now it's time to sear them!

Mistake 5: frying the steak without a thermometer

If you're not the ultimate steak pro, you should get yours Do not cook meat without a thermometer. When frying by feel, it can get way too dry very quickly.

General rule of thumb: fry your steak 3 minutes on each side sharp on and then apply it every 30 seconds. Check the core temperature and repeat turning until the Core temperature 58 ° C - then your steak is cooked “medium”.

You can find temperature information and information on the various cooking levels in our steak guide.

Error 6: Not observing the resting phase

It's hard to resist a freshly fried steak, of course. But please stay strong! Don't make the mistake of cutting the meat right after frying it. Then the muscle fibers are not yet relaxed and the valuable one Meat juice runs out when cutting. With it you will lose taste and juiciness.

Exercise patience: After frying the meat, take it out of the pan and let it relax Rest for 10 minutes. Then you can pull out the knife.

Mistake 7: cutting meat with the fiber

Never cut your steak open with the fiber. Why? The muscle fibers in the steak run in a certain direction. If you cut exactly along these lines, you will bite an entire strand of muscle while chewing and the pieces will be tough, even though your meat is perfectly fried.

So first take a look at your steak after frying it and pay attention to the course of the muscle fibers. Instead of parallel you cut the meat exactly against these fibers on. That’s how it’s also tender as butter.

Note: With a piece like the rib eye steak, which consists of different muscles from beef that are separated by tendons, the meat fibers also run in different directions. If necessary, you should start several times when cutting in order to cut the pieces correctly.

Then the only thing left to do is grab the pan and have the steak!