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In case you've never considered visiting Iran, this firsthand insight is sure to change your mind. Here you will find insider information on why you should definitely get to know this very special country.

If you've read something else, forget about it - as a visitor in Iran, you will experience hospitality like nowhere else. Iranians are warm and open-hearted and literally welcome you as a guest. At first it may seem strange that people greet you on the streets with “welcome”. For Iranians, however, it goes without saying that they smile at their counterparts and show them that they are happy that they are visiting their country. Travelers with blonde hair and blue eyes can expect to attract extra attention in a positive sense. Remind yourself that you are lucky enough to receive many compliments. Whenever someone tells you that you are beautiful, you should always reply, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

It is a great mistake to think that life in Iran is hard or even full of misery and toil. You will forget all prejudices once you experience reality. Because it gets very hot in the summer months, people gather in parks and on the streets after sunset. You spend time with us on the green spaces, have picnics in the middle of the city center and enjoy life. Of course, there are certain restrictions and regulations that are consistent with the teachings of the Muslim religion. However, it is amazing how beautiful the Iranian women are despite the strict dress code. They are elegant and stylish despite the conservative clothing and headscarves. On a trip through Iran you will learn a lot about the life of the people in the Persian Gulf, almost without even realizing it. For example, in your hotel room you will find rubber slippers and during your stay you will learn that the bathroom is considered unclean by Muslims and is a place they would never go barefoot, as we take it for granted in the West.

The beauty of Iran is not just limited to the people. The nature of the country is also impressive. Sand-colored mountains rise above the plain. Flocks of black and brown sheep graze in the country; Herds of horses stir up the dust. Ocher-colored cubes in the distance turn out to be simple dwellings on closer inspection. The colors of nature are bright and strong; under Iran's cloudless skies they appear more alive than in Europe. As you drive north the landscape becomes greener, there are bushes and trees as far as the eye can see. In the province of East Azerbaijan you will find inhabited cliff settlements and you can even stay in a hotel built right into the rock. If you are traveling through Iran in the summer, pay special attention to the city of Isfahan. The great river that crosses the city has completely dried up at this time of year. People simply cross the cracked, brown mud of the river bed on foot. Due to the usually hot temperatures, the Iranians use large amounts of river water for irrigation. Therefore, spring (April) is the best time to see the rivers flow with normal water levels, and also the best time to travel.

Cultural sights abound in Iran and religion is a part of everyday life. Look at the ground: if you see a small arrow, it shows where the Kaaba is. Thanks to the marker, Muslims know which way to turn their gaze when it is time to pray. Old mosques, palaces and mansions were converted into hotels. The beauty of the buildings, which are adorned with an abundance of mosaics, paintings, mirror tiles, patterns and ornaments, delights guests from all over the world. The domes of mosques with clear patterns and harmonious color combinations are breathtakingly beautiful in their simplicity. Take a moment to meditate and reflect. Food in Iran can be described as a form of art. You will want to write down the extraordinary recipes and buy spices, delicate pistachios and almonds at the market. Things are handled a little differently here: cucumbers are considered fruit. Don't forget to try the unique saffron syrup and, of course, rose water. The Iranians are happy to show and share what they have.

Despite its versatility, uniqueness and hospitality, as well as its great cultural heritage, Iran has not yet developed into a mass tourism destination. But every person who visits this country realizes how often we miss out on real jewels because of prejudice and inappropriate media perception.

Some practical information and tips for travelers

Iran is a wonderful country with many traditions of its own. Some of its peculiarities are very different from Western forms of life. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to the Middle East state, you should know how to behave in accordance with cultural and religious norms.
Dress code

Women traveling in Iran should remember to veil themselves when visiting a public place out of respect for Muslim teachings. You will hear the poetic phrase “cover up your beauty”. A woman must cover her elbows and ankles. In addition, clothing must not be tight and tight. But that doesn't mean you have to walk around dressed like a sack. Orientate yourself to the locals: it is perfectly acceptable to wear tight jeans if you cover them with a casual tunic or a long boho-style cardigan. It is definitely possible to follow the dress code and still look stylish and attractive and there is no need to cover your face. A headscarf is mandatory, but it only needs to cover the hair lightly.

There are no style rules for shoes. However, Muslims believe that you should wear shoes in dirty or unclean places and go barefoot in "clean" holy places. Whenever you visit a mosque, you will have to take off your shoes. It is good to know in advance that there are a large number of mosques in Iran and that it is much more comfortable and practical if you wear slippers.

Alcohol is forbidden. You will not find alcoholic beverages anywhere, either in stores or in restaurants. In fact, you should be prepared for the fact that alcohol will only appear in the fantastic poems of Hafez during your trip to Iran. Face the abstinence!


The old adage “never talk about religion or politics” applies here. Iranians are very hospitable, nice and happy to receive tourists from all over the world. But just like in other countries, it is possible that you will encounter some people who have extreme political views. It is best not to get caught up in political conversation in such circumstances. With all the incredible, impressive things you can see in Iran, you certainly won't run out of things to talk about.


It is only possible to pay in the local currency - the Iranian rial. We recommend that you do not change US dollars or euros at the airport. Our tour guide will show you where to exchange money at a better exchange rate. In addition, it is not a problem to pay by credit card.

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