How do you say back in Spanish

Translation of "be back" in spanish

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We have to go before Simon's execution be back.
Tenemos que volver antes de que ejecuten a Simon.
He could at any moment be back.
Juliana, el cazador de recompensas podría volver en cualquier momento.
No, but his agency is just down the street and he should be right away be back.
- No, pero la oficina de su agente está justo en la esquina y debería estar de vuelta en cualquier momento.
And he should be until 2 p.m. be back...
We have to be in time for Mrs Crawley's dinner be back.
Tenemos que regresar a time for the cena de la Sra. Crawley.
I have to go in an hour be back.
He should be in a few days be back.
Debería volver en unos pocos días.
Kjell Bjarne can do every second be back.
Kjell Bjarne puede volver en cualquier momento.
Simon, he could any second be back.
When will her manager be back?
You should be in the late afternoon be back.
See they will any moment be back.
Mira, van a volver en cualquier momento.
Katarina was in Paris and wanted to be in the middle of the week be back.
Katarina estaba in Paris, y debía volver a mediados de la semana.
I work and I have to go back tomorrow be back.
James Woods can be in minutes be back.
James Woods puede regresar en cualquier momento.
But, Hastings, we have to be before twelve be back.
Hastings, debemos regresar antes de las 12.
Come on, I want to see you in the evening be back.
Vamos, quiero regresar antes de la noche.
Mom can be in two hours be backin case something happens.
Descuiden. Puedo regresar en 2 horas si pasa algo.
I'm not going to dinner be back.
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