How to calculate the range


The range describes how many people can be reached through a certain medium. This means that the relative success of a medium can be measured with the range. The number of people reached is usually given in percent or in absolute values. The price of advertising messages can be determined based on the range. For the determination, the medium, the period of time and the target group must be determined in advance.

Forms of ranges

When determining the range, a distinction is made between gross and net range. All contacts that have been made with the medium are taken into account in the gross reach. It does not matter whether a person has come into contact with a medium several times - the total is still counted. In contrast to this, the number of people who have been reached with a medium is determined for the net reach. Each person only counts once, regardless of whether they have had multiple contact with a medium. Furthermore, the range can be determined in relation to the location. The geographical range indicates where the consumers are located. In addition, the range can also be calculated depending on the time. From this point of view, one looks at the range achieved, for example in one day.

Reach in the online area

In the online area, in contrast to print media, the range can be determined in great detail. Website operators can see exactly how many people can be reached with a contribution. Tools like Google Analytics can help. And not only that: It can be determined exactly how often a person clicks on an advertisement, from which websites, advertisements or articles people reach your own website and much more. In this way, the reach can be increased through sponsored posts or sponsored links. Correct timing and placement is also very important. If, for example, an article about a current event or a scandal is published - and at best distributed via different channels - the probability is very high that the attention of many people will be won.