What is Boruto Chakras Nature

Does Naruto only have the wind chakra nature?

Wind is the nature towards which its chakra naturally inclines. Most peoples' chakra is most easily transformed into a particular nature, and in Naurto's case it was wind. Then he used clones to effectively spend years using wind chakra and then adding it to his Rasengan.

Kakashi noted that while it is easier for you to take advantage of your specific nature, you are not limited to just that one nature. Sasuke, for example, is a fire nature, but has also learned the lightning nature of Chidori. Kakashi was able to use his natural abilities and Sharingan to copy any primary natures, and although these copied techniques are used, all 5 primary natures can be used.

Naruto was special because he is generally very difficult to learn. Outside of hundreds of clones, he cannot learn new techniques without years of work. After learning to modify the Rasengan in a number of ways (Big Rasengan, Rasenshuriken), he was able to expand this to other Rasengan-based techniques he used, such as Mini Rasenshuriken.

As noted in the comments, Naruto gained access to all primary natures, yin, yang, and yin-yang, as well as several Kekei Genkai combination natures. This was due to 2 things: First, his border status as Jinchuriki with 10 tails and the Senjutsu of the Sage of the Six Paths. When he received the Senjutsu from the SOSP, he was given full access to the natures of all 9 tail animals that were in him and more of the Senjutsu himself. He is now able to create all types of Rasengan that the 9 tail beasts can use , and the Senjutsu gave him access to the yin-yang release (which he used to give Kakashi a new eye).

In this regard, he has access to over 10 natures including several Kekei Genkai natures, but he can only use them to transform Rasengan's nature. We can only speculate as to why this is so. He used his clones to effectively spend years transforming the rasengan's nature with the help of the wind chakra. So in theory it should be pretty easy for him to do the same with other natures he had access to. But he didn't spend time learning new techniques. At the beginning of the war he only had Rasenshuriken, so at least until the war was completely over and the infinite Tsukuyomi was released, he would use other techniques that were not directly derived from Rasengan. He didn't have time to learn how to do anything other than Rasengan, and Nature was manipulating Rasengan. After that, it's just his poor learning status, he just never spent the time learning how to do any techniques other than the Rasengan.

In theory, he could do that now. With Kurama's collaboration, he could probably create a thousand clones and train for a few days and learn new techniques there, but as far as we know he's writing this, he doesn't. No one can guess why he doesn't, but it's probably because he doesn't have to. He's already in first place with Sasuke as the strongest, and since they are friends and way ahead of everyone else, there is no one to make him train. Even if someone comes along like this, it will be over too soon or they are already strong enough not to pose a threat.


Kakashi and Sasuke both have Lightning Nature Chakra. As Uchiha, he learned Fire Release because Uchiha generally have an affinity for fire. Afaik Kakashi has never used Wind Style Chakra manipulation either. However, he was seen with the other four

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Also, Sasuke's nature is lightning, which was proven by Kakashi by holding a chakra test paper in Sasuke's hand. It makes the same wrinkles as when Kakashi holds it.


@ AyaseEri and Arcane. In retrospect, I can agree that I don't see Kakashi ever using the wind style, though I don't remember either claiming that. However, the wiki claims that it can. Wiki also says that Sasuke's affinity for lighting style is only anime. The WIki later says he has an affinity for fire and lightning, so it looks like Manga has both but no Kekei-Genkai combo of them (though maybe the flame release counts).

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In Manga, too, Sasuke has both an affinity for lightning and fire. The wiki must be wrong


@ 絢 瀬 絵 里 Is it really an affinity or like Kakashi he just learned how to do it. If it was described as affinity, can you at least provide a source chapter?