What is a series of lies

For a month: Don't Lie (New Series)

Text: Lea Sophie Preußer
Illustration: Hendrik Schneider

A lie is a statement that the sender assumes is untrue, but still wants the recipient to believe it. Allegedly, people lie up to 200 times a day. Most of the time people lie in order to gain an advantage or to cover up a mistake or a prohibited act in order to avoid criticism or punishment.
But what happens if you forbid yourself from lying? Do you become a victim of punishment, disadvantage and lose all your friends? In our new section (for a month:…), we are targeting lies this time. And our editor has to say she was surprised at the benefits of just telling the truth for a month.

Affection instead of dislike

Who does not know this: Unpleasant people want to involve you in an equally unpleasant conversation. The initial question that seems harmless is: “How are you?” The hopeful exit lie: “Good, but a bit in a hurry.” Why besiege others with their own problems when they are already part of the problem? For me, however, it means: “Until now, but if we talk to each other now, my day can no longer be saved. So bye. ”Then I expected a lot, but not what happened next. Instead of an evil look or whispering behind my back, my unpleasant person laughed and invited me to coffee the next day. Am I not being taken seriously?

Seriousness is overrated

One looks in vain for seriousness and seriousness if one goes out into the world with the virtuous claim to be honest with one's fellow men. The world is full of lies that the truth turns into a joke. Somehow sad, but those who are telling the truth are often not taken seriously, no matter how loud they are. People want you to be honest with them; then for once you do them a favor and they pretend they haven't heard. Or worse, you agree.
You would not expect a woman to be beaming with joy when you tell her that her new top was probably part of the old clothes collection. And yet that is exactly what is possible - if the truth is tried. My friend, who surprisingly is still my friend, actually laughed and agreed: "Yes, but it's comfortable."
For years of my life, like every Max Mustermann, I twisted a little truth here to protect a friend from it. Only to find out now that I don't seem to have lied much at all, or that people either have no problem with the truth or don't (want to) see it at all. Because absolutely nothing happened.

People I didn't want to talk to, and I told them so, laughed at it. Women who I said were naive thought about it and shrugged. Men whom I called macho were even flattered. Absolutely nothing happened that could have been called a "story". So instead I tried to say what I was thinking right away. Consciously but honestly. And what happens? I was found to be right. You want someone to be angry or disappointed, and they'll thank you for it and like you all the more.

So is the truth a better lie? Unpleasant truths are ignored anyway. But they are also better at hiding than lies, because they have neither short legs nor long noses. So I think I'm sticking to the truth. You drive better with her. Either way.

2 Comments “For One Month: Don't Lie (New Series)”

  1. Insightful article. It doesn't hurt to take a closer look at it. I will definitely follow the other articles as well.

  2. Well, finally I read the truth.
    Very itressing. I've seen a lot of problems because I was telling the truth. In private life and all the more at work, there were admonitions, so how can you say such a thing, you only think something like that but you don't say it. Why do such people still go to church ???