What makes a good bra

Tips & tricks when buying a bra

Tips & tricks when buying a bra

Not only men have a problem with bras, women struggle with their bras too. Where men despair of opening a few ticks without uptight jokes and sweating, women fail in the locker room. The Hohenstein Research Institute found that every third woman wears a bra that is too small. Jolie.de can help! With our shopping tips, you'll never have to worry about piercing hangers and incisive straps again.

The bra is a wonderful piece of clothing: it gives small breasts a lush cleavage and voluminous cheeks it gives support and shape. There are bras for the femme fatale, the nice girl next door and the extreme athlete. There are cup bras, push-ups, triangle, balcony and strapless bras. The seamless bras (seamless is the English term for "seamless") are practical, these are models that are made without side seams and have very flat edges. The laundry therefore does not show. But how do you choose the perfectly fitting bra and how do you wear it correctly? Jolie.de tell you!

This is how you determine the right bra size

75 A or 80 B? And what does that mean anyway? The number from 70 to 100 in front of the letter stands for the underbust size and is measured in five-centimeter increments. So first measure the circumference under the chest. Up to 77 cm you have size 75, up to 82 size 80 and so on. For the cup size, the difference between the underbust circumference and the chest circumference is decisive and here it is measured in two-centimeter steps. Up to 14cm difference you have cup size A, up to 16cm B and so on. The best way to measure the chest circumference is not to take too deep a breath, but rather to breathe normally and stretch your arms forward.

What types of bra are there?

Clockwise starting at the top left:

1. Soft bra that is very comfortable (especially for smaller cups), 2. Balconette bra for a deeper neckline, best for B and C cups, 3. Half-cup bra that lifts the breasts, 4 Plunge bra with push effect, often one size larger here (bra from FREYA), 5. Seductive: the corsage bra with lifting effect, 6. a supportive underwire bra, 7. a comfortable soft bra from CALIDA, 8. another soft bra with lace from Agent Provocateur, 9. underwire bra that leaves little mark under jumpers and T-shirts and 10. push-up sports bra (all bras not otherwise named come from current Hunkemöller collection)

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Find the perfect fit

Now you know your size, but what do you have to pay attention to when trying on? The straps under the cups must not poke and the band should not constrict. You should close the middle hooks to try them on. First of all, you can always make it tighter, and secondly, that leaves you room for maneuver. With a brand new bra, the straps are usually set too short. If the bra sits horizontally on the back at the level of the underband and does not cut the straps, they are wide enough.

The fact that the bra has to be worn on the back under the shoulder blades and that it is the actual bearer of the chest weight often does not seem to be clear to some wearers. The fastener often hangs between the shoulder blades or higher - of course, the bra then cannot provide proper support! The cups must encircle the breast, but not pinch it.

Choosing the right bra

There is also the right bra for every situation. If you want to seduce you with exciting lingerie, you will need to make a few sections in terms of comfort and wearing comfort and opt for sexy lingerie. Lace, satin, demi-cups - nothing to wear for sports!

If you want to conjure up a cleavage, choose one Push up. Close the hooks, pull the straps onto your shoulders and only then place your breasts in the cups: you have a lush cleavage! When doing a push-up, you should always use a larger cup size.

For tight-fitting T-shirts or blouses, so-called Seamless bras preferably. These are made of soft microfibre with as few seams as possible, so there are no lace patterns or seams on the upper part.

Women with larger bust sizes should choose wide straps for proper support. If thin straps have to hold a lot of weight, they cut into the shoulders, and that gives ugly welts. Wide straps distribute the weight better and are therefore more comfortable to wear.

The perfect fit and comfort are particularly important for sports bras. After all, a sports bra has to withstand a lot! Tip: wear bras Y-shaped brackets prevent the straps from slipping off the shoulder.

How do you properly care for bras?

You can throw the Snoopy underwear and the sports bra in the washing machine. However, bras made of fine lace, silk or satin are better to be washed by hand. In the washing machine, they are too strained despite the laundry bags. The tip may dissolve or tear, the satin stiff, and the silk pale. A wool detergent is sufficient as detergent.

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