Are there new modern sword fighting techniques


The term "historical fencing" describes a form of fighting that developed a long time ago and is now considered obsolete or no longer practiced. It includes unarmed combat (e.g. Roman or medieval wrestling) or combat with a wide variety of weapons (dagger, knife, Polish saber, short and long sword, polearms, etc.). The chronological division of historical fencing begins in retrospect around 1900 and goes back to the ancient Egyptians, who already painted ring techniques on stone walls. Historical fencing differs from the Asian martial arts mainly in the interrupted tradition of the arts.

The HiFe section deals exclusively with combat practices from the early modern period (late Middle Ages and Renaissance), that is, with blade fighting with different weapons from this time. The main component is learning the martial art with the long sword from the tradition of Johannes Liechtenauer, which was passed on from master to master from the 14th to the 17th century and improved until it finally disappeared. Other types such as disc dagger, long knife and rods (weapons) are repeatedly incorporated into the training.


Modern training methods mix here with historical practices. The fencing feathers we use (including sword pens) were used in this form as early as the 15th century and can be viewed in various museums. With the help of modern exercises (e.g. Life Kinetics), old ways of fighting are taught in a playful way. Above all, then as now,
- reaction
- coordination
- speed and
- concentration


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