Is technology the fastest growing career

Shape the digital world and do your best work - from anywhere
At Digistore24 we bring great talents together and form them into extraordinary teams in our high-tech company with a startup spirit. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest growing IT companies in Europe and aim even higher. To do this, we are working on exciting challenges in the areas of online marketing, system architecture and e-learning.
Founded in Germany in 2012 - self-financed and profitable
50+ team members with an average age of 30 years
Remote employers in 5 countries - and the trend is rising
In the information age, access to knowledge is key to moving society forward. Our customers are education and software companies that improve the lives of millions of people. We provide you with the technical infrastructure and know-how to digitize your business and thus be more effective and successful. Our "backstage work" enables these special companies to concentrate on their core business and thus to maximize their leverage.
We are looking for personalities who take on responsibility and want to become the best in their field. If you bring this attitude with you, we will give you the chance to grow beyond yourself and make the world a better place. We will ask a lot of you and we will offer you a lot: A great and familiar team, the opportunity for personal and professional development and an environment that focuses on your performance.
"For a permanent position at Digistore24 you need motivation, the ability to work in a team, perseverance and a growth mindset so that you can keep up with the rapid growth of our company. That's why I want every applicant to make sure in advance whether our culture really suits them. Digistore24 is a conscious decision of who you are and where you want to go. "
- Sven Platte (founder & managing director)
Are you ready to apply to Digistore24?
The following three steps will show you whether we are a good match.
Let's get one thing clear: Digistore24 is no ordinary company, because we have very high standards for ourselves and our work. That's why three things are important to us when you apply. Firstly, whether you identify with our mission, secondly, whether our values ​​really suit you, and finally, which team you would like to join.
Step 1: Are you enthusiastic about our mission?
Our team members are not just interested in "careers", we have a mission. Our mission is to help small and medium-sized businesses thrive online.
At Digistore24 you help the most successful software and education companies change the lives of millions of people. You're not just doing a "job", you're making a real difference in the real world with your work. So please make sure you can identify with at least one of the following four initiatives before you apply:
  • We make knowledge accessible to millions
    Information makes the biggest difference in people's lives today. That's why our goal is to make knowledge and cutting-edge technology accessible to millions of people so they can build better lives for themselves.
  • We empower people through technology
    We are convinced that technology and automation give people more self-determination. We contribute to this by working with the best technologies to develop great software that makes a measurable difference.
  • We mentor today's visionaries
    We want to offer education and software companies the best know-how and the best service. We are building the business university of the future for them and advising them on a world-class level.
  • We move society forward
    By positioning ourselves as a hybrid of technology, service and education companies, we are fulfilling our mission to advance humanity in the best possible way.
Step 2: Do you REALLY identify with our values?
These nine values ​​are the basis of all of our decisions. Do you share them and can you act on them?
Step 3: do you accept the challenge?
We hire people who are not only smart, but also talented, motivated and positive. People who are looking for the perfect symbiosis between their goals and the goals of the company. When you join us, you will be surrounded by good friends, great colleagues and real A-players who will take your life to a new level. Each of our teams is looking for personalities with unique skills. Which team is best for you?
Find out more about how we built a high-performing team, a quality product and a modern work environment.