Is Nikon D5200 good for videos movies

K. Live view and video recording

Live view is the display of the data received from the image sensor in real time on the camera monitor. Video recordings are only possible if live view is activated and the D5200 then has the following special features in operation:

K.1 Live View Switch »

K.2 Reduction key / enlargement key »

K.3 info button »

K.4 trigger »


K.5 Focus mode »

K.6 AF point control »

K.7 direction keys »

K.8 OK button »

K.9 shutter release (AE-L / AF-L button) »

Video recordings

K.10 Movie record button »

K.11 Video settings »

K.12 Flicker Reduction »

K.13 accessory connection »


K.1 Live view switch

A pull backwards turns the live view mode on and off.
The viewfinder image is dark during this time, only the monitor shows a preview of the image.



K.2 Reduce button / enlarge button

Zooms into or out of the image preview.


K.3 info button

Changes the additional information shown in the image preview.

The recording information that the info button would otherwise appear on the monitor can only be accessed in live view mode with the i button on the back.


K.4 trigger

Pushing through causes the Taking a photo.

Auto focus in live view mode

Recording information

K.5 focus mode

The focus mode switches between one-time autofocus AF-S, continuous autofocus AF-F and manual focus MF.
Before you can change this setting, you have to switch to the recording information with the i-button on the back.

Recording information

K.6 AF point control

The AF area control sets the section of the image used for focusing firmly:

, : Focus on a rectangular mark to be moved with the direction buttons

: Focuses on automatically recognized faces

: Focussing on any subject with the direction buttons, which is then tracked across the monitor (only reacts slowly!).


K.7 direction buttons

Move the rectangular marker that the autofocus focuses on.


K.8 OK button

  • Starts + ends subject tracking with the autofocus, provided that the AF area control is set to "subject tracking" is set.
  • For all other AF point controls: Set that Focus area in the center of the image.


K.9 Shutter release (AE-L / AF-L button)

Pressing the trigger causes
  • with one-time AF-S autofocus Activation of the autofocus
  • with continuous autofocus AF-F one Interruption of the focus tracking.

The AE-L / AF-L button has the same effect, provided that the Custom Functions menu f2 is set to "AF-ON".

Video recordings


K.10 Movie record button

Starts or ends a video recording.


K.11 Video settings

Defines the following video settings:

  • Frame size / frame rate: Video resolution up to max. FullHD and number of video images per second. Max. 30p / 60i are possible if the system menu "Video standard" is set to NTSC.
    "60i" stands for "interlaced" = "fake" 60 images per second - half of all image lines change 60 times per second, a complete image change still takes 1 / 30th of a second.
  • Film quality: Strength of the compression of the video data
  • Microphone sensitivity
  • Manual video settings: Allows manual selection of exposure time and ISO sensitivity when "On" is selected here.


K.12 Flicker Reduction

Allows the D5200 to know the frequency of the local power grid to reduce the flickering of electric light when shooting movies. Most likely necessary under fluorescent lamps and only necessary if the preset automatic detection has problems, recognizable by unsightly stripes or flickering.


K.13 accessory connector

If you use a wireless remote release (WR-R10) available as an accessory, this menu decides whether the D5200 takes a photo or a video when the remote release is activated.