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Greek mythology on the island of Rhodes

What could be nicer than a wonderfully relaxing holiday in Greece? The island of Rhodes, the fourth largest island in the country, is particularly attractive. It also represents the main island of the Dodecanese, which are located in the Aegean Sea.

The island of Rhodes presents itself as an attractive holiday destination, which also plays an important role in Greek mythology. The island was once assigned to the god Helios. He named the beautiful Greek island after Rhode, the beautiful daughter of Poseidon, whom he later took as his wife. On a Rhodes vacation you will see the fantastic Greek culture and mythology again and again!

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The fascinating city of Rhodes

Rhodes is known worldwide primarily for one of the seven wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. The statue was erected in honor of the sun god Helios. The once imposing no longer exists. The city of the same name is located on the northern tip of the island of Rhodes. Founded in 408 BC, the city can look back on an exciting and eventful history.

Today Rhodes Town consists of a modern new town and a historic old town, which is completely surrounded by a city wall. This creates a sharp contrast in the cityscape. In addition to modern hotels and shops, you can marvel at an architecture that tells of a multifaceted past. Rhodes City owes these walls primarily to the time when the Hospitallers occupied the city. They built many strong fortresses to protect against external attacks. These buildings have been preserved to this day.

The beautiful old town tempts you to take long walks, on which there is always something new to discover. As early as 1988, the old town was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Stroll through a formative history on the promenade at Mandráki harbor. According to legend, the Colossus of Rhodes once watched over the city at the mouth of the harbor. The lively hustle and bustle of the city only really wakes up in the evening hours.

Enjoy the Greek hospitality as well as many excellent local dishes in the rustic taverns and cozy restaurants. In addition to freshly caught fish and seafood, game is also an integral part of the menu in Rhodes restaurants. In addition to the picturesque sea, the vast forests offer a home for deer and roe deer. These were settled on Rhodes a long time ago to combat the plague of snakes. No less delicious are the wonderful vegetables, which taste particularly great due to the fertile land.

If you want to enjoy a wonderful overview of the idyllic city, you will find it on the Monte Smith hill in beautiful Mandráki. Interested visitors also have the opportunity to visit the Grand Master’s Palace and walk along the Street of the Knights and marvel at the impressive knight’s castle.

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An insight into the imposing Grand Master's Palace

The Palace of the Grand Masters is particularly popular with tourists when they stay on the Greek island of Rhodes. The magnificent building dates back to the 14th century and is today one of the landmarks of the Rhodes city. It is located at the highest point of the historic old town and is visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world every day. The external sight alone amazes you.

The outer facade of the imposing building is lavishly designed and characterized by red sand-lime brick. The former use as a religious order hospital can be recognized as soon as one is in the large inner courtyard of the palace surrounded by arcades. Here you can admire the original architecture, which testifies to a multitude of amazing centuries.

Enter the grand palace and admire, among other things, a small castle chapel adorned with a modern bronze statue of Saint Nikolaos. Inside, the lavishly designed mosaic floors in Greek and Italian style are also absolutely worth seeing. The upper floor can be reached via a large flight of stairs. From here you get a wonderful view over the entire new town of Rhodes. Interested visitors can visit a total of 18 of the almost 300 rooms in the palace.

There are plenty of parking spaces around the old town, but the best way to get to the Grand Master’s Palace is on foot. Just stroll on Ritterstraße in the old town to the end and you are already there. For an entrance fee of six euros, you can enter the imposing structure every day between 8 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.

Other exciting sights and the village of Lindos

In addition to the Grand Master's Palace, there are many other sights on Rhodes that should not be missed. The famous seahorse fountain is located in the middle of the old town of Rhodes. The owl fountain is also located on Hippocrates' square. The idyllic harbor with the two large statues "Elafos" and "Elafina" is also popular with tourists. The many captains' houses and mansions from the 16th and 17th centuries are no less impressive. Their inner courtyards also have the typical pebble mosaics.

A visit to the museums in the Rhodesian capital is no less worthwhile. In addition to the Archaeological Museum, the Grand Master's Palace also houses the Museum of Decorative Art. The Byzantine Museum, on the other hand, is located in the Church of Our Lady Panagia tou Kástrou. The Panagie Church dates from the 14th century. The numerous frescoes that were created by a monk from Symi in the 18th century are particularly impressive. The Museum of Modern Greek Art is located in three separate buildings.

East of the capital Rhodes City, however, there is a very special pearl. The white village of Lindos presents itself as a picturesque place, the white houses of which nestle impressively on a hill on the mountain slope. The entire village is a listed building. The magnificent Acropolis of Lindos can be reached via a serpentine staircase. From up there you can see the entire east coast. The ascent is recommended on foot. Alternatively, you can be brought to just below the Acropolis on a donkey. The Acropolis with the Athena Lindia Temple dates from the 4th century BC. The historical building is surrounded by a Johanniter fortress, which was only expanded in the 14th century.

Since Lindos is a pretty attractive destination for tourists, it is recommended to visit after 4pm. At this time, the majority of the visitors should already be on their way home, so that you can enjoy Lindos in a somewhat quieter atmosphere. Even if the white village lives almost exclusively from tourism, it has lost none of its unique charm.

Discover the most wonderful beaches and bays of Rhodes

If you would like to spend a relaxing beach holiday on Rhodes, you will find a multitude of beautiful beaches and hidden bays here. The best and most beautiful beaches are, for example, on the east coast. With fantastic weather and a light breeze, this section invites families in particular to a relaxed excursion.

The Prasonis in the south of the island, on the other hand, is ideal for surfers. The five-kilometer-long sandy beach in Faliraki is also ideal for water sports enthusiasts. However, since the beach is surrounded by large hotel complexes, many other tourists are also on the move. The most beautiful bay on the Greek island of Rhodes is probably St. Pauls Bay near Lindos. The sandy beach is protected from the open sea by rocks. Anthony Quinn Bay is just as attractive.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes is Tsambika Beach. An azure blue sea and a fine sandy beach await you here. With an average temperature of 33 degrees and a weak wind, there are perfect conditions for a carefree afternoon on the beach. What better way to forget your everyday worries? A slightly smaller variant of Tsmabika Beach can be found with Agathi Beach near Haraki. This beach is a bit like a bay, has crystal clear water and a golden beach. The heart of those seeking relaxation beats faster here.

The delightful Greek island of Rhodes invites you to fantastic excursions to historic towns, modern districts and beautiful beaches. Enjoy the magnificent sights of the island in a great climate and get up close to the fascinating Greek mythology. The traces of different peoples can be seen in the diverse architecture, in temples and many other buildings. The island definitely knows how to enchant its visitors with a multitude of dream beaches, the wide sea and interesting sights!

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