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Pokémon GO: With these tricks you develop the strongest Pokémon


In this guide to Pokémon GO, we'll reveal tricks you can use to develop the strongest Pokémon for your team. Find out what needs to be considered, when is the ideal time for an evolution and which conditions you have to meet. With these tips you can become a Pokémon master.

  1. This is how you develop your Pokémon
  2. Notice these things before you develop
  3. Tips for professionals
  4. Power-up or further development?

Developments are an integral part of Pokémon GO. Only through evolution do many of the pocket mosters develop their full potential. So if you want to call strong Pokémon your own, you should know when the right time is for an evolution and when it is even worth developing a Pokémon.

This is how you develop your Pokémon

To develop a Pokémon in the mobile game, you need candy. You will receive these when you catch a new monster or when you send a copy of the respective type to the professor. You can see how many candies you need to develop in the detailed view of the respective Pokémon.

How many candies a Pokémon needs to develop can vary greatly. The front runner is Magikarp with 400 candies required. Hornliu, Taubsi and Raupy, on the other hand, are at the bottom of the list with 12 sweets. Incidentally, some Pokémon can develop into several beings at the same time, such as Rabauz in Pokémon GO.

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For an evolution of a basic Pokémon, calculate with around 25 to 50 candies. For Pokémon that have already gone through an evolutionary stage, it is not uncommon for 100 candies to be necessary for further development. In addition, some creatures need special development items in Pokémon GO so that they develop into special Pokémon.

If you have collected enough candies, you can carry out an evolution by clicking on "Develop". In addition to experience points, you will also be rewarded with a new Pokédex entry (if you have not previously owned the creature) and ideally with a new strong team member.

In addition to the candy, some Pokémon also need a special development item in Pokémon GO, such as the Sinnoh Stone, for further development. Many of these further developments are particularly strong, such as Elevoltek or Magbrant. Therefore, the greater effort in development is worthwhile.

Notice these things before you develop

But when is it worth developing one of the numerous Pokémon in Pokémon GO? What do you have to consider? And when is the ideal time for an evolution? Remember that you shouldn't develop your Pokémon indiscriminately. So you only waste valuable candy.

In general, you should start developing Pokémon at trainer level 20 at the earliest. Since by this point you will meet increasingly powerful pocket monsters anyway, it makes no sense to develop a copy at trainer level 5 that you will encounter in your area en masse at level 15.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO is a mobile game in which you can catch pocket monsters in the real world thanks to the AR function. Learn numerous tricks with our guides and take a look at important information about the map and the game content.

The team leaders' reviews are also helpful. In the detailed view of your Pokémon you can get the advice of your team leader by clicking on the "More" menu and then tapping the "Rating" button. It tells you how high the basic strength of your Pokémon is and whether it is worth developing accordingly. Sentences like "Your Pokémon is really strong overall!" or "Your Pokémon can take on everyone!" speak for an evolution.

A simple way to determine whether development is worthwhile is to use an IV computer. We will introduce you to the corresponding software in our helpful companion apps for Pokémon GO.

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