Are science and religion in competition

Submission deadline: January 31, 2016

Young people of different origins learn and live in our schools. The diversity of a modern society is also reflected in the classrooms. This also applies to world views and the beliefs that students bring with them to schools.

The Baden-Württemberg state constitution obliges us to commit ourselves to the peaceful coexistence of young people. This is more important today than ever! We want schools that are characterized by tolerance, peace and togetherness.

Together with the Christian churches and the recognized religious communities that give religious instruction in schools in Baden-Württemberg, we advocate a climate of appreciation and tolerance. Together with them, we call on the schools in the country to deal with questions such as:

  • What holds our society together?
  • How do we meet people with a different worldview, a different belief?
  • How can diversity fertilize our everyday life?
  • What and how can we learn from each other?
  • How can we break down prejudices?

Schools and pupils can deal with these questions in the competition with a variety of projects!

The winners of the competition can look forward to an exciting trip to Jerusalem, where Christianity, Judaism and Islam are equally at home.

The project is supported by the Robert Bosch Foundation

Who can take part?

School classes and groups of pupils of all grades from general education and vocational schools in Baden-Württemberg can take part.


1st and 2nd prize:
A four-day trip for the whole school class or school group to Jerusalem or for elementary schools a stay at a school camp.

3rd to 10th prize:
1,000 euros each for the class fund

Which projects are possible?

There are hardly any limits to creativity. Projects are possible that deal visually, medially, musically, scenically, textually or through social engagement with the topic of "Believe different - belong together".

The award-winning projects will be presented at a public event in early summer 2016.

Completed and ongoing projects can be submitted. The closing date for entries is January 31, 2016.

Ministry for Culture, Youth and Sport Baden-Württemberg
Competition "Believe Different - Belong Together"
P.O. Box 103442
70029 Stuttgart
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