When did Italy start speaking a language?

Speak italian
means to understand Italy

The language is the key to Italian culture
Photo: © unsplash.com, Jametlene Reskp

The language is the key to Italian culture
Photo: © unsplash.com, Jametlene Reskp
Regardless of whether you are traveling to Italy or another country, if you have mastered the local language, this is always an advantage. It's not just about understanding the locals, it's also about understanding the country. Italian culture is closely related to the language that is part of its history and culture. One affects the other. For this reason alone, it makes sense to learn the language.

What learning Italian can do in your head

As with learning any other language, Italian is very demanding on the brain. Even if it is exhausting at times - it keeps your head fit! In addition, you can look forward to quick successes when learning Italian. Especially when you are already otherRomance languages knows, such as Spanish or French. Indeed, the grammar and vocabulary of Italian have many similarities with these languages. Unknown terms can often be derived from English. In practice, for example at a market stall in an Italian village, you can try to replace the missing words with the corresponding English terms. Often you get ahead with it and the words that were previously unknown are no longer forgotten so quickly.

This is the best way to learn Italian

Of course, you can also take part in a language course online or via the app on your own. Nevertheless, nothing can replace a "real" teacher. If you planto learn Italian self-taught, you definitely need strong motivation. It's also a lot more fun when you have a trainer on hand with whom you can practice what you have learned. With a private language teacher or tutor you can find your way around the language and culture much faster. Such teachers are often native speakers and they know their own language best. For that reason alone, it's much easierGaining knowledge of Italian with a private tutorthan trying to do it alone. If you look around, for example, on platforms such as Superprof, you will find native speaker private teachers nearby, which certainly makes learning the language easier.

Speaking Italian means understanding Italy

If you think of our Italian neighbors but have no idea of ​​their culture, the usual ones usually prevailPrejudices, stereotypes and clichés in front. You can get a better picture if you speak the language yourself and, above all, understand it. This is the only way to really get in touch with the people in the country and not only understand what they are saying, but also what they mean. This means that you are independent of the views of others and you can get your own better picture of it.

It also works better on vacation

Sure, especially when on vacation in Italy, it's always better to have a command of the country's language. Then you are much less dependent on the tourist highlights and can explore the country on your own. Because English is not spoken everywhere and German is often even less useful. Another advantage is that you don't get ripped off in so-called tourist traps. In addition, you only really immerse yourself in Italian culture when you move outside of tourist areas. Better to visit a small café or bistro in a side street than sit down in the restaurant where everyone speaks German or English.

Beware of misunderstandings

But even if you already have some command of the language, you should be aware of the so-called "false friends" beware. These are words that are very similar in German and Italian, but have a completely different meaning. A good example is the word "caldo". One would assume that it means something like "cold". However, the opposite is true. If you decide to learn Italian, then such mistakes will no longer be made, or only less often, and you will be one step further in understanding Italian culture. There are really many good reasons why you should learn Italian. Regardless of whether you want to immerse yourself in the culture or perhaps just want to order from the Italian restaurant around the corner, it will definitely be worth it.

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