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Dong Xuan Center

Vietnam in Berlin

"Đồng Xuân" is Vietnamese and translates as "spring meadow". In the Lichtenberg district of Berlin, in the Dong Xuan Center, Germany's most famous Asian wholesale market, more than 400 entrepreneurs operate on an area of ​​165,000 square meters. Almost everything can be found here, from Asian food to textiles, leather goods, haberdashery, technology, watches and jewelry to various services. Several dining establishments offer genuine Vietnamese cuisine - from classics such as Pho Bo (rice noodle soup with beef) to unusual specialties of Vietnamese cuisine.

The Dong Xuan Center secures jobs for around 2,000 people. The traders come from Vietnam, India, China, Turkey and Pakistan, and their trade relationships extend across Europe. Buyers from Holland, Spain, France, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark and Great Britain regularly come to Berlin to shop. In recent years, the market halls have increasingly developed into a meeting place for the Vietnamese community in Berlin. The Dong Xuan Center has become a piece of home for them. A visit to the market is increasingly becoming an integral part of city tours and sightseeing tours.

Take the M8 tram to Little Hanoi

The tram lines M8 and 21 stop right in front of the Dong Xuan Center in Lichtenberger Herzbergstraße. The model and namesake is the Dong Xuan market in Hanoi, the largest and at the same time the oldest market in the Vietnamese capital. Anyone who has never been to Hanoi imagines that the market halls there look just like in Berlin. Anyone who has been there before says that it is the same. Whoever enters one of the six large halls of the center suddenly feels transported to the Far East, entering a world of its own with new impressions, exotic smells and an unknown muddle of languages.

Shop after shop is lined up to the left and right of the long hall corridors. One has the impression that there is nothing here that does not exist - dealers will find what they are looking for, especially in the textile and electronics sectors. Numerous dealers sell flowers, jewelry and watches, housewares, gifts, toys and other consumer goods - here you can buy very cheap and good goods. The range of services also leaves little to be desired: there are travel agencies, driving schools, insurance companies, law firms and other offers. Anyone who has seen their fill is guaranteed to get an appetite for Vietnamese food - one of the best cuisines in Asia, which combines its own traditions with influences from China, India and France. Once you've got a taste for it, you can finally stock up on Asian foods, exotic fruits and vegetables, and spices.

Dealers from all over Europe as an economic factor for Berlin-Lichtenberg

First and foremost, the Dong Xuan Center is a wholesale center for goods of all kinds. Established in 2005 so that wholesalers have a central point of contact where they can do all their purchases completely. Around 2,000 people work in the Dong Xuan Center, because wholesaling is a good opportunity for traders from many countries to earn a living and support their families. When the center came into being, it was an economic necessity that many family businesses offer their goods under one roof. This was the only way they could attract customers. When retailers shop for their business, they take extra Vietnamese newspapers and CDs with them, buy groceries for their own needs, and use on-site services.

In the course of time, service providers specifically for the Vietnamese have settled around trade: interpreting and tax consultancy offices, insurance agents, travel agencies. The Dong Xuan Center is known to retailers all over Europe, the goods from Vietnam and other Asian countries are in great demand. The abundance of products is unique and from here it finds its way into the countless Asian shops and restaurants throughout Europe. The many companies on the premises of the Dong Xuan Center generate considerable annual sales and are therefore one of the largest taxpayers in the Berlin-Lichtenberg district. This economic performance benefits the entire Lichtenberg district and its citizens.