Why is Gorakhpur still so underdeveloped

Born in 1952, born in Dresden and still living here today, training as a typesetter in his father's printing shop after school, military service (Prora) and evening school-leaving certificate, activity in the book trade, 1979 marriage, four children, after studying for a master’s degree since 1988 self-employed in the fourth generation of Family business (founded in 1880), 1989 founding of the GDR's first ride-sharing agency in Dresden (until 1993), since 1995 publishing in the field of non-fiction, regional, fiction, poetry, Christian and political literature, since 2004 as a non-party for the "Free Citizens" in Dresden City Council.

Your personal path to journalism

My journalistic streak is rather underdeveloped and unfortunately rarely used. The entrepreneurial and publishing part predominates. First experiences with writing a series on the 250 year history of my former home parish Dresden-Neustadt. My German teachers at the vocational school and at the evening grammar school shaped me. Later the years as an active puppeteer (in our free time), where we performed in many parishes with our puppet theater "Kleine Arche". 1995 Publication of the first own magazine "Ă–kumenischer Wegweiser" for Dresden (until 2000). Two years as press spokesman for the citizens' group then opened up a new, political dimension.

Your journalistic role models?

Alfred Grosser, whom I was able to experience at a panel discussion and see as a stark contrast to the journalistic oeuvre of some local political journalists. Exceptions confirm the rule as always.

Your best experience at work?

Again and again these are the spontaneous expressions of opinion of the readers; sometimes to the content, sometimes to the views of the editors or the book content. In particular, the repeatedly conveyed knowledge of having hit the "nerve"; with a publishing decision or a special text, which usually leads to an intensive exchange of opinions and repeatedly generates motivation, without which nothing would work.

What do you think is essential for a journalist?

Modesty, honesty and balanced openness based on a secure command of the German language and a basic ideological conviction.

How do you reconcile your private life and work?

I would have to ask my family that question. For me it is always the attempt to distinguish what is important from what is less important and to act accordingly. Doesn't always work; even when the knowledge is there, the flesh weakens. The family is the source of strength and the place of reinsurance, the yardstick for what is feasible.

Why are you in the GKP? What got you in? What is holding you

Because I was spoken to and once again couldn't say no? It certainly was. But curiosity predominated and it got its money's worth at the previous meetings. At the moment, however, the timeframe is still very short and is insufficient at the back and front.

What do you expect from the GKP?

The broadening of the horizon not only for me as a member, which is definitely nice and what I try to use. Even better if the GKP had something from me in the future.