Make blankets better pillows

Tips for buying duvets -

If you are wondering which comforter to buy, you will quickly come across down comforters. Compared to synthetic fibers, goose or duck down has a significantly better thermal effect: the soft feathers insulate better and at the same time keep you drier because they can wick away moisture better. Because we all sweat at night and lose up to a liter of fluid. According to relevant tests, down absorbs up to 15 times as much moisture as polyester. And we all know: dry means warm at the same time.

Added to this are the particularly good climatic properties of natural down: around two million tiny branches hang from the shaft of the fluffy feathers in the down duvet, which interlock like a fan and trap body heat extremely well. So that the moisture absorbed at night does not accumulate in the quilt, always ventilate and shake the duvet well in the morning.

Disadvantage of down comforters: more time-consuming to clean

With all its advantages, the down comforter unfortunately also has a "catch": It is much more laborious to clean than the synthetic fiber comforter. The minimum requirement is a large washer and dryer. Even then, however, there is no guarantee that the duvet will survive the washing process perfectly: the down often clumps together during washing and is no longer evenly distributed in the quilting, so that both warmth and suppleness are lost.

What remains? Either expensive cleaning instead of laundry or having the blanket refilled in a specialist retailer - also an expensive affair.