What is really the most privileged population group



Ten years ago, the now 44-year-old African American Tarana Burke started the [Me too] movement [against sexual harassment and violence] in order to give a voice not only to black women, but also to underprivileged women all over the world. October 18, 2017]

As […] [research] results show, people with a low socio-economic status - the classification was based on the occupation - much more often die before the age of 85 than their better-off compatriots. On average, the life of the underprivileged is shortened by a good two years. [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 02/27/2017]

Karate has its roots in China as well as in Japan and was originally a martial art of the underprivileged people who were not allowed to carry weapons. [Berliner Zeitung, January 6th, 1997]

The BVJ classes (= classes that are supposed to prepare students without a school leaving certificate for an apprenticeship in a vocational preparation year) are neglected in all federal states when it comes to teaching. There is the formula with which [a] [...] teacher [...] describes the misery: "The more underprivileged the students, the worse the teacher supply." [Der Spiegel, July 18, 1983, no. 29]

[…] [The new American TV series for preschool children] is intended primarily for the underprivileged children of the big cities and is intended to help level the educational differences and thus the different starting chances before they start school. [Die Zeit, 23.10.1970, no. 43]