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Weave Extensions - the sew-in hair extension

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Weave comes from English and means to interweave, weave -Weave extensions are woven or sewn in extensions. There are several ways to work extensions into your own hair. Heat welding with keratin is one of the most popular methods. In the weaving process, the hair is sewn into the own hair with a thread and a needle. Before the extensions can be sewn in, so-called cornrows are necessary. This is a braiding process in which the own hair is braided close to the scalp. We reveal how Weave extensions work and which ones Hairdressers in Vienna who offer hair extensions.

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Weave extensions - choose the right extensions

Before the Weave extensions sewn in, you need the right hair. There are various types of hair on the market, ranging from synthetic hair to real European hair. The better the quality of the extensions, the more fun you will have with them Hair extension. The wearing time of the hair extension for sewing is included up to two months. You can wear the Weave Extension the longest if you invest in high-quality raw or real hair. After the maximum wearing time, the extensions must be removed and put upwards. You should therefore keep in mind that hair extensions are not a one-time action.

tip: In the article Hair extension and thickening you will find detailed information on other methods of hair extension (for example using bonding, clip-in or tape-in).

First weave in, then sew in

Optimum quality is achieved when human hair in Remy quality is used. An institute for Hair extension or a qualifiedhair stylistcan explain to you exactly which hair is suitable for Weave extensions. Hair tresses are used for this type of hair extension. A Weft refers to hair that is in the upper area by means of a certain sewing technique be held together. Hair tresses are depending on the length of the hair 30 cm to 100 cm long. They can be purchased in different structures (smooth, wavy, curly) and different lengths.

Remy hairrefers to extensions whose surface was neither roughened nor damaged. In addition, no silicone was used in the manufacture of the braids to make the hair softer. Hair with silicone edited appear softer and shinier at first glance. After the first hair wash, however, the hair becomes tangled and in the worst case scenario has to be removed. Therefore, the quality of the extensions is an essential aspect that you should consider before buying.

Weave Extensions Price - Is Weaving Expensive?

When choosing Weave Extensions, there are two price factors to consider. On the one hand you pay for the hair tressesnecessary for hair extension. The other Time is the price factorthat the hair stylist needs to work in the extensions. Incorporating Weave Extensions takes roughly 2 to 3 hours. A hair extension in which individual strands of hair are welded on may take 5 hours or more. Thus, Weave Extensions turn out to be a clear alternative if you don't want to sacrifice too much time for hair extensions. You can inquire in advance how much the respective hair stylist will ask for the required time.

The second factor that determines the price of a hair extension is the hair. If you choose cheap hair, i.e. synthetic hair, you can already get a hair extension Get from € 60 to € 100. Remy Hair Extensions cost from € 100 for a complete hair extension. You can therefore come with us 200 to € 300 count when you are on a good hair quality puts.

Weave Extensions Vienna - where can I have a weaving done?

The weaving method is by no means offered in all hairdressing salons. For this reason, we researched which Viennese hairdressers you can find Sew in wefts made of real hair can leave. These salons offer hair extensions using Weave Extensions:

Sewn-in Hair Extensions - Weave Extensions Benefits

Compared to other extensions, the Weave method makes your own hair less stressed. The hair stylist starts by braiding braids. To do this, he uses both your own hair and hair from the extensions. Because fake hair is already incorporated, the braids more resistantwhich is especially beneficial for women with fine hair. Your own hair is less stressed when using Weave Extensions.

Only when the braids have been plaited over the head does the hair stylist start sewing in the extensions weft by braid with needle and thread.Danger! If you find that the braids / cornrows have been set too tight while working in, you should say something right away. Braids that are too tight can lead to too Hair damage and pain that last for several days.

Does the weaving method have any disadvantages?

Since the braids are (must) be braided quite tightly during weaving, the first few days after the hair extension a little uncomfortable be. A slight tug on the scalp is usually inevitable here. Some women also complain of a slight headache in the first few days. Unlike tape-in ​​extensions, you can also use the sewn-in braids made of synthetic or real hair feel.

Maintain weave extensions

Your hair and the extensions need a lot of maintenance. Extensions are no longer supplied with nutrients, so they have to be supplied from the outside. There are special care productsthat are tailored to the needs of extensions and, among other things, in Trade in hairdressing equipment are available. They should also use shampoo and personal care products no silicones included, as these can damage the extensions. You should also not use care products that contain alcohol. Alcoholic products dry out your hair and the fake hair too much and can encourage tangling and knotting.

From what hair length can weave extensions be incorporated?

To braid braids, one becomes Minimum hair length of 5 cm required. However, it always depends on what length of hair is used for the extensions. If you have a short haircut and want to lengthen your hair by 50 cm, it will be problematic. Your hair needs to create a smooth transition with the fake hair. If your own hair is kept short, this is not possible. A shorter hair length must therefore be chosen. As a rule, however, weave extensions can be incorporated from a length of 5 cm.

Weave extensions before after

How long do weave extensions last?

The durability depends on the Hair quality, the Quality of training and the Hair care from your side. If the wefts are sewn on well, a shelf life of up to 2 months is possible. If you take care of the hair accordingly so that the fake hair does not tangle or tangle, the wearing time is even longer. As with any hair extension, the Weave Extensions must be raised at regular intervals. If this is neglected, you will soon see the joints, resulting in an unsightly appearance.

A Professional for hair extension and thickening will advise you in more detail on the subject of weave extensions, the correct care and appropriate accessories for the right hair care and you the options for your individual hair extensions point out.

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