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Divide the duration

A do-it-yourselfer lays 15 square meters of floor in 8 hours and 20 minutes. How long did it take on average per square meter? A written exam lasts 90 minutes, with 17 questions to be answered. How much time does that take on average per question?

With this online calculator, any time period can be divided by a desired number, i.e. divided into a corresponding number of equal sections. The time to be divided can be entered in hours, minutes and / or seconds. The entry is flexible, for example 1.5 hours or 90 minutes can be entered instead of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The divisor (the number to be divided by) can be any whole number or decimal point greater than zero.

The result is displayed with up to 6 decimal places (for the seconds). The permanent link function allows you to save individual calculations as a separate link and call them up again at any time.

Here you can find more information about our time-duration calculators, with practical examples of the individual calculators.

tip: Use our interval timer with the result.

You cannot divide a time span by a factor but by a time, i.e. calculate how often one time span fits into another.

Please also note our explanations on the accuracy of results and the representation of numbers.