Why don't you write a lot

Why do you still write to me if you don't want anything from me?

Men sometimes do things that are not easy to explain. Writing to you when he has said or shown that he is not interested falls into this category.

Male-female relationships are never easy. Vague writing can make things even more complicated.

Most of us tend to analyze the messages we get from men we like.

We make them more important than they are. This is really unnecessary because most guys just say straight out what they mean.

Nevertheless, there are situations that are exploited by men. They seem disinterested, or even say so, but keep texting you. Men who play with ambiguous messages drive us crazy!

That's why we list a few possible reasons why he still writes to you even though he doesn't want anything from you:

1. He wants to push his ego

Men are always looking for approval from their friends. So maybe you are one of those women who makes him look good in front of his friends.

It also relates to his self-esteem - it may not be that big, so he's looking for ways to improve his self-image.

He wants to be so crazy that he can have any woman he wants. Or at least that's what he wants his friends to believe. What a show-off!

That's why he keeps you as a souvenir. And you don't want to collect dust. Believe me.

2. You are his plan B

If it doesn't work out with another woman, you are the next option. Or one of his next options.

Signs of this can be that he only texts you from time to time. He never has time when you want to meet him, really never.

Or you can see the list of his chats when you check his cell phone when you do something together.

Keeping you warm is really stupid. You are worth so much more and you have to be someone's first option and only choice. Don't accept less.

3. You are in the “friend zone”

And you really don't want to be there. But apparently you're stuck there. He's texting you for advice.

For everything. Even advice on his ex, current or future girlfriend.

You're probably a very good friend and listener, so he enjoys texting and hanging out with you.

The messages between the two of you may even be more intimate than with other friends.

You may also have inside jokes. But he always sees you as a friend. He'll hold you close enough that you won't let go, but he doesn't act like someone who has more than friendship on their mind.

4. He writes to you out of boredom

It's that simple. Though it might sound stupid, some men just do things like that.

He has nothing better to do and your number is conveniently still on his phone.

The first clue to such messages is that it will take him a long time to get back to you. It sometimes takes weeks or even months.

He may also give you a lame excuse for why it took so long but that he really misses you. Don't fall for it.

5. He's a player

He's just used to playing games with women and you are no exception. That doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't want anything from you, but he just takes his time.

He's probably unsure and wants to see where he stands. Or maybe they just find out what they really want for themselves.

He keeps texting you because he wants you to stay tuned, but he never gives too much.

He doesn't write for days and then suddenly comes up and rasps licorice. You write and suddenly it disappears.

It's a spider web and if you're not careful you will get caught up in the occasional writing.

6. You are fooling yourself

He told you right away that he didn't want anything serious right now, and you're just fixated on the word right now and hope that things will change in the future.

But to be realistic: it is possible that nothing will change. He's honest and told you what he really meant.

7. He's just flirting

For some men, flirting is just part of their personality. It's not your fault.

You may be in a relationship or married, but you want other women to notice you.

Even if he's just friends with you, he may be exaggerating and inadvertently giving you hope.

8. Casual sex

He only wants one thing and you are aware of that. For some reason, you choose to ignore your common sense.

If only he suddenly wrote to you in the middle of the night; if he only texts you when he's drunk (alcohol gives him the courage to ask things he would never do sober), then he's just taking advantage of your desires or even feelings for him.

Even if his messages suggest that he just wants sex. He writes things like: “You look so hot on your new profile picture.

Your bum looks good in these jeans. " or something like that. He makes his intentions clear.

If you've hoped for more or that it will change over time and realize your worth, I'm sorry, but that won't happen.

Writing is generally a positive thing. It reduces stress. Especially if you've only recently met someone and started dating. It gives you an opportunity to get to know him better before you venture into something more serious.

The bad side is that it can be abused. He can use messages to manipulate you and make you do things his own way.

These are just a few things to watch out for. Remember that some things can be misinterpreted and that real conversation can never be replaced by messages.

Men are usually straightforward and make sentences with no hidden meaning.

So don't cling to little bits of the message that says maybe, not now, we'll see. You will wait in vain.

Some of the reasons men are not direct are listed above. You always have reasons for it.

And these can help you find out if your feelings are being exploited and you're just wasting time and energy.

Remember, the best men don't use messages to manipulate you - they use them to arrange a date and meet you in person.

They prefer to speak to you directly and avoid pointless writing. They value you and your time.

So save your time and energy for this type of man.