Why is helium ordourless




As very light, non-reactive inert gas with small atom size, helium is used to fill balloons and airships. A special pressure / flow regulator has been designed for balloon filling from helium cylinder. Pressure tests of the vessels or HVAC with helium brings the best results to avoid leakages. Thanks to its very good heat conductivity, helium is also used for heat transfer. Addition of helium in argon as shielding gas increases efficiency of the power for arc welding, mainly of aluminum alloys. Low ionization potential makes helium as optimal shielding atmosphere for CO2 laser welding application. Pressure regulators for helium are specially designed to avoid risk of leakages. The lifetime of the regulators is increased when flow is controlled proper way.

  • Colorless gas
  • Odorless
  • Tasteless
  • Lighter than air


  • Chemical formula: He
  • Gas symbol: N
  • Boiling point: -272.2 ° C at 25 bar
  • Melting point: - 268.93 ° C at 1.013 bar
  • Density: 0.167kg / m3 at 1.013 bar and 15 ° C


Conversion of gas volume in liquid and gaseous phase

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