What is a trophy friend

He collects women like trophies


I've never published anything here before, but now I hope that maybe I'll be able to let go better if I review everything and write down my grief.
It all started a good year ago when I (20) met a man (25). We met at a party, I gave him my number, and we wrote over a long period of time. However, right from the start, some acquaintances advised me to be careful, because it would not be entirely harmless when it comes to women. Nevertheless, I wanted to form my own opinion and only met with him after a few months. We had a couple of nice dates until the first kiss. We continued to write together normally. The problem, however, is that we live further apart and therefore rarely see each other. He always made me feel like I loved myself and he mentioned that it boils down to the fact that we will eventually become a couple.
I slept with him very late because I wanted to be sure, but he waited and didn't push me to do anything. That all sounds very good now, but we had a lot of arguments but we made up every time because I hung on to it and often gave in. Yesterday I found out from his friend that I shouldn't get my hopes up, because he keeps sleeping with other women all the time, counts his s.partners and creates collages with pictures of his conquests. So he kept cheating on me all along.
Still, his friend said that it was all one-off and that I was the only one he would keep in touch with for so long. I would like to talk to him about it, but I endanger the friendship of the two and I doubt that he would confess the truth to me. I feel so humiliated, so empty, because he was the most important person of all to me. I don’t know how I can go on without him, but I don’t think I mean anything to him. I am sure that through the contact with women he seeks the recognition that he never experienced in his childhood, even when I tried to give him everything he needs. I just love him so much
Anyone have any advice for me on how best to proceed?

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