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Eurex offers the trading of interest rate derivatives, equity index derivatives, equity derivatives, FX derivatives, volatility derivatives, dividend derivatives, commodity derivatives, exchange traded funds derivatives and real estate derivatives. The exchange has a market maker system, which ensures that prices for options and futures are quoted and that a liquid market is created. In order to guarantee fair prices, there are several responsible market makers for each underlying, who compete with one another. Eurex acts as a clearing house in every transaction and is therefore responsible for fulfilling all obligations from forward transactions. This offers traders operating at Eurex the security that they do not have to worry about the creditworthiness of their trading partners.

The Eurex trading venue was created in 1998 through the merger of DTB (Deutsche Terminbörse) and SOFFEX (Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange), which is part of the SWX Swiss Exchange. The aim of the merger of these exchanges was to harmonize the product range and create a common trading and clearing platform for derivatives. After it was founded, Eurex quickly developed into an important global derivatives market and set new records for the number of contracts traded every year. As a rule, more than 2 billion contracts are now traded on Eurex. This means that Eurex is now an important stock exchange for derivatives trading in futures and options.